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  1. Yes, all are House Finches (besides the Tufted Titmouse). The color on male Purple Finches is more of a purplish-red and it is more extensive - they have red wing bars and more red on their bellies - and they usually lack the bold brown stripes below. Female Purple Finches have a much bolder face pattern with light stripes over the eyes. The top of a House Finch's beak is curved while a Purple Finch's is pretty much straight. House Finches on the left and Purple Finches on the right.
  2. Agree with American Coot.
  3. Agree with American Robin.
  4. Tail pattern, bill size, and tail length are all wrong for a Red-tailed. I think it's a Sharp-shinned Hawk.
  5. Ignore..sorry
  6. The large bill, lack of black spots on white outer tail feathers, and shoulder spur all point to Hairy.
  7. Welcome! I agree with Painted Buntings. The male is the colorful one and the female is the green one.
  8. I agree!
  9. American Pipit is correct. The yellowish color is most likely due to the lighting.
  10. This is a good page to read:
  11. I agree with immature Cooper's Hawk. It's tail is also longer than a Red-shouldered.
  12. Pine Warbler. A YTVI wouldn't show the streaking on the flanks or the yellow near the rump, I believe.
  13. I'd call it a Sharp-shinned Hawk.
  14. Yep, all look good for Rough-legged Hawks!
  15. Welcome to Whatbird! You are correct with young Red-tailed Hawk. It is fairly heavily marked, but it still has the characteristic belly band, dark patagials, and mostly unmarked chest of a Red-tailed. The light eyes and brown barred tail are indicative of a youngster.