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  1. Was thinking this was a juvenile Carolina Wren but the coloring doesn't seem quite right on the chest. Thoughts? Seen today in South Texas.
  2. YAY! Thank you!
  3. Spotted near San Antonio Texas yesterday. I've never seen one before so just want to confirm. Thank you!
  4. Seen first part of May during Spring Migration on the South Texas coast. Thinking this is a juvenile Painted Bunting, but the coloring seems off. Thoughts anyone?
  5. The other birders were seeing Swainsons, Wood, and Grey-Cheeked that weekend so I thought it was a safe guess. Thank you!
  6. Thinking this is a Gray Cheeked Thrush. Spotted in South Texas first part of May. Thank you!
  7. THANK YOU!!
  8. Thank you!
  9. Spotted several weeks ago in South Texas. I think it's a Philadelphia Vireo, but not sure. Anyone want to confirm?
  10. LMAO... Okay, I'm going to be no help to you but your post made me laugh! I'm going through my hundreds of Spring Migrant photos and the thought of having to identify the flycatchers makes my head hurt! I feel your pain, birder friend...I feel your pain!
  11. Seen in South Texas about mid April. Thanks!!
  12. Let's see... that weekend they were seeing Veerys, Wood, Swainsons, and Gray-cheeked. I don't remember any sightings of Hermits
  13. I don't. He was playing hide and seek in the leaves
  14. THANKS! The "real birders" where reporting some in the area so it seemed like a save guess!
  15. Seen last weekend in South Texas. I'm loving Spring Migration... although it's overwhelming trying to figure out who all these visitors are! Thanks for the help!