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  1. Favorite Bird

    You're not bugging me. You asked, I answered. That's what forums are for.
  2. Leucistic Canada goose?

    That neck does look awfully short. Cackling? Hybrid?
  3. Austin Towhee

    Before I forget, I think 'Austin Towhee' would be a great pro wrasslin' name.
  4. help with ID

    Female House Finch?
  5. Favorite Bird

    What if it was? I don't believe in the concept of 'trash birds', if that's what you're implying. House Sparrow behavior (and that of other common, familiar birds) can be every bit as informative and entertaining as any first-time lifer; more so, since there's plenty of opportunity to watch them.
  6. Long-term Birding Goals

    Get all my assorted records into eBird and be more consistent about entering my sightings. Learn the most common sparrows, warblers, and raptors I'm likely to encounter in central SC. Clean my feeders more often.
  7. Frustrating Experiences with Non-birders!

    Visiting my sister in Houston, riding as we travel to San Antonio, pulling out of a gas station parking lot half way between. Me: Wait! Slow down a minute! <fumble for my binos> YES!!! Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher!!! That's a lifer! Darling Bride: <yet another eye-roll. The muscles that roll her eyes could bench press a rhino.> Sis: We slowed down for that? Are you going to be like this the whole trip? Darling Bride: Yes, he is.
  8. Favorite Bird

    Whichever species I saw last.
  9. Ebird question

    This is absolutely fascinating. What the heck was this topic about? The original question appears to be gone; the first post I see is "Thanks for the answers". Or was it so offensive as to require extensive moderation?
  10. What Kind of Feeders do you Recommend?

    Nothing in this post is an endorsement of particular retailers. The two models I suggest are available from multiple vendors. If you don't have squirrels, I suggest this model. The design ensures seed is available at all ports, and it is very easy to open and clean. It comes with two styles of ports that can be swapped out for regular seed or niger for goldfinches. https://www.walmart.com/ip/More-Birds-Abundance-Seed-Feeder-Gray/19631371 If you have squirrels, go with this one. It can be mounted on a pole, post, tree, or hung up. It is as close to squirrel-proof as I've found. Over three decades, I had only two figure out a way to get at the seed, and even then they couldn't get at it quickly. It's also easy to clean. https://www.chewy.com/homestead-super-stop-squirrel-green/dp/139820?utm_source=google-product&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=hg&utm_content=Homestead&utm_term=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIo9iJibqA2AIVjksNCh2i4wIJEAYYBiABEgJSefD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  11. Austin Towhee

    Does your camera have an autofocus 'lock' feature or button? If so, you can focus on something else nearby that's at the same range, lock the focus, then shift to the bird. I don't know how useful that would have been in this case. Maybe if you had tried focusing on the section of branch to the right of the bird, although the window through the surrounding brush may still be too small to get a good focus.
  12. Has anyone tried these? Opinions, please. https://academy.allaboutbirds.org/course-list/
  13. Suet blocks

    I have much more luck with the No-melt peanut suet from Wal-mart than with Royal Wing from Tractor Supply. I don't know what the difference is, but they eat the Wally brand up in less than a week. The RW cakes are rarely more than halfway eaten before they start to get molding. I don't have much luck with the RW peanuts either. On the other hand, their BOSS is significantly less expensive than Wally, Lowe's, or Home Depot, and my birds eat it as readily as from any other source. I've had mixed success with some of their blends.
  14. Small beige sparrow like bird

    What kind of food was in the feeder? Sunflower, thistle / niger, safflower, suet, or a mix? Also, regarding the size, can you compare it to the size of a bird you are familiar with? Do you know a House Sparrow or a Purple Finch? Was it about the same size as one of those, bigger, or smaller? Welcome!
  15. Austin Towhee

    Man, it took me forever to see the entire bird. I saw the rufous and couldn't pick out the rest of the bird. The head and back blended into the background, and the white belly looked like leaf debris in the foreground. Then the white looked streaky and I was leaning toward Brown Thrasher. I finally discerned the details. I'll second Eastern Towhee.