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  1. Gull-billed Tern?

    Thanks. I had seen one a couple of times, but in a different plumage. I am just happy when I guess right on an ID.
  2. Sandpiper

    Thanks. I guess it was because I was looking down on it. It looked as tall as a Lesser Yellowlegs. There were probably 400 other Dunlins there, so it was in good company. Other angles of the bill didn't looked as curved.
  3. Sandpiper

    Spoonbill Pond, NE FL today I have a sick feeling that this is a Willet, but I hope not. It looks so different than the rest of them here. 180121 sbp 406 by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  4. Gull-billed Tern?

    Thanks for the confirm and smile!
  5. Big Talbot Spoonbill Pond, NE FL today 180121 sbp 380c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 180121 sbp 379c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  6. Purple Sandpiper?

    Thanks. The reviewer finally loaded his pictures of it. I think it is the same bird, so I reported it. (His pictures are better; they show eye and bill also.)
  7. Huguenot Memorial Park, Jax, FL this morning When I got out to the jetties, a woman said a Purple Sandpiper had been seen there earlier today in with the Ruddy Turnstones. She had a scope. This bird seems smaller than the Ruddy TS's. Thought a Purple should be about the same size. Could this be it, or is it something else? I have seen one before that was most cooperative so have much better pictures of it. ...But if others report seeing it today there, I want to report it, if this could really be it. 180120 hmp 189c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 180120 hmp 187c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  8. Small ducks

    Just got back. I see what you mean. Changed report to include 2 Northern Pintails. (The other pintails had left during the day. I was there at dawn and again at 4:30). Uncropped photo gave me the incorrect impression that they were smaller. Thanks everyone! 180116 pp 434 by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  9. Small ducks

    I don't think so. Maybe an immature Widgeon?
  10. Small ducks

    Perdue Pond, Jax, FL two days ago These confuse me. 180116 pp 435c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 180116 pp 434c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  11. Here are a couple of them. You can interview them and see if they remember the photo shoot. 170413 gr 191c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  12. How short my memory is. I did see Dowitchers last April in Guana River when I was paddling.
  13. Thanks, that make sense. Have never seen Dowitchers there, but they do look more like them. I thought they had been flushed out of the land below, but perhaps they were just flying past. Have seen plenty of Dowitchers North of here, and these were flying South.
  14. Thanks! Trying to get this report in. Thought had everything figured out, and then saw another one. Too tired to think much about it. Thanks for the help.
  15. Guana Wildlife Management Area, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL today Has some wing-bars. No chest view. Song? 180117 gwm 117c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 180117 gwm 116c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr