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  1. blackbird dilemma long island

    Nice ultrasound. Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?
  2. King Rail?

    @alta, I suspect your Canons are DSLR? My Lumix 'bridge' doesn't have a focus ring. It does have a manual focus capability but when I try what the manual says, I wind up getting the white balance adjustment instead. I'm probably misinterpreting the instruction and pushing the wrong button. I'll take another look at manually focusing it eventually, but I'm so pleased with its performance this weekend that I'm going to leave well enough alone for a couple of months.
  3. Pileated Woodpecker

    https://www.walmart.com/ip/C-S-Suet-Hot-Pepper-Delight/22889937 although I'm sure there are other brands and places. Many C&S suets are available in an 8-pack, usually at discount of 10 to 20 cents per cake. Edited: or this: https://www.myhardwaresupply.com/store/p/34628-Suet-Hot-Pepper-Box/12.html?feed=Froogle&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5Jv8javs2AIVTrnACh0NNQapEAQYAyABEgIYh_D_BwE
  4. Tufted titmouse confirmation needed

    Seconded. What @Sean C. said. Notice the different behaviors. The Titmouse works as an individual or in small flocks of mixed species, is easily attracted to seed feeders, and you're likely to see him year-round. The Waxwings are usually in monospecies flocks in the winter, although you may get a mix of Cedars and Bohemians. The ones I've seen are more interested in fruits and berries. They're winter migrants in FL and will head back north for breeding season, so it's a good thing you saw them when they were around.
  5. Sora?

  6. Any Lifers?

    I'll pay you to go wherever @MerMaeve is birding...
  7. King Rail?

    Thanks! I quit trying to get fancy with my Panasonic Lumix FZ-70 a few weeks ago. I reset it to factory defaults, set the shutter to its fastest setting (1/250), and left almost everything else on automatic (white balance, aperature, focus, ISO, etc). I'm getting much better photos than when I try manually adjusting stuff. At max zoom I have to take several shots of each subject to get one where I'm not moving the camera, but 'film' and 'processing' are cheap these days! Fortunately, this guy was only about 15 feet away below a boardwalk. On the other hand, if I could understand how to override the autofocus temporarily, those YBCH shots in my other question would have been much clearer. I'd have focused on the bird instead letting the camera focus on the plants in the foreground.
  8. Yellow-Breasted Chat?

    That's because they can't read. Fish, on the other hand, CAN read because they're always in schools. Good night, everybody! I'm here all week! Tip your waitresses! I was a little leery of ID'ing a bird I'd never seen before and that only been seen there off-season once seven years ago. But that's why I pester y'all.
  9. Any Lifers?

    And it turns out you don't appreciate Great Art at all. You're just another of the unwashed masses. Philistine. Go back to your Play-Doh.
  10. Any Lifers?

    He was working under the boardwalk, at the east end closest to the gift shop.
  11. Any Lifers?

    @MerMaeve Yeah, that's what I was going for! Exactly! Finally, someone who understands my artistic interpretation! A series of 500 numbered lithographs of this photo are available for $6000 unsigned, $7500 autographed. Watch for my upcoming series, "Shrubs, Branches, and Vines Used as Launch Points Just Before I Pressed the Shutter". You'll be able to see how much my art has grown since my 2014 series, "Ripples Where Waterfowl Just Dove". Frickin' bird wouldn't sit still long enough for me to even try focusing. It was all I could do to keep up with him, but I could tell it was something I'd never ID'ed before. I had to adopt the 'Shoot First, Focus If Possible' approach. If you haven't read any of my rants on the subject, this photo accomplishes my number one priority when taking photos of birds: I can identify it! Say something snotty about the Rail photo; I dare you.
  12. Seed with hot pepper?

    Yeah, that'll work for a bit. Sometimes just tossing some cheap hot sauce on the seed can help. As a hot sauce aficionado, that's about all I think Texas Pete or Frank's are good for. ..
  13. Any Lifers?

    @meghann, I hit Phinizy this morning. King Rail, Yellow-Breasted Chat, Northern Shoveler! Thanks for your 'Blurry Duckies' post! I spent four hours there and ran out of time before I could get anywhere else!
  14. Share your best photo of the day!

    Great Blue Heron with his Sunday brunch! Open and zoom in for maximum effect. Today, Jan. 21st, Phinizy Swamp Nature Center, Augusta, GA. He was flying over the pond at about 50 feet or so. I was trying to get some action shots when he suddenly pulled to the left, did as much of a dive as a GBHE can manage, and stabbed into the water as he landed.
  15. Yellow-Breasted Chat?

    Today, Jan. 21st, Phinizy Swamp Nature Center, Augusta, GA. Flitting between shrubs in medium cover, five to seven feet off the ground, moving every five to 20 seconds. I see an olive head and shoulder, white supercillium, dark eye stripe, white mustache, yellow breast, and white belly. My problem is that AAB and NatGeo agree they're not supposed to be there this time of year. eBird has only two winter sightings at Phinizy, seven years ago, both on the same day.