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  1. Charlie Spencer

    My Birds Are Gone...

    I wouldn't be concerned about a couple of days, or even a couple of weeks. I can only speak for SC, but I usually have a slow-down or two in the spring. I've already had a four-day period when feeder activity was off, but it picked back up.
  2. Charlie Spencer

    Rose-breasted Grosbeak and Indigo Bunting

    I had a male Rosie at my sunflower feeder yesterday, then spotted one moving around high in my pine and birch trees about 15 minutes later (same one?).
  3. Charlie Spencer

    Attracting Variety

    I'm too cheap to buy those either. I buy the C&S no-melt PB suet cakes and either cut it into chunks or crumble it.
  4. Charlie Spencer

    Long-term Birding Goals

    I finished transferring my sighting into eBird back on a late February weekend when the weather was really lousy. I've cleaned all my feeders at least one in the last six weeks. I've added the goal to make at least one serious birding trip a month. There are plenty of places within 90 minutes that I haven't seen, and plenty of others worth revisiting regularly.
  5. Charlie Spencer

    Evening Song Bird- South LA

    Oh, heck, you can see him! Where's the fun in that???
  6. Charlie Spencer

    Monster Sharpie/Coop/???

    Okay, that's all well and good, but what's the bird in the original photos? You've said it isn't a Sharpie; what are you seeing that supports that call? It would be even more helpful if you could say what you think it is, and what you're seeing in the photos that helped you reach that position. If you don't think the bird is identifiable from the photos, fine, just say so.
  7. Charlie Spencer

    Monster Sharpie/Coop/???

    Elevation? As in height above ground? I can tell you from many years as an artillery observer in the Army, that's an incredibly difficult skill to acquire. Even with binos with a reticle pattern, you have to be a very good judge of the size of the bird and its distance from you. This is easier when the bird is near an object suitable for comparison. It's really tough in the sky with nothing nearby to help estimate size or distance. You could use a laser range finder, I guess, but a bird on the wing is a tough target to hit with a narrow beam. Even if someone is able to get a reasonably accurate guesstimate of the elevation, what does one do with the information? Is there a table somewhere of the average elevation of raptors by species, maybe broken down by season and migration? Don't they all eventually descend to land and ascend to get back to that altitude? I'll admit my raptor skills are rudimentary, but I don't see how to easily determine elevation (or even build the skill) or what to do with it if I could. I'd appreciate further explanation. Thanks!
  8. Charlie Spencer

    Monster Sharpie/Coop/???

    I've read plenty of IDs here from beginners who haven't yet developed a birding vocabulary and a knowledge of avian anatomy. People are somehow able to suggest two or three species, and the person asking is often able to find those species on the web and get a positive ID. If someone uses the word 'fingers' instead of 'primaries', or 'back of neck' instead of 'nape', most birders will understand what he means. After all, we were all beginners once and used many of the same words ourselves. So if anyone out there read that, please don't be discouraged. Post your description and don't worry about the words you use. There's always going to be someone here willing to take a crack at ID'ing what you saw.
  9. Charlie Spencer

    Monster Sharpie/Coop/???

    Okay, so what is it?
  10. Charlie Spencer


    I swear, I'm gonna grab a House Finch, actually stuff it in raspberry juice, and mark the dang thing.
  11. Cliff and Barn Swallow nest are made of mud, and Cliff's build higher walls. This nest looks to be leaves.
  12. Charlie Spencer

    long-billed Curlew or Whimbrel

  13. Charlie Spencer


    Fortunately, you don't have to be born with it. It's a skill you can develop. You'll get there!
  14. Charlie Spencer

    Little Yellow Bird

    I've only been able to get Kinglets to pose when it's very cold and they want suet very, VERY badly.
  15. Charlie Spencer

    Female Merganser?

    Thanks. eBird wanted confirmation since they're usually gone from here by now, and I wanted to be sure on a potential lifer.