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  1. Again Thanks, Colorado Owl, the bird was doing exactly what you said. Normally I see them scratching on the ground. I'm Hiking to the top of Pikes Peak tomorrow. There could be some interesting birds.
  2. Now I see it. Thanks. I live about 5 miles down valley and saw a couple in Mid May and haven't seen any since. Teller County Lifer.
  3. Having a hard time with this bird. 8000 feet just inside Teller County Colorado, 100 meters from El Paso County (Colorado Springs).
  4. Which bird is this?

    Looks like a Flycatcher, but which one?
  5. It was outside. I cropped it on windows 10 and then hit the enhance button. That's all.
  6. Thanks, Song Sparrow it is. I got a good look at another hat day. This one looked a bit different.
  7. I saw this on the western edge of Colorado. I though it might be a Black-throated Gray Warbler. Not sure, sorry about the poor photo.
  8. Is this a Northern Mockingbird? Seen river level on the Dolores River in far western Colorado. San Miguel County. Desert environment except along the river.
  9. Range Map in El Paso County. Makes we wonder what a range is? Thanks for the help everyone.