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  1. Definitely a Bald Eagle. Based on the amount of white on the head, I would agree with you about it being in it's third year.
  2. Actually, these pictures are all of Greater Yellowlegs. The bill is still longer then a Lesser's, and has a greenish base, something Lesser Yellowlegs rarely has.
  3. The reason the bill color looks strange is because it's a 1st year male, another good hint to young male are those yellow eyes.
  4. You have a Ring-billed Gull. Their isn't a real seagull, it's just a general name for gulls.
  5. With that yellowish belly, streaked breast, and white throat, that first bird is a female Vermillion Flycatcher. I agree with House Finch for the second.
  6. Hmm... not quite.
  7. I went on a four mile hike this morning, where I got seven year birds! The best included Woodhouse's Scrub Jay, Canyon Wren, and a perched Golden Eagle!
  8. Happy birthday!
  9. I agree with Kadynn_H!
  10. Those were my thoughts as well.
  11. Agreed! Nice picture too!
  12. I had a fun morning at my patch, and spring is definitely coming! Had lots of singing species (Red-winged Blackbirds, House Finches, etc.) as well as three Marsh Wrens, a Greater Scaup, five Cinnamon Teals, one Killdeer, and yearbird Say's Phoebe!
  13. Looks like it to me.