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  1. Oh, you should go to a bird banding demonstration. It probably changes depending on the species and location, but the one I went to, practically every bird bit the bander.
  2. Awesome! I look forward to hearing about it!
  3. Very cool! Hope you do well with your big day. Any species in particular that you are hoping for?
  4. To be honest, l can't think of anything else this could be other then a House Sparrow. Maybe it was a more distant then the others? Or maybe another House Sparrow was calling back? Either way, knowing the habitat would be very helpful.
  5. Yes, male Bufflehead. A little stained on the face from the looks of it, which I'm assuming what threw you off.
  6. I agree!
  7. Difficult because of the angle, but I'm thinking Yellow-throated Warbler.
  8. This evening, I went to my local reservoir, and found a Yellow-rumped Warbler flock with Myrtle, Audubon's, and a hybrid of the two! It was fun studying the different subspecies and learning the calls between the two a little better.
  9. You got a breeding plumage American Pipit there.
  10. Looks like a Royal Tern.
  11. Yup, adult Broad-winged Hawk.
  12. You're correct on both accounts!
  13. Yes, Common Myna, an introduced species in Florida.