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  1. Several to ID from Today, in PA

    The sparrow has dark lores, so that makes it a Chipping. I agree with the rest.
  2. Titmouse size.

    Where was this bird seen? Do you remember beak shape? Was it on the ground or perched on something?
  3. Warbler, vireo?

    I think I see yellow undertail coverts, a dark eyeline, and streaking on the breast, so perhaps Palm Warbler? The undertail pattern is wrong for a Magnolia and fits Palm better. EDIT: Tail pattern is wrong for any vireo as well.
  4. Titmouse size.

    Welcome to Whatbird! Did you mean to include a photo? Your description sounds like a Chipping Sparrow.
  5. Help w/Warbler ID

    You have a Bay-breasted Warbler there.
  6. Sparrow & Blurry Flycatcher

    1. Immature White-crowned Sparrow is correct. 2. I think Eastern Wood-Pewee because of the gray body, upright posture, and long primary projection.
  7. Mystery Bird In Massachusetts

    Welcome! This is a male Brown-headed Cowbird. I think it looks strange because it's molting.
  8. Mt Rainier Accipiters

    Going mostly by GISS, at least one of these looks like a Sharp-shinned Hawk to me. I'd want to hear what the experts think.
  9. Double take!! This really happened.

    WOW. Just WOW. Congratulations!! That's a very pretty Red-shouldered, too.
  10. Post-Irma Dropout

    Welcome! This is a flycatcher with that beak shape and the upright posture, and it's in the Empidonax genus. I'm leaning Least due to its white eyering and short primary projection, but wait for others to chime in. The "supercilium" is caused by light hitting its brow.
  11. Last One!! Cute Yellow Bird

    I agree with American Goldfinch.
  12. Need Help w/Warbler ID

    Blackburnian seconded.
  13. Cute little brown bird eating blackberries

    The beak also looks better for a female Purple Finch.
  14. Bittern or Heron?

    American Bittern. Cool shot!
  15. Please help with ID (two pictures)

    You have an American Redstart there.
  16. Confirm Lincoln's Sparrow

    Looks good!
  17. Sparrow Help

    Looks like a House Sparrow.
  18. 4 unknown birds?

    2 is a warbler and I think it's an Orange-crowned. 3 is a Chipping Sparrow, I believe. And the flycatchers are Empids, but I'll let the western Empid experts ID those.
  19. Is this a Yellow Warbler?

    I don't see a Yellow Warbler here. I see streaking down the flanks, dark lores, a white wing patch, and white undertail coverts. Perhaps Cape May or Baypoll?
  20. Ducks and a chicken

    Why not American Kestrel for the last one?
  21. Help identify this bird

    I agree, European Starling in nonbreeding plumage. Welcome!
  22. Going wobbly on this warbler.

    The dictionaries tell me it's pronounced something like PAR-yoo-la. I have been calling it a per-OOH-la...
  23. Going wobbly on this warbler.

    Apparently I don't pronounce Parula correctly...
  24. Going wobbly on this warbler.

    Northern Parooolah!