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  1. The Bird Nuts

    Palm Warbler?

    It wasn't your computer. I couldn't post links or embed photos for a little while as well. It's working again for me, too.
  2. The Bird Nuts

    Palm Warbler?

    It appears you got the links working. How did you do that?
  3. The Bird Nuts

    Palm Warbler?

    You got it!
  4. The Bird Nuts

    Flikr links don't paste as links

    I'm not sure what's going on. Maybe after the forum update today that feature and the auto-embed feature was removed. :-(
  5. The Bird Nuts

    Little bird in CT

    Eastern Phoebe seconded.
  6. The Bird Nuts

    Yellow and gray bird in San Diego

    How about a Yellow-fronted Canary (which would be an introduced species)?
  7. The Bird Nuts

    San Diego birds

    #9 looks like a Common Yellowthroat to me.
  8. The Bird Nuts

    What did you seen from your yard today?

    #150 on the yard list -- Blue-gray Gnatcatcher!!
  9. The Bird Nuts

    Chipping sparrow?

    I agree.
  10. The Bird Nuts


    Palm Warbler, actually.
  11. The Bird Nuts

    Two Sparrows

    The first is a Savannah Sparrow and the second is a Lincoln's Sparrow. EDIT: Agree with BB22!
  12. The Bird Nuts

    Need Help ID'ing this Bird

    Sharpie for me as well.
  13. The Bird Nuts

    Help with ID

    Yes, leucistic Great-tailed Grackle.
  14. The Bird Nuts

    House Finch?

    Young male Summer Tanager.