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  1. I vote (young?) Song Sparrow.
  2. 1. Ruby-crowned Kinglet 2. Dark-eyed Junco (of the Slate-colored subspecies) 3. Common Yellowthroat
  3. 1. I think Semipalmated Sandpiper. 2. Piping Plover 3. American Oystercatchers 4. Tree Swallow
  4. 1. Pass 2. Dickcissel 3. Blackpoll Warbler 4. Eastern Phoebe
  5. Immature male American Redstart.
  6. Welcome to Whatbird! I agree - this is an adult male Black-throated Blue.
  7. Yes, this is not a juvenile but an immature male.
  8. This is not a Purple Martin with that tail pattern. I agree with Barn Swallow.
  9. This is NOT a female Common Yellowthroat. Looks like an immature Yellow Warbler.
  10. Summer Tanager!
  11. I'm sure @BigOly meant Hooded Warbler and not Hooded Oriole.
  12. EDIT: I was on the wrong page......
  13. Oh no! I accidentally posted twice. You're fine.