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  1. Cape May in early October, I've been there and that's no surprise I bet there are some lists from there double that length
  2. So... You didn't see the goose?
  3. Join the club
  4. It looks like Hemidactylus Brooki I used to see them all the time in India
  5. PRARIE FALCON!!!!!!!! Probable 1st Virginia record Featuring: a Fish Crow If you want a better photo look at my profile pic
  6. When I first saw that picture I thought it was a snake eating a frog
  7. Hey, I like the new profile photo! :)

    1. Scarlet Teenager

      Scarlet Teenager

      Thank you!! It's like my 3rd digiscope ever lol

      I switched falcons, went from Merlin to PrairieĀ :P

    2. S.C.


      lol, yeah, cool pic! congrats on the lifer!

  8. Can't help much with the gull, but in the second photo the bill looks awfully thin for a HEGU. Not sure what else it could be though. The Northern Shrike looks perfectly normal, the only part wrong with it is it's love for impaling stuff on sticks
  9. Birds are Bullies - and not only to birders
  10. Is there a dislike button?
  11. My Prairie Falcon chase was a huge success! I found it perched on a tank within 30 seconds of arriving, and it provided good, though fairly distant, views. The bird is a suspected state first, although it hasn't been confirmed. I didn't see any leg bands so I'm hoping it's not a captive. At one point some Fish Crows flew over and spotted it, dive bombing and mobbing it until it flew away. The falcon returned in less than a minute, it's preferred perch seems to be on the top of the two tanks. Once I saw and (poorly) photographed it, I went over to Dyke Marsh to hopefully find either a Redhead or a BWTE. Unfortunately I missed both of these, but did get some nice photos! Prairie Falcon was lifer 248. 250 is probably going to be something really common like BWTE
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
  13. Okay, so, for literally the fourth time in a row I missed the bird walk at Dyke Marsh because of waking up almost four hours too late - with 7 alarm clocks Anyway, today there have been reports of the Prairie Falcon still hanging out where it was yesterday, so In about 30 minutes I'm going to go chase it!!!
  14. Okay, so my spring break plans are finalized. I was really hoping to go to Northern Arizona, but today my 9 year old sister came in and shut the whole thing down. Now we're going to Orlando (yay...?) On the bright side, my parents are letting me have 2-4 days to myself to bird the area. It'll be flooding with migrants when I go, so I'll have lots of opportunities to get some awesome lifers! I'm thinking of going to Merritt Island NWR one day to see the Scrub Jays and Mottled Ducks, plus lots of neat migrants. I don't yet know what to do on most of the days, and I'm not to familiar with the area, so if anyone on here knows some nice hotspots around there shoot me a pm!!
  15. Yup, Northern Rough Winged. The 5th picture confirmed it for me Nice bird!!