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  1. Orange-crowned Warbler or Hybrid?

    I believe you have an Orange-crowned Warbler that has some missing (and maybe stained) feathers on its face.
  2. Warbler ID

    Difficult angle and lighting, but I think it's a Philadelphia Vireo.
  3. GC Flycatcher ?

    Red-eyed Vireo.
  4. Warbling or Philadelphia Vireo ?

    Warbling for me.
  5. Another Vireo ID

    Red-eyed Vireo.
  6. Hawk? please help identify

    The attachment limit on this forum is very small and you will eventually be unable to upload any more. We recommend uploading photos to a third-party photo-hosting site such as Flickr. That way you can link to large photos and you shouldn't run out of space.
  7. ID needed - Scaup?

    Yes, Lesser Scaup.
  8. Id Help

    Hermit Thrush.
  9. Hawk? please help identify

    Light morph Red-tails often show a band of streaking across the belly with little to no streaking in the breast area and below the band. The adult's tails are red on top and white below. Red is only seen below when light is passing through the tail such as when it's seen in flight against the sun.
  10. Hawk? please help identify

    Agree with Red-tailed Hawk with that belly band.
  11. Bird Art by Bird Nut #1

    I woke up too early yesterday, but I had a hard time getting back to sleep because this idea popped into my head, so I got up and painted it! CHICK-A-DEE-DEE-DEE by The Bird Nuts, on Flickr
  12. Texas 78070 on 4/18/2018 speckled bird

    Lesser Goldfinch.
  13. Texas 78070 on 4/18/2018 speckled bird

    Pine Siskins (with Lesser Goldfinches and a House Finch).
  14. Confirm Osprey?

    Double confirmed!
  15. What birds are making these sounds?

    No, I'm not sure. Song Sparrow is another option, I guess.
  16. Hawk

    I think both are Red-tailed Hawks.
  17. Sparrow Id

    Yep, Vesper!
  18. What birds are making these sounds?

    The first sounds like an Eastern Towhee's song. The second sounds like a Corvid's rattle, possibly another Blue Jay.
  19. Female red-wing?

  20. Warbler?

    Pine Warbler is correct.
  21. Share your best photo of the day!

    This is a Tricolored Heron.
  22. which sparrow?

    Song Sparrow seconded.
  23. Acorn Woodpecker?

  24. Confirmation please

    Yep, these are Eastern Phoebes.
  25. Which Thrush in VT?

    Yes, it's a Hermit Thrush with those reddish wings and tail.