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  1. Thanks. I've looked at the pictures you have of them with hope. (Read envy)
  2. Ah! Female, right? My first one in Jax area. Only ones I had seen were at the visitor center at Merritt Island. I know people with feeders in Ponte Vedra get them. Thanks.
  3. This morning, Ponte Verdra golf course. 170421 pv 062c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 170421 pv 061c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr The Caroline Wren doing the singing. 170421 pv 058c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  4. Yes, that was a problem. Thanks.
  5. Sweetwater Wetlands, Gainesville, FL Can this be a Swamp Sparrow in funny light? 170419 sw 174c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr and only have one shot of this. 170419 sw 280c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  6. Sweetwater Wetlands, Gainesville, FL If they didn't fly it would be so much easier. I guess these are Yellow-crowned because the feet totally extend behind the tail, for one thing. 170419 sw 007c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr and this is a Green Heron and not a Black-crowned 170419 sw 147c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  7. When I snapped it I thought it might be a Pine Warbler. Can only look at bird or get shot. Almost always go with get shot. This is so much better. Thanks.
  8. Sweetwater Wetlands, Gainesville, FL Looks like bird in Stokes. I guess that would make it second spring. 170419 sw 054c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 170419 sw 053c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 170419 sw 052c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  9. Little Talbot Island SP, Huguenot Memorial Park, and Big Talbot Spoonbill Pond and went over and looked at the boat ramp for sparrows. No sparrows. 12.79 miles. I left few birds unphotographed. Still have Spoonbill pond to do for ebird. First two almost killed me. Local reviewer says there are both Long-billed Dowitches and Short-billed there. Waded in through the back to get near enough to see the Dowitches on the far side. Hundreds of photos. No nearer to telling the difference than I was before. All of them are in different degree of change to summer.
  10. Thanks, was sure on first two, but wanted to be sure on the Red Knot. I took 700 pictures yesterday at 3 locations. Still sorting and cropping. That is NOT the fun part. Thanks again.
  11. Yesterday, Huguenot Memorial Park, NE FL Black-bellied Plover, Wimbrel, and ?Red Knot? 170415 hmp 391c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  12. Yes, there is. I think S.C. was reading my mind that it was not what I was worried about.
  13. Possibility. I was looking first at the bird on the right. Never occurred to me. Thanks. Was looking at the salmon on the stomach too.