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  1. Thanks!! The few I posted on here are for ID, most of the others are for this lil trip report thing I'm doing
  2. Hi all, I recently saw this bird on a bird walk, and lots of people were saying Least, even though we never heard it call. Since this would be a lifer for me, I just want to confirm it. The bird was pretty small, as far I could tell, and many people were basing the ID off of size alone, which, in my opinion isn't very reliable. The bird wiggled its tail a few times as well, which is a trait for Least Flycatcher. If habitat is a factor in the ID, you can see the marshy area behind the bird in which we saw it. Sorry for the poor photos, Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, saw these two at Central Park. I'm almost certain the first bird is a Wilson's Warbler, and pretty sure the second is a female Prairie. Just want to confirm. Wilsons? Female Prairie? As always, thanks for the help!
  4. Well, I made this little temporary Flickr page, mainly to ask for ID help on some birds. I spent like 10 minutes trying to come up with a name, ended up with this
  5. Yup, definitely a Yellow Headed Blackbird
  6. This appears to be a Say's Phoebe
  7. Yup, veery. Nice bird!
  8. Yup, I remember back then, when all I wanted was a ruby throated hummingbird
  9. Lol I wrote that in October
  10. Yup, looking back I can say that was definitely a meadowlark, although it doesn't matter now because I got my lifer EAME way back in December
  11. Oh, that makes sense. I think I was trying to do 50 at a time
  12. Help with deleting E-mails? Sorry Hillary, you're on your own for this one
  13. Oh I don't necessarily live in D.C., but I do live in a DC suburb. I always say D.C. because it's basically 10 miles from my house, and saying D.C. is a lot easier than trying to explain to people where "Reston" is
  14. Mallard, probably wild, I don't see anything about it that makes it domestic
  15. Looks like a western wood peewee, though I don't want to rule out any empids