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  1. Lots of Texas Birds

    First picture didn't load for me. You are most likely correct in that it stayed for the warmer weather, I checked eBird records and there seems to be about one record a year in that area for frigatebirds in December, so they stick around fairly regularly. 3. Yep 4. Time of year is better for Couch's Kingbird 5. Looks more like an Eastern Phoebe with it's hair being blown 6. Yep, poor thing 7. Look good as Franklin's, although I don't have very much experience with these two species. The darker one is likely a juvenile.
  2. Most pathetic for me in my province is Black-billed Cuckoo, which I have somehow missed for the past four years. It is 0.93%
  3. Bird calls, last week in Baltimore

    In Number 3 there is a House Wren, along with a car alarm and in the time frame you said, I'm pretty sure it's a disjointed chipping sparrow.
  4. Reminds me a lot of varied thrush, but that's way out of range
  5. Things that make you go hmmm

    Also (g)old
  6. Ebird Unusual Checklists/Hotspots

    Not eBird but... http://www.inaturalist.org/observations/7116973
  7. Not sure on the first or second, but the third I'm pretty sure is Common Swifts, and the fourth is a wren of some sort.
  8. 2 unknown birds?

    Ok, you're definitely right. I don't know my California birds that well.
  9. Need Help Identifying this bird!

  10. 2 unknown birds?

    Your first bird looks like an oriole, possibly a female orchard oriole, and the second is a young starling.
  11. Help identifying please.

    Hello there! Welcome to Whatbird, you have an adult Black-crowned Night-heron!
  12. Ebird Unusual Checklists/Hotspots

  13. Swallow confirmation

    Is everybody commenting just to get likes?
  14. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I feel like I haven't been here for a while... So here it is: Got lifer number 301 Brewer's Blackbird!! I know that they're common in the west but here in Ontario, they're basically only found on two or three roads... Brewer's Blackbird!!! #301!! by ethan.gosnell2, on Flickr Also went to see my favourite bird for the third consecutive year, Piping Plovers! They are currently listed as endangered in Ontario, but there situation seems to be improving, with a dozen chicks hatched at Sauble Beach, the area I go to see them. Currently 7 of the chicks are still living, and are speedily becoming adults! Here's some pictures: Follow The Leader by ethan.gosnell2, on Flickr Mr. Blue Bands by ethan.gosnell2, on Flickr Mr. Blue Bands by ethan.gosnell2, on Flickr Also, does anyone know what this insect is? Insect Species. by ethan.gosnell2, on Flickr