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  1. Yeah, more photos would be good.
  2. This actually looks fine for a Western. Greenish beak, no white on the flanks, and no white over the eye.
  3. Yes, the song is also an Alder Flycatcher. For your other flycatcher, I would say Least, as the wing bars and eyering contrast with the body. Though it's probably best if you wait for someone with a little more experience with eastern flycatchers. You got some nice birds by the way!
  4. 4 A) is an Alder Flycatcher. That call matches perfectly with Alder, and the weak eyering is another clue. A Least Flycatcher's call is more snappy, and not as clear sounding.
  5. A young European Starling.
  6. Yes, Least Sandpiper. Nice photo!
  7. Yep, Wilson's Phalarope!
  8. Looks like you got a female Purple Finch!
  9. Agreed!
  10. You have a Western kingbird!
  11. You need to sign in to see the content.
  12. You got a Say's Phoebe, a species of flycatcher.
  13. This is a female Bushtit. A Wrentit would be a little larger overall, and wouldn't be seen hanging so acrobatically
  14. I. Yep, Prairie Falcon. 2. Ferruginous Hawk, with that long gape and white belly. 3. I think so. 4. Ferruginous Hawk. 5. Golden Eagle.