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  1. female common yellowthroat? Aug. 2014 S.Carolina

    American Redstart was our impression as well.
  2. variety of gulls(I think) SC Aug. 2014

    I'll take a stab at IDing these (I'm still working on my gull ID skills)... 1. Ring-billed Gull with Willets 2. Ruddy Turnstone behind Ring-billed Gulls and Laughing Gulls on the left, young Herring and Laughing Gull on the right 3. Laughing and Herring 4. More Laughing, a Herring, and Ring-billed with a Ruddy Turnstone in the upper right Let's see how I did....
  3. sparrows

    Oh, and American Tree Sparrows have yellow lower mandibles, rufous eyelines, and no (or barely any) moustacial stripes.
  4. sparrows

    The first is a Song Sparrow (rich brown streaking over gray body, thick malar stripes) and the second is a Swamp Sparrow (reddish wings, gray back of neck, faint streaking).
  5. Audio: Ring-necked Pheasant, Carolina Wren?

    I agree with squirrel for the first one and the second is 100% a Carolina Wren.
  6. Hawk ID please in Central Florida

    I'd call it an immature Red-shouldered Hawk with the translucent crescents near the wingtips and fairly even tail bands.
  7. What am I?

  8. Black and Yellow Black and Yellow

    Golden-crowned Kinglet.

    What makes you think this is a male? As far as I know, males and females look alike.
  10. Fox sparrow or song sparrow??

    Yes, looks like a Song Sparrow. A Fox Sparrow would have a plainer face pattern among other differences.

    Harris's Sparrow.
  12. Three Gadwall

  13. And yet another Cooper's / Sharpie question

    Rounded head, cute, bug-eyed appearance, short-er tail, small bill - looks like a Sharp-shinned Hawk.
  14. Yellow-Breasted Chat?

    Looks good for a Yellow-breasted Chat!
  15. Odd duck

    Yep. I wouldn't be surprised if a few others in that flock are domestic Mallards as well.
  16. Odd duck

    Yep, it's just a Mallard with some domestic genes.
  17. two different birds

    I don't think the second is a Least with that large of a beak, faint wingbars, and almost no eyering.
  18. Bluebird?

    I'm thinking Pine Siskin because of the pointy beak and brown streaking.
  19. Difficulty with shorebirds!

    The first one is a Black-bellied Plover. Notice the thick, stubby bill.
  20. Coopers Hawk Confirmation

    Correct, young Cooper's Hawk.
  21. grey bird

    Northern Mockingbird with the gray body, long tail, and white wingbars.
  22. small duck

    Not a duck - it's a Pied-billed Grebe.
  23. black duck

    White-winged Scoter, I think.
  24. Northern Ohio Female Waterfowl

    They're all Gadwalls.
  25. Northern Ohio Waterfowl

    I agree with Gadwall.