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  1. This bird has a super obvious gape, meaning that it young, and all cowbird sp. are lighter than this as juvies. Blackbird does seem to fit, grackle sp.?
  2. I only found out about it after I got home, my mom was also super done after, so there's no way she would drive me anywhere else. Even today whe won't drive me 20 minutes for Grasshopper Sparrow, might bike or bus there anyways though.
  3. Good picture, great bird: Lifer #296!!! Least Bittern!! by ethan.gosnell2, on Flickr
  4. Still says I can't send you messages, I'm at 193. On my quest to find Whimbrels on the estimated 'peak day'... I didn't see a single one, and neither did any of the Whimbrel watch people. But while I was wondering around waiting to here the semi famous calls of the huge migratory flocks that come through Colonel Sam Smith Park, I stumbled upon a Least Bittern, life #296! This is a significantly rarer, less predicable and much harder to see bird than a Whimbrel! I got some awesome shots, as it was super tame and would walk within feet of you. I let a few of the Whimbrel Watchers know, and they all went to see it! Apparently there was one in this spot last year, so they could be breeding. To bad it's not a Cory's Lifer #296!!! Least Bittern!! by ethan.gosnell2, on Flickr Lifer #296!!! Least Bittern!! by ethan.gosnell2, on Flickr Then I tried my luck to try and find a continuing Blue Grosbeak nearby, but after an hour, I gave up because I had to get back to Kitchener for training for my (first) job! I'm working at a place that rents canoes and paddleboats, so I just have to carry them around and put them in the water. Might see some interesting birds, as one of the locations is right on the water, and I had had (I hate english; 'had had') a LT duck there before, a pretty good local rarity here. So it's been a good weekend so far! Here's a King Eider: King Eider! by ethan.gosnell2, on Flickr
  5. The second, I believe
  6. My county is 1,369 KILOMETERS sq., which is 850 miles sq. I have a mediocre 123 species for it . My best county has 150 species in it, and it's 777 miles sq. The biggest county in Ontario is 253,030 miles sq. That's bigger than most states! On another note, I'm going for my final target yearbird hopefully on Friday, Whimbrel!
  7. Change is hard, but it must happen for us to progress. It will be hard for some of us to adjust to my new profile picture, but it is for the best. Goodbye Piping Plover, we will miss you.

    1. crazed4birds


      Awwwwww, great photo!

    2. Kadynn_H


      the Plover was so cute! but nice new profile pic

    3. Melierax


      Rip Plover sometime-2017

      I love your new one though!

  8. Confirmed. Nice shot!
  9. A Traill's Flycatcher, which basically means you don't know. It's either a Willow or and Alder Flycatcher, but they are very very close to identical, and have to be identified by call.
  10. Wow, so it's the same with Cliff Swallow now. Got them as a lifer last week, and I've seen them twice since, including at my patch... Got Black Tern on the weekend (among other things)! I've only seen them once before, so I missed them last year. On another note, my patches are up to 85 and 53 species respectively!
  11. Agreed, nice shots!
  12. Looks like Eastern Wood-Pewee. Might be wrong.
  13. I agree with 1, it's a gull. I agree with 3 and 4 as well. Number 2, I have no idea, I honestly thought Tropicbird when I looked at it at first, but it's obviously not with the last picture.
  14. It says you can't receive messages. I'm at 187 If I can't get through.