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  1. LMAO... Okay, I'm going to be no help to you but your post made me laugh! I'm going through my hundreds of Spring Migrant photos and the thought of having to identify the flycatchers makes my head hurt! I feel your pain, birder friend...I feel your pain!
  2. Seen in South Texas about mid April. Thanks!!
  3. Let's see... that weekend they were seeing Veerys, Wood, Swainsons, and Gray-cheeked. I don't remember any sightings of Hermits
  4. I don't. He was playing hide and seek in the leaves
  5. THANKS! The "real birders" where reporting some in the area so it seemed like a save guess!
  6. Seen last weekend in South Texas. I'm loving Spring Migration... although it's overwhelming trying to figure out who all these visitors are! Thanks for the help!
  7. Thanks all!
  8. I originally thought this was a red eyed, but I see a little bit of black under the bill which is making wonder if it's a black-whiskered instead. The red eyed is more likely based on where I saw him, but black whiskered isn't out of the question. Seen a few weeks ago on the Texas Gulf Coast near Corpus Christi. Thank you
  9. It's so yellow. What about a hooded oriole?
  10. I'm guessing this is a juvenile something but really no idea what. Seen this weekend in Galveston.
  11. THANKS. I should have looked at the beak!!
  12. Seen in South Texas this weekend
  13. Seen this weekend in South Texas. When I first saw him I thought he was a Carolina Wren, but he doesn't have the buff colored breast. Thoughts? Or maybe a juvenile Carolina?
  14. Thank you all!!
  15. I'm going to agree with Brown Crested. It was his call that first caught my attention and listening to sounds on ebird, it was much closer to the BCF. Thank you all!