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  1. FischerRA

    ID Help Please

    Thank you all. I appreciate the help
  2. FischerRA

    ID Help Please

    Sorry. Forgot, this was taken 01/18/18 in Dade City, FL
  3. FischerRA

    Nova Scotia Gull ID Help

    Here is a larger file. Forgot I had to clean out old ones.
  4. FischerRA

    Nova Scotia Gull ID Help

    Thanks. Sorry it's so small but, the site would only allow me to post a .05 MB
  5. Please help ID. Taken in Sydney, Nova Scotia on 8-5-17
  6. FischerRA

    Sparrow Help

    Thanks everyone
  7. FischerRA

    Sparrow Help

    Taken today in Louisville, KY. I'm guessing a Chipping but, just not sure
  8. FischerRA

    female house finch?

    Agree. The female House Finches here try the suet occasionally probably for something different
  9. FischerRA

    Help with Hummer ID's

    Agree. Well done
  10. FischerRA

    Limpkin or something else?

    Beautiful Glossy Ibis
  11. FischerRA

    Gilded Flicker?

    Agree. Awesome capture
  12. FischerRA

    AZ Sparrow Help

    Need help with this Sparrow. Taken at Catalina State Park, Oro Valley, AZ 2/17/2017
  13. Painted Bunting - Male
  14. FischerRA

    Hawk ID Help Please

    Thank you very much. I appreciate your feedback