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  1. Yes... Juvenile coloring fits. Missed that. Thank you!!
  2. A little stumped on this one. Spotted this week in South Texas. Thank you!!
  3. YAY! That's a new one for me! Thank you!
  4. Seen in South Texas earlier this week. Thank you!
  5. Thank you!!
  6. Saw this guy in the reeds at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge in South Texas. I can't see enough of him to get an ID so am hoping he might be more familiar to a more seasoned birder. Thank you!!
  7. Thank you!!
  8. I'm guessing Greater due to the streaking on the underparts... but I often guess wrong so...
  9. Thanks! Trying to get more familiar with shorebirds. Appreciate the confirmation.
  10. Photographed this weekend in Galveston, TX. Thank you as always!!
  11. Seen in South Texas today
  12. Thanks all!
  13. A different photo did show a white stripe on his back.
  14. Can't tell if he's a Hairy or Ladderback. Spotted in Galveston last fall. I thought originally he was a Downy but his beak looks too long. Thanks for help!
  15. Thanks!!