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  1. Broad-wing Hawk?

    Thanks You. I see a lot of Cooper's Hawks in the area, but the tail was way to short.
  2. It definitely looked like one when it flew.
  3. First one is a Townsend's Solitaire.
  4. Rock Wren?

    Many thanks. I was chasing the bird for a couple of days.Of course i saw it 10 miles from where it had been reported.
  5. Bushtits?

    Bushtits. The long tail compared to the small body is also a give away.
  6. Yup, This year I've seen them in Mazatlan and Washington State. Great photo.
  7. Again Thanks, Colorado Owl, the bird was doing exactly what you said. Normally I see them scratching on the ground. I'm Hiking to the top of Pikes Peak tomorrow. There could be some interesting birds.
  8. Now I see it. Thanks. I live about 5 miles down valley and saw a couple in Mid May and haven't seen any since. Teller County Lifer.
  9. Having a hard time with this bird. 8000 feet just inside Teller County Colorado, 100 meters from El Paso County (Colorado Springs).
  10. Which bird is this?

    Looks like a Flycatcher, but which one?