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  1. Harris' Sparrow - SW Washington

    Yes indeed!
  2. ID help?

    Eastern Phoebe with the brown color above, all black beak, and lack of an eyering and wingbars.
  3. Carolina chickadee?

    I think the OP just saw a wild chickadee at the zoo. Pretty sure zoos don't keep chickadees!
  4. Ducks in flight

    All look like Mallards to me with the white-edged speculums and tails.
  5. Confirm Merlin

    Merlin confirmed! Congratulations!
  6. Help with ID please

    1-4. House Sparrows 5. "Red-shafted" Northern Flicker
  7. Duck

    Looks like a female Ring-necked Duck with the dark back, light ring around its bill, light "spectacles", and peaked head.
  8. Carolina?

    Yes, Carolina Wren.
  9. ID this colorado bird?

    That's a funny photo. Perhaps you are looking at its undertail? Its tail looks like it has an eye and a bill! The gull is actually facing away from the camera and its head is behind its wing.
  10. Help Identifying a Hawk

    Immature Red-shouldered Hawk.
  11. Another ?? Sparrow

    House Finch.
  12. coot or gallnule

    American Coot with the white beak.
  13. Sparrow confirmation please

  14. which thrush please

    Swainson's thirded.
  15. Sharp-shinned?

    I think this is a Cooper's. To me its tail appears graduated, its nape appears light, it is bulky, and the front edge of it wings are very straight. I have been wrong on these before, though...