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  1. Possible Juvenile?

    Looks like an Eastern Bluebird to me.
  2. Scarlet Tanager (Female) - Western Mass

    Yep, Scarlet Tanager. Not sure if it's a female or immature.
  3. Lepidoptera faces!

    Share your butterfly and moth face photos! Agreeable Tiger Moth and Pepper-and-Salt Geometer Sphinx sp. and Blinded Sphinx Common Lytrosis and Forage Looper Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth and Straight-lined Plagodis Virgin Tiger Moth
  4. Moth Faces Series

  5. Blinded Sphinx and Brown Bark Carpet look good to me!
  6. Posting Problems?, Please Report them here.

    Before the last major forum update people could like their own posts. This was before you joined, I believe. It was strange and I'm glad that option is gone!
  7. Hawk ID

    As psweet said, the dark patagial bar means this is a definite Red-tailed Hawk.
  8. Posting Problems?, Please Report them here.

    Same thing happened to me. I "reacted" to a post yesterday and when I came back it was gone. I thought I must have not pressed it, so I clicked it again and the "x" showed up again. I just checked on that post now and it doesn't say I reacted! But I could react to other posts, so I was not at the limit. We were noticing some abnormal slowness on the site as well.
  9. Vireo (maybe) - Western Mass (poor pics)

    If you zoom into the photo you can see that it is not an eyering and it has the white lines above and below the eye. A Nashville Warbler would have a green back contrasting with a gray head and its undertail coverts would be a bright yellow.
  10. Vireo (maybe) - Western Mass (poor pics)

    The first bird looks like another Warbling Vireo to me.
  11. Share your best photo of the day!

    A juvenile wouldn't show the black mask, so this is an adult male. Sometimes a gape is visible on adults, but in most species it's just not as large and brightly-colored as a juvenile's.
  12. Let the fun begin!

    Interesting. Still can't change my cover photo, though.......
  13. Let the fun begin!

    Oooh! New format again! :-D
  14. Let the fun begin!

    Thanks! No, I didn't use manual focus, I just made sure my "focus box" (which I have set to be the smallest it can get) was on the bird and not the cattails when I focused (pressed the shutter button halfway).
  15. A Couple Ottawa Birds

    1. Pine Warbler, I think 2. Yes, Tennessee Warbler 3. Yellow-rumped Warbler?