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  1. Sparrow, Waterthrush, Plovers&Pipers

    The ones in the rest of my photos from what I could tell look like American Golden. Some however are not at the right angle for me to accurately use the bill/eyebrow field marks so I may never know, lol. The only one I'm questioning is maybe this one, because the bill seems longer and curvy-er and the eye seems more foreward-set rather than centered, the eyebrow still seems prominent though. Not sure if anything can be confirmed with this absolutely amazing quality though.
  2. Sparrow, Waterthrush, Plovers&Pipers

    Thanks for the identification and notes! I especially wasn't sure how to separate Northern from Louisiana since I have no experience with either. Louisiana does seem to be more common here though! Awesome, thank you! Great, thanks! Is it safe to assume that all were probably American Golden?
  3. All taken in South-central Kansas. The sparrow was seen March 28 and the rest today, April 5. Thank you in advance for the help! The sparrow was seen at a small local fishing lake while the rest were seen in wetland-ish swampy areas connected to a large lake. 1. March 28. Messy Lincoln's Sparrow, or variation of Song? More photos if needed. Both Lincoln's and Song are common in this area. 2. American Golden Plovers?? There were lots of these here today, I have more photos if needed, though all were taken from a distance. 3. Semipalmated Plover to the left?? Body seems less elongated than Killdeer, and legs seem shorter. I unfortunately only have one photo of this guy. Would be a lifer if so!! 4. Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs? 5. Louisiana Waterthrush?? Waterthrush would also be a lifer!!
  4. Swallows

    Thank you so much!!
  5. Swallows

    Taken in South-central Kansas this week in a small fishing lake area near a large river with lots of forested area around, thank you in advance! Swallows and martins are just starting to arrive in Kansas. Rainy, cloudy days lately, so sorry for the low-quality photos, I understand if not all are identifiable. 1. Purple Martin, or Northern Rough-winged Swallow? March 26 2. Barn Swallows, or Cliff? March 26 3. Not even sure this is a swallow species, lol...or if it can be figured out by silhouette alone. March 27 4. Hopefully a bit of a description will help with this one: I saw at least 2 swallows in this flock with very noticeable orange rumps and orange necks with short fanned tails, no forking. Their bellies were white and throat red. Would this fit for Cliff Swallow, or is there another swallow that could fit this description? It's a little early for them, I think. March 28 the pale rump and neck I saw can barely be made out in my absolutely amazing photos that I managed...
  6. Black Vulture?

    Hahaha yes!! I uploaded them at first as TV so I could copy-paste them to whatbird, then immediately changed them to BV when Asque and the Bird Nuts commented. I'll bet that doesn't happen often.
  7. Black Vulture?

    Awesome, didn't expect I'd see one anytime soon!! Thanks guys!
  8. Black Vulture?

    Taken earlier today, (March 12) at a local fishing lake area in South-central Kansas Turkey Vultures have just barely made their way into Kansas, so I have been watching them as much as I can as their numbers begin to rise. I saw four vultures today, and noticed that one looks atypical. The shorter, fan-shaped tail and light primaries don't seem to fit any raptor species except for Black Vulture. I also noticed this vulture looked a little smaller than the two TVs it was flying with, and had broader-looking, shorter wings. This would be a lifer for me, plus Ebird says Black Vulture is rare, so I wanted to make sure that's what it is, and that it's not a weird TV or other raptor. I apologize for the photos, but hopefully you are able to see the shape and light primaries. Thanks in advance! Oddball is to the left, with what I believe to be a normal Turkey Vulture to the right. Not sure if the bird is included in these next two, but I thought I'd include them just in case they could somehow help https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S43591043
  9. Sandpipers

    Not sure on leg colour, but they seemed darker than Yellowlegs, if that helps, they didn't stand out. Size was pretty small, it seemed close to the size of the Wilson's Snipes nearby-ish to it and definitely smaller than the Greater Yellowlegs that were also present.
  10. Sandpipers

    Thank so much guys! Is it a little early for Spotted?
  11. Sandpipers

    Taken earlier today (March 9) in south-central Kansas in a wetland area. Thanks in advance! 1. All Wilson's Snipe, or are there a few dowitchers in there? If it's possible to tell? At first I thought all were dowitchers, then it turned out most seem to be snipe. 2. Baird's? Seems short, and I think it is standing in a shallow water area/mud. The bill also seems short, and body chunky.
  12. Ducks and Yellowlegs

    Thank you so much!! Yes number 3 (actually 4, oops) confused me for that same reason, everything else looks Greater-like except the bill length. Thank you!! Also Long-billed is certainly far more likely range-habitat wise, but I suppose I shouldn't pretend Short-billed doesn't exist. Thank you! Here is a few more photos of number 4 Maybe that helps? I realized the bird kind of has its head tucked in in the first photo I chose which might have made the head look longer than it actually was
  13. Ducks and Yellowlegs

    All taken n South-central Kansas earlier today (March 3) in a wetland area. Thank you in advance!! 1. Male Cinnamon Teal? There are probably not many other things it could be but this is the first time I have seen one in Kansas, and it is showing up as a rare/flagged sighting on ebird so I just want to make sure. There was a pair spotted recently in northern Kansas if that means anything. Looks good for one? 2. A very orange-y female Northern Pintail to the right? 3. Long-billed Dowitchers with Lesser Yellowlegs? Ebird is also saying these are rare as well as Lesser Yellowlegs, I am guessing just a teeny bit early, or they are something else? I have a few more photos of the yellowlegs if needed. 3. Greater Yellowlegs? I also have more photos of this one. 4. Both Greater Yellowlegs? The one of the left seemed larger than the one on the right from far away, but I think it is just brighter. 5. Greater/Lesser Yellowlegs? Exact yellowlegs species probably not ID-able, maybe? All seem to be about the same size except the bottom middle one, but it could be just further away.
  14. raptors sparrows swifts & mammals

    The hawk looks like a Sharp-shinned to me, those primaries seem to be bulging a bit and it has 6 easily see-able fingers (though I'm not sure if that field mark is always accurate, especially at this angle) and the frame just seems better for one. I'm not 100 percent sure though!
  15. Three word game

    anything about birds?