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  1. I had a good second Algonquin trip, despite no lifers I got some better pictures! Pine Marten! by ethan.gosnell2, on Flickr Pine Grosbeak (female) by ethan.gosnell2, on Flickr Also saw a green-morph siskin Green-morph Siskin by ethan.gosnell2, on Flickr But more recently, I chased a long staying Harris's Sparrow. The bird didn't show itself for hours, and nobody had seen it that day. There had been birders there since 10 in the morning looking for it, and had been there for 4 hours. We were about to give up hope, but then I saw it feeding at the seed left out for it! Some people had driven two times as far as me and missed it! I got pretty bad pictures, but a lifer nonetheless!! Harris's Sparrow!!!!! #289!!!! by ethan.gosnell2, on Flickr
  2. Look at his 'Black-crowned Night-heron' picture in his profile.
  3. Also agreed. I think they should put these in field guides (I believe it's in Sibley's, not in Peterson's or some of the others though). It took me years to figure out what one of these was.
  4. Yep, Northern Rough-winged Swallows.
  5. I agree with above, and yes these are Greaters, might be some lessers but the majority are greaters.
  6. Yep, a common, hard bird to ID, the second picture helped a lot.
  7. Welcome! You have a Northern Flicker there, one of our larger species of woodpecker. A good bird for your yard, and a nice picture too!
  8. I am the true ninja master
  9. Agreed, nice bird!
  10. This is a swamp sparrow, a hard bird to ID (especially when wet), mainly because we don't see them often. But the clear breast and nape say Swamp (as well as the habitat).
  11. A White-striped adult if you want to get picky, as apposed to the tan stripe.
  12. Looks good to me, including all the things you said, also the very narrow white strip at the base of the tail, as apposed to the wide one of a coop. Nice, a hard bird to ID!
  13. Not today, but last weekend. Not really specific instructions, just leave it in, or rip it out, or use pliers.