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  1. Help Identifying a Hawk

    Immature Red-shouldered Hawk.
  2. Another ?? Sparrow

    House Finch.
  3. coot or gallnule

    American Coot with the white beak.
  4. Sparrow confirmation please

  5. which thrush please

    Swainson's thirded.
  6. Sharp-shinned?

    I think this is a Cooper's. To me its tail appears graduated, its nape appears light, it is bulky, and the front edge of it wings are very straight. I have been wrong on these before, though...
  7. What is the best photo site?

    Wow, you get a lot of photo storage space here. I guess only the newer members get 1.95 MB of space. I think that explains why you're not having trouble like everyone else.
  8. Any Lifers?

    Woohoo! #145 on our yard list, #150 on our neighborhood list, and a lifer for both of us! The chickadees were very concerned...
  9. What is the best photo site?

    @dklucius That's interesting! And you haven't run out of space yet? If you go to My Attachments in the drop down menu when you click on your user name at the top right of the page, can you see if it adds to your attachment quota?
  10. What is the best photo site?

    Are you using OneDrive or another Microsoft app?
  11. What is the best photo site?

    There is no other way to upload a photo to a post on Whatbird directly from your computer. You can use the Whatbird Gallery, but it is similar to using a site like Flickr in that you have to get the URL and paste it into your post. I don't know how much photo storage space the Whatbird Gallery allows, but I haven't run out yet. Just remember that there is no option to delete a photo in the Whatbird Gallery, you can only replace it with another photo. Because of this I recommend using a photo sharing site or something like Google Photos instead.
  12. Blue-headed Vireo?

    No, this is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Blue-headed Vireos have bluer heads, two white wingbars, and white throats.
  13. Another Bird ID assist needed

    Harris's Sparrow, I'd say.
  14. Help with Sparrow ID

    The bird in the center of the last photo looks more like a Harris's Sparrow (a White-throated wouldn't have dark streaking on the flanks).
  15. Unknown Bird

    Some people here upload their audio files to Clyp.it or SoundCloud.
  16. Northern Flicker?

    Just so you know, Red-bellied Woodpeckers have white at the base of their tails and could be confused with Northern Flickers in flight if you rely only on the white rump field mark.
  17. Hawk ID

    I agree with Red-shouldered Hawk.
  18. Northern Flicker?

    Certainly a Northern Flicker.
  19. What warbler is this?

    Audubon's Yellow-rumped Warbler.
  20. Falcon ID

    You have a Merlin there.
  21. Ruddy ground dove or common ground dove?

    Why? No scaling on the head, gray beaks, reddish color, spots on the scapulars...they look like Ruddy Ground-Doves to me....
  22. South TX: 2 Hawks

    Both are correct!
  23. need help idenitfying this bird

    Welcome to Whatbird! That is a Rough-legged Hawk!
  24. Handful of Sparrows

    Vesper Sparrows have prominent white eyerings and thinner pink beaks. And the thick, dark malar and rich brown color above point to Song Sparrow.
  25. Handful of Sparrows

    Yes, the first is a Savannah and the rest are Songs.