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  1. Green-winged Teal?

    This looks better for a female Gadwall, actually.
  2. Cackling Goose?

    Yeah, I would agree with a small Canada Goose. Cackling have a much smaller beak, a more rounded head, amongst other features.
  3. arizona trip, part 3

    All are correct except for 3, which is a Cassin's Kingbird.
  4. arizona trip, part 2

    1 and 2 are Black-throated Sparrows (though two is in a really funky angle) and the last is indeed a Rock Wren.
  5. arizona trip, part 1

    1. Yep, female Great-tailed Grackle. 2. Yes. 3. This is a male Anna's Hummingbird. 4. I'm not the best with female hummers, but this does look good for Anna's. 5. Yes. 6. Male Verdin.
  6. Western Wood-Pewee?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but to me the drab coloration, weak eyering, and long beak point more to Gray Flycatcher.
  7. Thrasher help

    You have a Crissal Thrasher. Nice bird!
  8. A warbler and a couple sparrows

    I agree that the sparrow is an Golden-crowned. The lighting is strange, but that bill is quite dull (as akiley said) and I see a bit that looks like yellow right over the eye. The top bird is indeed an Hutton's Vireo. The bill is thick (though hard to tell from the angle), and it has blue-gray legs, instead of the black legs with yellow feet. The easiest mark you can see is in the first shot; the lack of a dark black bar underneath the wing bars.
  9. Gull ID?

    Their's a Lesser Black-backed in each photo (the one's with the really dark back) while the rest of the gulls in the photos are California Gulls.
  10. Gull ID?

    Yep! Lesser Black-backed! Neat bird.
  11. Duck in Maine

    With that gray beak, plain brownish face, and long neck, you got a female Northern Pintail!
  12. Juvenile Purple Finch or?

    Yes, female Purple Finch.
  13. Pipit?

    Though it's in a weird posture with that neck outstretched, this looks much better for a drab female Cape May Warbler. An American Pipit would have a stronger face pattern, more white below, and no greenish color on the wings and tail.