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  1. Gull- Maine 2016

    Would y’all be comfortable calling this a Black-headed?
  2. Gull- Maine 2016

    I was wondering about Black-headed, but the legs don’t seem dark enough. I don’t have much experience with summer Bonaparte’s as I’m from NC, so all opinions are wanted.
  3. Gull- Maine 2016

  4. Gull- Maine 2016

    The gull to the far right, in the water... just a Bonaparte's? Saturday (1907) by Jim Joe, on Flickr
  5. Florida tern

    Never seen a Forster's that dark. Why not Common?
  6. Florida tern

    It was much smaller and darker than the surrounding Sandwiches. I'm fairly confident that's not what it was.
  7. Florida tern

    Seemed dark. Caught my eye. Pics on this page. https://www.flickr.com/photos/156017793@N04/37464527640/in/dateposted-public/
  8. 2 warblers

    Both look like Nashville.
  9. Thrush, Hermit or Swainson's

    Looks like a Swainson's to me. There are occasional sightings in winter.
  10. Possible Norhthern and Louisana Waterthrush - Western Mass

    I disagree. I think the first is Northern, second Louisiana.
  11. Bell's Vireo??

    This is a Bell's.
  12. Clark's?

    Looks like a Western to me.
  13. Kingbird Question

    It looks like a Cassin's to me.
  14. Montana Trip Report

    Thanks. And by the way I did forget to mention one lifer. We had a heard-only Pacific Wren in Glacier.
  15. Montana Trip Report

    We drove back to Billings on day 11 and flew back to Raleigh. It was an amazing trip. We finished with 168 species and 59 lifers. I'll finish with some scenery shots: Entrance Road to Bear Canyon: IMG_3054 by ryanjustice3, on Flickr Bear Canyon: IMG_3020 by ryanjustice3, on Flickr Glacier: IMG_2231 by ryanjustice3, on Flickr IMG_2302 by ryanjustice3, on Flickr Where we finally got our Wilson's Warbler: IMG_2341 by ryanjustice3, on Flickr Storm that pushed the Black Swifts out of the mountains, Ninepipe NWR: IMG_2347 by ryanjustice3, on Flickr Blue Mountain Nature Trail: IMG_2364 by ryanjustice3, on Flickr Yellowstone: IMG_2441 by ryanjustice3, on Flickr IMG_2451 by ryanjustice3, on Flickr And lastly, the road from Yellowstone to our hotel in Cody, WY: IMG_2485 by ryanjustice3, on Flickr