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  1. Ebird reviewer emailed me that they were Least Sandpipers. Oh well.
  2. Thanks. That is what I first thought, then saw the picture of the Grosbeak in the book, and wondered.
  3. Huguenot Memorial Park, NE FL this morning 170715 hmp 008c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  4. FYI I think other media is sound or other than pictures.
  5. Little Talbot SP, NE FL this morning Usually don't see Yellowlegs strolling the beach, but... 3 Greater Yellowlegs and 3 Willets? 170715 lt 059 by Alta Tanner, on Flickr and these are Least Sandpipers? legs could be yellower. or are they Westerns? 170715 lt 114c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 170715 lt 115c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr I can never get them to rollover and stick their legs up in the sun!
  6. Thanks. Others see new and interesting hawks. I see Cooper's and Red-shouldered. But I did see the Blue Grosbeaks, which I went to get.
  7. Island Road, Jax NNE Jax. This morning Thought this was the same bird till saw pictures. Saw one bird take off a couple of times when it spotted me. Was definitely smaller than Red-shouldered. Sitting bird I lightened quite a bit. Cooper's? 170709 ir 018cl by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 170709 ir 017cl by Alta Tanner, on Flickr Red-shouldered? 170709 ir 044c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  8. Thanks! I had assumed it was, but have a whole bunch of things I was pretty sure about, but weren't. It was just sitting there on the branch alone next to where I was walking.
  9. Beach Mountain, NC 6/19/17 170619be075c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  10. Thanks!
  11. Little Talbot SP, Ne FL this morning 170702 lt 143c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 170702 lt 142c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr
  12. Ponte Vedra, FL this morning Palm tree is a typical place for a House Finch, but this one looks awfully scraggly and the bill seems large. Is it young, wet, molting, none of the above, or some other bird? 170630 pv 110c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 170630 pv 109c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr 170630 pv 107c by Alta Tanner, on Flickr