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  1. Falcon/Hawk in northern Utah?

    Welcome to Whatbird! This is an American Kestrel!
  2. Warbler Confirmation

    Agree with Yellow-rumped Warbler.
  3. Sharp Shinned or Coopers

    Cooper's Hawk thirded for the reasons meghann stated. Both Sharpies and Coops can show a white terminal tail band and it's an unreliable field mark for distinguishing the two (due to feather wear).
  4. White throated sparrow?

    I agree with Song Sparrow.
  5. Help with this sparrow

    No. All birds can hold their wings that way.
  6. Duplicate post, please delete.

    Duplicate post: https://www.whatbird.com/forum/index.php?/topic/169637-curve-billed-thrasher/
  7. coopers hawk - immature??

    Yes indeed! Young Cooper's Hawk.
  8. Merganser (?) in Northern NJ

    Agree with Hooded Merganser.
  9. Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    We are only allowed 1.95 MB of attachment space and others have said that they are unable to delete attachments once they have been uploaded.
  10. 2nd Opinion on Northern Harrier

    I agree with Northern Harrier.
  11. Let the fun begin!

    YES! They are one of my favorites to see in flight, so the shape and wing pattern has stuck in my mind.
  12. Let the fun begin!

    Pileated Woodpecker?
  13. Need help on ID- LI NY

    The bill does look cut off. I assume it is camera distortion, but it's odd.
  14. What do ya think?

    Orange-crowned Warbler is what I think. EDIT: Agree with MerMaeve.
  15. Sparrows!

    I do too.