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  1. A girl can always hope
  2. Thank you and thank you!
  3. Just want to make sure this is a female house sparrow. With so many sparrows wintering in South Texas I've lost all confidence in my ID abilities. Thank you!
  4. Darn. Was hoping for a Nashville! Thanks!!
  5. Spotted this guy in Fredericksburg, TX. It looks like an Orange Crown, but it also looks like it has yellow on his throat which makes me wonder if it might be a Nashville Warbler. Thanks!!
  6. It looks like a man bun and is just wrong on so many levels
  7. Saw this at the pond at our local park in South Texas. Not sure if the feathers on top of his head are supposed to be there, but regardless, no idea what this guy is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Thank you and thank you. I wish I had been closer and wasn't dealing with an impatient dog who wanted to go for a walk rather than wait for me to take photos
  9. I'm fairly certain (although I can most certainly be wrong) that the first is a Red Shouldered Hawk. Not sure about the second. Help please... and thank you!
  10. Thanks!!
  11. Spotted in South Texas a few days ago. Thank you!!
  12. Thank you!
  13. Seen in South Texas yesterday. Horrible photo... he moved too fast for me to get a better one. Thank you.
  14. Thank you. The brown pattern on the face was throwing me.
  15. Spotted in South Texas yesterday. Thank you.