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  1. Her birding days are over,

    I am very sorry for your loss. It sounds like the two of you made the most of the time that you had together. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Those "Almost" Good Shots!!

    Too much in the way...
  3. Share your best photo of the day!

    Tiger Salamander - September 13, 2017 Rain fell last night for what felt like the first time in two months. Four of these beautiful creatures were spotted this morning walking through my yard. They may have been even more happy than I was for the moisture on the ground.
  4. Warbler help

    Thank you!
  5. Warbler help

    SW Alberta, this morning.
  6. Pine Grosbeak?

    Thank you.
  7. Share your best photo of the day!

    Thank you! The color threw me off initially. At first I didn't think it was a Great Horned Owl but then realized it couldn't be anything else. This was a pretty cool sighting for me. I was walking on a seldom used trail along a river when I spotted the owl napping on the log (the log was lying on the ground a couple of feet off the trail). I quietly sat down about 20 yards away from it and after about 10 minutes it finally opened its eyes and seemed a bit surprised to see me. I sat for another 20 minutes watching it while squirrels chattered nearby and Black-capped Chickadees flitted about. Eventually I decided to stand up and continue on my walk and the owl immediately flew in my direction and passed about 5 feet above my head before landing on a new perch further back into the forest.
  8. Share your best photo of the day!

    Great Horned Owl - September 4, 2017
  9. Sandpiper ID please

    Solitary Sandpiper
  10. Pine Grosbeak?

    Size and tail length seem right but I only saw this bird from below. Photos taken today in southwestern Alberta very close to the BC border in a fir/larch sub alpine forest.
  11. Share your best photo of the day!

    Northern Flicker - August 31, 2017
  12. MacGillivray's Warbler?

    Thanks! I definitely see my fair share of Magpies!
  13. MacGillivray's Warbler?

    SW Alberta, earlier today.
  14. Share your best photo of the day!

    Solitary Sandpiper - August 30, 2017
  15. Warbler(?) ID

    Perfect. Thank you all!