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  1. Actually, all three photos are of Lesser Black-Backed Gulls.
  2. Common Redpoll, female & male?

    Yep, all Common Redpolls.
  3. Something besides "Peru Pelicans"?

    Peruvian Pelican is the name of the species down there, and I don't think it goes by any other name. By the way, you also have a few Inca Terns in the bottom left corner.
  4. Mallard?

    It looks fine for Mallard. A shoveler has that huge beak that is really quite obvious when you come across one. This bird also looks darker then I would like for a shoveler, though that might just be lighting.
  5. Gull Help

    This actually is a Herring Gull.
  6. Gnatcatcher?

    Agreed, that's quite a good bird for the area!
  7. Please confirm Baird's sparrow

    Indeed it is! Very nice shots of a very good species!
  8. Hummingbird help

    Yeah, I would say Magnificent Hummingbird for this bird as well.
  9. coupla bad-image birds

    The top bird seems to be a Pine Siskin, while the bottom is a Blue-headed Vireo.
  10. OK gulls

    Yep, those are Franklin's Gulls!
  11. Hummingbird

    Looks fine for female Anna's Hummingbird.
  12. Possible White Winged Scoter?

    Yep! Those are definitely White-winged Scoters!
  13. Ducks

    The wigeon is the top bird, while the Gadwall is on the bottom. Edit: Darn it, too slow .
  14. I like rail sp for that first photo (probably a King/Clapper Rail).
  15. Cassin's Kingbird?

    I'm going to go with Cassin's on this one. The white on the malar looks quite prominent and the gray head looks too dark for a Western. Plus, Western Kingbirds should have moved south at this point, while Cassin's are year round in that part of California.