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  1. Hummingbird reference

    Hi all, Does anyone have good reference(s) for hummingbird tails? I can't seem to find my old links. Specifically looking for Costa's and Costa X Anna's. Thanks.
  2. County Lifers?

    Down in Kent, Green River at 200th St bridge (hotspot). It's in Ebird. Was also posted in tweeters.
  3. County Lifers?

    Black Phoebe And we actually found two at the location. First noticed there were two by call.
  4. Your current nemesis bird...

    Lucky you! They've moved up to my top nemesis...focusing on my county this year.
  5. unusual female Lesser Scaup or hybrid?

    Looks like a lesser hen to me. The white doesn't extend to the primaries(flight photo). Also the head is rather flat instead of angled forward. The rusty color is just staining. White in the cheek can be variable.
  6. Goose

    And actually Taverners bills are roughly the same now that I think of it. They will typically have incomplete collars and a silvery breast, although they can range to a darker breast like a minima, but are larger in size. Scale is difficult to assess from the photo.
  7. Goose

    The bill gets you down to minima or Aluetian. Both can have full white collars, however typically more usual for Aluetian. Breast coloration is the next thing to look at. Minima are typically dark like a dusky goose. However they are as the name suggests tiny. This bird has an awfully light breast which would suggest Aluetian. I can probably post some comparative photos at some point for you.
  8. Backyard carnage

    Don't forget bobcats..
  9. Jamaica Trip Report

    Sounds like you had a good time. Hope the pre-trip information helped. Also that you were happy with the guide service.
  10. Major Dips in 2017

    Mountain bluebird, reported but didn't hit the daily rare report (county). Saw it as the guys last bird. I've checked the location, 4, 5, 6 times now and the only thing blue I've seen was a stellars jay. Other notable dips were Falcated duck and yellow billed loon (successful). Missed the rock sandpiper at the same location as the loon.
  11. The only misses I'm concerned about at this point are a mountain bluebird and red shouldered hawk. (I'm at 127 out of 156, at this point.)
  12. Warbler?

    Second yellow rumped.
  13. Assortment Of Waterfowl

    Head and Bill shape would suggest Ross.
  14. Weird Hawk

    Looks sharpie to me. Have any pictures of the tail? It bugs me alittle as well. I think it's because it's hard to determine the scale of the bird.