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  1. Few birds from coastal MA

    Thank you folks for your confirmations and thoughts. I really appreciate this help.
  2. 1) Red-throated loon? - There were several red-throated loons with clean white throats. This one seems to be showing a little patch of red. Also I think the bill looks thin enough to not be a Common loon. 2) Another red-throated loon (juvenile)? - Again based on bill size. Also throat color. 3) Red-necked grebe? - Has a dirtier white face when compared to the Horned Grebe I saw earlier 4) A female white winged scoter or surf scoter? - The white face matches seem to match white-winged, but the head doesn't seem sloped enough 5) Some scoter but not sure which one - The scoter in first two photos was associating with other white-winged scoters making me believe it is one of them. However, the lack of any white face patches is confusing me. (With a male white-winged scoter) (This one was taken much earlier, so this could be different bird. The bird in question is the left-most bird) 6) Black-bellied plover? 7) Besides a duck, I'm not sure
  3. American Pipit confirmation

    Thank you
  4. Hi Folks, Could I get a confirmation for American Pipit? I'm asking because it would be a lifer. I rarely post photos that are easy to ID
  5. At least two warblers from MA

    Thanks folks. I agree with your thoughts. I don't think #2 is a parula. Although I did not get good photos (against early sunlight), the views I got with my binoculars revealed full yellow underparts (unlike that in a parula).
  6. Hi Folks, Here I am again asking for help with some blurry photos. There were at least two warblers high up on the trees. All I could see with my binoculars were the yellow underparts. The photos below show a little more detail. 1) It's probably the same bird in the next set of photos. In which case, I would say Magnolia Warbler. However, if I purely base it on these set of photos, I would say Cape May or Prairie. Note that all these birds are rare per ebird. 2) Looks like Magnolia based on yellow rump, slight streaking on sides, grayish wings with two white wingbars, grayish face with eyering 3) Also a Magnolia? Or a Yellow-rumped? 4) Not sure what this is Thanks
  7. Out of curiosity, was it the white stripe on its back that confirmed it was a Wilson’s snipe?
  8. Thanks for the confirmation on the Wilson’s snipe. Although not a lifer, i’m excited
  9. 1. Thanks for confirming the pine warbler. This warbler along with a blue headed vireo and robins were taking a bath 2. I totally missed seeing any details (besides the bill) in my photo. I've now bumped up the exposure, and attached it here for everyone's benefit. Thanks for giving me the idea I am also not very experienced with these birds, but I still think the color patterns I remember seeing matches a Wilson's snipe.
  10. Hi Folks, 1) Is this a Palm Warbler? I heard a Pine Warbler and took this picture. But on seeing the prominent eye stripe, I think it's a palm warbler. 2) This bird is not IDable from my photo. However, let me give you some context. This was definitely a shorebird with a long bill. I saw it only after I flushed it from the shore of the fresh water pond. I only got a glimpse close by. It had reddish/brownish patterns like a Wilson's snipe. The photo below is of the bird in flight (was cloudy this morning, so lighting was poor). The long bill is clearly seen. However, I don't think it's an American Woodcock or Short-billed dowitcher, just based on close views I got. I think it was Wilson's snipe. What are your thoughts?
  11. Thank you so much for the confirmations. Was very excited to see the owl (it was in Framingham)
  12. Hi Folks, I need help with IDing the following birds: 1) A short-eared owl? Although rare (according to ebird, it was last seen in May in MA), it fits the description very well 2) A Cooper's Hawk? The head looks relatively flat, proportionally smaller eyes, roundish tail, and also the bird looked bigger than even a female sharp-shinned hawk 3) A Pine Warbler? 4) Looks like some warbler to me. Hopefully the photos are good enough to identify (Now looking at the below photos, it's possible it's a different bird. The lighting is confusing me. It could be the yellow-rumped warbler I clearly later) Thanks a lot for the help.
  13. Ruby crowned kinglet? (from MA)

    Thank you Colorado owl. After some time, I too was speculating on pine warbler and blackpoll warbler. I'll leave it as warbler sp.
  14. Is this a ruby-crowned kinglet? Or some kind of warbler?
  15. Hawk and a warbler from MA

    Would have never guessed the warbler. Thank you folks