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    poss warbling vireo in NW Mexico

    Why not Cassin's Vireo? Green back, yellow/green flanks, "spectacled" eye ring.
  2. I've done some somewhat extensive research and it seems the Vortex Razor is the cheapest 20-60x scope that is is usable at 60x. Anyone have experience with cheaper scopes that produce usably sharp results at 60x? I'm having a hard time imagining coming up with $1000+ for a scope, but buying a scope that is sharp only to 40x or so seems like a waste of money. Or anybody know where people may be selling used scopes for a more affordable price? I can get pretty good results with my D810 + 200-500mm lens, but only once I've already located the bird of interest.
  3. rawcomposition

    Flycatcher from Mexico

    Thanks psweet, that's what I was leaning towards also.
  4. rawcomposition

    Martins/Swallows from Mexico

    Some more birds from my trip to Tulum Mexico in June. Gray-breasted Martin is common there, and Purple Martin also occurs. I think the tail rules out any swallows?
  5. rawcomposition

    Flycatcher from Mexico

    I know everyone loves flycatchers, but at least this isn't an empid. These shots are from June this summer, separated by about a week but the same location in Tulum, Mexico. To me, the beak seems a bit too small for a Brown-crested, but I'm no expert. Dusky-capped and Yucatan both seem like real possibilities. Any ideas? it's also possible they're both different species.
  6. rawcomposition


    Thanks for the help! I had forgotten to look up what Pewees are in the area. Just moved here a month ago.
  7. rawcomposition


    Got these ID shots at about 4,000 ft in the San Bernardino national forest, near Crestline, CA. Any idea what these two birds are? The dark/black bird really throws me off. Thanks for the help!