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  1. I think it is whatever all the rest on the ground were with a similar bill. I'm not even positive that the bill has a black tip and that that is not part of the wing. Does look like a black tip.
  2. Bird Nuts. Thanks for the link. Had gone there before saw link. Was going on pictures in Stokes and Sibley. Accept Swamp Sparrow. Good to know they can have black cap. The other bird was same place, same day. Thanks all.
  3. Yes, looked at the allaboutbirds site. Some had no red on head. See what you mean.
  4. You may not believe this, but I don't have a cell phone. Can you see on computer? Bird does look like Swamp except for no reddish on head; guess it had a dye-job. I knew it didn't look like anything else either.
  5. This is clearly a Swamp Sparrow!? All of my Swamp Sparrows (and there are quite a few of them from quite a few places) have red-brown on the head. Not saying it can't also be one, but ... need more reasons. Swamp Sparrow by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  6. Sweetwater Wetlands, Gainesville, Fl March 21, 2017 So much grey and black; not happy with any of my choices. Others there are Swamp and Savannah. 170321 sw 056c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 170321 sw 052c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 170321 sw 051c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  7. Thanks all. Its action was different from some terns and pelicans. It stuck its bill down and tried to grab stuff getting as little of its body in the water as possible with its wings out of the water. Got something each time. Talented.
  8. With Pink/orange legs?
  9. Yesterday, Little Talbot Island SP, NE FL (was looking for the Leasts to be back, but didn't see any) 170319 hmplt 101c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 170319 hmplt 100c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr With Royals and Sandwich 170319 hmplt 225 by Alta Tanner, on Flickr Above most of the Royals 170319 hmplt 226 by Alta Tanner, on Flickr This is a Herring picking food from the water without submerging, isn't it? Watched it for a little while. Had quite the technique! 170319 hmplt 009c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 170319 hmplt 226 by Alta Tanner, on Flick 170319 hmplt 011c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 170319 hmplt 012c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  10. Thanks. I'll just accept any problem I had with them as an optical illusion. They may be fluffier because it was colder than often when I see them.
  11. Merritt Island Tues and Wed. The two biggest birds. I am having a hard time seeing them as either Yellowlegs, but can't see them as anything else I know. Thoughts? seems deep chested and short necked, light yellow legs 170314mi 050c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr furthest left bird is more like a Yellowlegs than two biggest 170315 mi 213 by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  12. I wasn't 100% sure. Wouldn't expect hatchlings yet. Looked odd for back of Common Gallinule. Coots and Gallinule were all over. Figured it was a Coot or Gallinule looking strange from that angle. If anyone has a better suggestion....
  13. I felt really lucky. The weather was really windy; not too many birds around, but I saw a flock of American Avocets, a Northern Flicker, the Scrub-jay and a Painted Bunting which I hadn't seen before. A very good day; plus I got in a very nice 12 mile hike! Never been to Merritt Island before. Will get back in another season. Did Orlando Wetlands and Viera Wetlands the next day. Great two days away from Jax!!!
  14. Black-bellied Whistling Duck
  15. Partly it is the fact that I am a senior citizen and have time to walk 10 to 15 miles a day. Advantages of being older.