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  1. You got them all correct, and yes, you got female House Sparrows (Passer Domesticus) on #3.
  2. Flycatcher?

    Based on the erect posture, weak eyering, and dark plumage, that's a Western Wood-Pewee.
  3. The gulls look like California Gulls. The second bird is a Song Sparrow.
  4. 1. You have a Rock Wren there. 2. Yes, male House Finch. 3. Close, this is a Lesser Goldfinch. 4 and 5 are Common Ravens.
  5. Possible Black Tern

    Black Tern actually wouldn't be in their dark summer plumage plumage right now, nor would they have that white underwings and very forked tail. This is something even better, a storm-blown juvenile Sooty Tern!
  6. Orange-crowned?

    Yes, this is an Orange-crowned Warbler. It most likely just had a scrape with a predator.
  7. Western Wood-Pewee

    I agree with you: These all look like Western Wood-Pewees.
  8. It's very bright yellow with almost no contrast on the face, which makes this a Yellow Warbler.
  9. shore bird

    I agree with Baird's. I've never seen a Semi that buffy before, and that very weak supercillium, scaly back, and tapered appearance also point to Baird's.
  10. Winter Plumage Phalarope Confirmation

    You got a Red-necked Phalarope. The main difference between Red Phalarope is that very thin beak, and the streaking on the back.
  11. Some Kind of Grouse?

    Yep, Dusky Grouse! That's the main species of grouse down there. That's interesting that you heard them call, in my experience they are hard to catch vocalizing.
  12. Which warbler and flycatcher, thanks

    The warbler looks good for Cape May Warbler. The flycatcher is a Least, with that square head, and grayish coloration.
  13. 4 unknown birds?

    What about Bell's Vireo? The tail is quite long, and the facial pattern seems off for Cassin's. The oriole looks to be a female Hooded to me. I agree with the rest.