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  1. This bird was seen yesterday near farmland in southwestern Montana. I thought it could be a Prairie Falcon, but not quite sure. Any help with a ID on this bird would be appriciated. Thank you!!
  2. taylorjane

    Swan ID confirmation

    Thank You both!!
  3. taylorjane

    Swan ID confirmation

    We saw these swans yesterday in a pond adjacent to a large lake in Central Montana. I believe they are Trumperter Swans which have been seen in the area, but so have Tundra Swans. The way the beak is shaped and no yellow, makes me think they are Trumperter. I would appreciate your help in a positive ID. Thank YOU!
  4. taylorjane

    Flycatcher confirmation

    Thank you all for your help!!
  5. This bird was seen last week south of Touscon AZ. I'm thinking it's a Vermillion Flycatcher, but would appriciate a confirmation. Thank you!!
  6. taylorjane

    Help with shorebird ID

    Thank you all so much!
  7. taylorjane

    Help with shorebird ID

    These pictures were taken last weekend at Bolinas Lagoon in Marin County, CA. I believe the larger bird is a Whimbrel, but unsure of the other bird. Possibly a Solitary Sandpiper?? I appologize for the poor quiality of the pictures....lighting was not great. Any help with both ID's would be greatly appreciated. Thank you So Much!!
  8. taylorjane

    Help with another hawk ID

    Thank you both for the ID!
  9. This hawk was seen last weekend near Bolinas Lagoon in Marin County, CA. Any help in identifying this hawk would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you.
  10. taylorjane

    Confirm hawk ID please

    Thank you both!
  11. taylorjane

    Confirm hawk ID please

    Saw this bird in my backyard this afternoon is south central Montana. I first thought it was a sharp-shinned hawk but not sure after looking through my pictures. Sorry, not a great picture...snowy cloudy day today. Any help with an ID would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  12. taylorjane

    Sparrow confirmation please

    Thank you Bird Nuts!
  13. This bird was seen a couple weeks ago in south-central Montana. We believe it's a Harris's Sparrow, but not positive. Your expert opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
  14. taylorjane

    Shorebird in MT - or not

    I should have known this one. You two are great...Thank You!
  15. taylorjane

    Shorebird in MT - or not

    It definitely could be an American Pipit! I have seen them there before, but didn't remember seeing any yesterday. This is a picture of one from last week.