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  1. Comparisons

    Coincidentally the same pairing as above, but also shows some details. Here's a list with all the photos: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S43569957
  2. Crouching bird, hidden sparrow

    I'm thinking Lincoln's Sparrow, good to know that they are on the move!
  3. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Sorry, I've been busy I'm going to try and finish up Mexico soon, because Pelee is coming up... Side note, how many of you guys have heard of Point Pelee/Pelee Island? It's in southern Ontario and is the largest funnel point of neotropic migrants in North America, so if you haven't heard of it, study up! Also the number one eBird hotspot for species in the North America, maybe the ABA too.
  4. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Welcome! Awesome profile, I've always wanted to go to Costa Rica. My eBird profile is in my signature, and I guess I'll mention my Mexico trip I'm from Ontario (Canada, we don't got as many species as the States okay!), My life list is 530, and I've never been to camp avocet before, but I know others on here have. I've heard it's insane, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it, and get a good number of lifers!
  5. long-billed Curlew or Whimbrel

    Where is the thread?
  6. long-billed Curlew or Whimbrel

    I'd vote Whimbrel as well, I think I can make out head stripes, and body colour is better for Whimbrel. They do occasionally come farther inland to lagoons and fields, so it's not much of a surprise. If those are Black-bellied Plovers in the foreground, than a Long-billed should dwarf them, this bird is a lot bigger, but not big enough. My eBird list has some comparison photos for anyone who cares to see: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S43569957
  7. More Warbler help

    Right, I was forgetting which warbler it was.
  8. More Warbler help

    Yep and yep! Nice pics too! The BTNW (Black-throated Green Warbler, weird code I know!) is a female, which might be making it trickier for you.
  9. tern id please. Garden City, SC Apr. 2018

    I'm starting to see it more and more as sandwich, I just can't believe how orange and realistic that bill looks, especially since the one right next to it looks normal. Add the cap, and I just assumed it was something else. It's definitely not Royal at any rate. If it's anything besides Sandwich, it'll be COTE/FOTE.
  10. tern id please. Garden City, SC Apr. 2018

    Well, I was quite certain it was something else, but the rightmost tern (mostly hidden) has a much more extensive cap, with less of a crest. It appears to also have an all orange bill, and it may be stouter as well.
  11. tern id please. Garden City, SC Apr. 2018

    Man, the more I look at this tern, the more confused I get... I'm thinking maybe Forster's, but the bill doesn't appear to be black on the tip. Or is that a rock... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  12. tern id please. Garden City, SC Apr. 2018

    You are correct on Sandwich, one of the best ID points on them is the black and yellow bill. And the other tern is Royal. It's told from Caspian by it's oranger, more carrot coloured bill rather than Caspian's deep red. There's another tern species, the rightmost bird. I'm not sure what it is though. The orange bill and more extensive cap makes me uncertain. EDIT: akiley got me On another note, it looks like the two left Sandwich Terns are banded!
  13. Another ID by song, please

    I might be wrong, but that sounds a whole lot like some heavy machinery backing up!
  14. San Diego, 04/11/18

    I don't know... personally I think I'd lean Plumbeous, but they're super similar. There has been a proposal to lump these two back to Solitary Vireo, and possibly Blue-headed too!
  15. ducks in flight from a distance

    I was just about to say that as well. If I could blow them up more and lighten them, it would make it easier.