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  1. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Twitched a first county records Mountain Bluebird today, not as good as the Ani but still... http://ethangosnell.blogspot.ca/2017/11/another-twitch.html?m=1
  2. Baird's sandpiper?

    Agreed with above. The main way to ID a baird's is by the long, tapered wings and body, yellow tinge, short bill and buffy streaking. Here's one I saw a few months ago, the picture has pretty much all of the field marks in it.: Baird's Sandpiper by ethan.gosnell2, on Flickr
  3. Baltimore Oriole

    Female Orchard Orioles should be much more lemony coloured, as well as having a light coloured wing, and young males will have a pretty distinct black throat and forehead patch. The orangey colour and dark wing make this a young male. Some females will show a high amount if black in the wing, but it shouldn't be as extensive as this.
  4. hooded VS wilson's warbler

    I think that the white tail tip is a trick of the light. I'm pretty sure Hooded shouldn't keep such a dark cap like this in the fall, and if it did, then other parts should be more black. Wilson's.
  5. Unknown Bird

    Welcom to the forum! I believe that you would gave to upload it to a third party image site, such as flickr, imgur, google photos, facebook etc. Then you could either paste the BBCode here, or just share a link.
  6. NE Florida shorebirds - another little peep

    Least. Yellow legs, short bill.
  7. Yep! Agree with Ruddy. Common should be excessively scaly.
  8. NE Florida shorebirds

    Don't worry! You'll get the hang of them soon. The feature that stands out on these birds, is the long, drooping black bill. Along with smudgy gray plumage and a fairly pot-bellied look, these birds are Dunlin!
  9. Need ID Hellp, Please

    The tail is what was throwing me to begin, but birds often have ratty, messed up tails. Size of a bird by itself is incredibly hard to judge accurately, especially to differentiate between a big female sharpie and a small male coop.
  10. shorebirds

    1. Yep, all except for maybe two look like Long-bills, and those I wouldn't call Short-bills either. I find that Long-bills also look really bottom heavy in flight as well. The tail, at a quick glance should appear dark on Long-bills, and lighter on SBs. 2. Same goes for this picture. Top right of center bird looks better as SB IMO 3. Yep. All LBs! 4. Have fairly little experience with Western's, but it certainly looks pale enough, breast is clear enough etc. I'm not if head shape is really that reliable of a factor, all it takes is for a bird to fluff itself up and it looks completely different. 5. Yep.
  11. Sanibel shore bird

    Called it
  12. Need ID Hellp, Please

    It's an accipiter (Cooper's or sharp shinned hawk). I'm getting mixed signs from this bird, but I'm leaning Cooper's.
  13. Sanibel shore bird

    Posture and GISS... Great-blue heron.
  14. Need help with Id

    Yeah looks better as Cooper's to me too.
  15. Biloxi Mississippi sandpiper

    I don't think he (or she? Not sure Dred) found it. Crazy bird!