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  1. Yes, I agree with goldfinch and grebe.
  2. Whoa, totally awesome owl shot!! I have yet to get one, I came close one time with a Barred Owl, but it was raining so I had to leave my cam in the car One lifer on there, Redhead, a major target of mine this Winter
  3. That's the problem...
  4. On yesterday's eBird rarity email for Virginia, someone reported a Northern Fulmar and Hoary my neighboring county! The cool thing is that where they were reported used to be my birding patch (before I moved). The not-so-cool thing is the anticlimactic ending. This was the checklist:
  5. This has got to be one of my favorite eBirders of all time. His only rival is DAB DAB
  6. Not a cackling, this goose is one of the smaller subspecies of Canada Goose. Most likely a parvipes, like S.C. said
  7. This is nothing unusual, I think it's just in a weird plumage right now. Last Monday I saw a Lesser Black-backed Gull with typical adult plumage, but it also had the ring around the bill. Edit: I even have a photo
  8. Yep, another for Herring and Myrtle. The gull is just way too bulky to be a ring-billed, and it also has the typical plumage for 2nd winter herring
  9. why did you leave the chatroom? :P I came back in...

  10. Almost everyone on here's seen a snow goose I doubt many have seen painted storks, displaying peacock, brown rock chat, and Baya Weaver
  11. Okay, since we're all sharing our best checklists, I'll share mine too. Sorry if this is cheating
  12. I've had YRWA and multiple Wood Ducks, all males, at least ten miles offshore.
  13. And how ducks are white...
  14. I've never even seen a redhead! This makes me REALLY jealous. Awesome shot!
  15. Unfortunately, it still is the case. Did you hear about what that ornithologist did to the one and only male moustached kingfisher ever caught?