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  1. sparrow-like bird in Florida

    I agree, Palm Warbler.
  2. Looks wrong for Song...

    It looks wrong for a Song because it's a Chipping Sparrow.
  3. What is this duck

    Agree with Egyptian Geese.
  4. Vireo? Warbler?

    I also agree.
  5. Grackle? Blackbird?

    Common Grackle. It has a large beak, long tail, and an iridescent blue head.
  6. Quebec in July

    Looks like a juvenile Golden-crowned Kinglet!
  7. Red-tailed?

    Yes, it is a Red-tailed Hawk. The belly band is a good ID mark.
  8. MI sparrow?

    Coloration and long tail make me think Song Sparrow as well. Looks like a young one to me since the patterns, especially on its head, are not well defined and it has a yellowish tinge.
  9. Ailanthus webworm and? Covington Louisiana

    Hawaiian Beet Webworm for the second?
  10. Is this American Goldfinch?

    Yes, American Goldfinch.
  11. Goldfinch or Pine Warbler?

    You have an Orange-crowned Warbler there. Goldfinches have thicker beaks and dark wings. Pine Warblers have white undertail coverts and two white wingbars on gray wings.
  12. American Goldfinch?

  13. Please help ID 4 ducks, 1 gull and 1 hawk

    1. Lesser Scaup 2. Domestic Mallard 3. Mallard, I think (possibly also domestic?) 4. Ruddy Duck 5. Pass 6. Northern Goshawk
  14. Another Hawk ID

    It is a Red-tailed. Not sure which subspecies.
  15. Hawk ID Help

    Immature Red-shouldered Hawk with the streaking on the breast and belly and longer tail.