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    A Christian birder, guitarist and citizen scientist originally from Southern California. I am particularly interested in the conservation of non-migratory forest birds (i.e. owls, woodpeckers, grouse) and am working on completing my Bachelors degree in biology with an emphasis in fish and wildlife management. Although birds are my primary focus, I love to observe, study and identify other animal and plant species.

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  1. More ID's

    Not warblers. I believe they are both Warbling Vireos although the second could be a Philadelphia Vireo.
  2. Tern Species?

    Forster's seconded.
  3. Tern Species?

    Looks very good for Forster's imo. Long bill, broad wings and white body are all supportive field marks.
  4. JOOOOOSH! Just spotted your checklists in my county. :D

    1. Joshua1vs89


      Hey David!  Just got settled into my family's new home and am going to finish uploading eBird checklists!  I really liked the CO Springs area.  We'll have to work some birding trips out sooner than later.  Take care!

  5. Help with Hummingbirds

    @PascalNJ Were #2 and 3 wild birds?
  6. Help with Hummingbirds

    1. Costa's Hummingbird. 2 and 3. Broad-tailed Hummingbird(s). Were these wild? 4. Probably female Costa's Hummingbird. 5. Juvenile/female type Anna's Hummingbird. 6. Not quite sure.
  7. Arizona Id's round 2

    1. Yellow-rumped Warbler 2. Black-tailed Gnatcatcher 3. Woodhouse's Scrub Jay.
  8. Birding by ear

    1. Probably a frog/toad. 2. Not sure... 3. If I'm hearing the right sound, it's a House Wren like in this recording: http://www.xeno-canto.org/338020
  9. please help id bird

  10. please help id bird

    Northern Shrike. Very nice bird.
  11. Warbler species?

    Yellow-rumped Warbler
  12. What species of Bird of Prey?

    American Kestrel
  13. Unidentified Gulls

    I agree with you and Colorado Birder. Another good field mark for Ring-billed is the more limited white coloration on the ends of the secondary wing feathers.
  14. yes, blue-gray gnatcatcher.
  15. Pure white bid unusual here

    You're welcome. Also, American Robins are year-round throughout much of Colorado .