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  1. Thanks so much!
  2. Can someone point me in the right direction. Initially I was leaning toward some flavor of Scoter, but am very unsure. Photographed this morning on the Barnegat Jetty in New Jersey. Thanks!
  3. Thanks!
  4. Thanks!
  5. Can someone tell me what this bird is? Photographed yesterday along the barnegat Jetty in New Jersey. Thanks!
  6. I believe this might be a Purple Sandpiper. I hoping that someone with more knowledge will provide confirmation or clarification. Photographed yesterday at Barnegat Jetty in New Jersey. Thanks!
  7. Thanks!
  8. Can anyone tell me whether this is a Greater or Lesser Scaup? My guide tells me one of the differences is the barring, but I haven't seen enough of these birds to know what to look for. Photographed yesterday along the Choptank river in Maryland. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! Now I see.
  10. I am hopeless when it comes to ducks. The grey leg has me leaning toward Northern Pintail, but the brown cap has me confused. Can someone point me in the right direction here? Photographed this morning at Bombay Hook NWR. Thanks!
  11. Thanks!
  12. Can someone help me with an ID on the unfortunate woodpecker beneath the Peregrine Falcon's talons? Please do not click on the link if you love woodpeckers. Thanks http://www.warrenhatch.net/whatbird/whatbird/photos/_DSC2345.jpg
  13. Thanks! A very helpful response.
  14. I think this is might be a Red-tailed, but people were also reporting Red-shouldered about the same time. Photographed yesterday along the Hudson River in NJ. Thanks for any clarification that might be offered! http://www.warrenhatch.net/whatbird/whatbird/photos/_DSC1919.jpg
  15. Thanks!