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  1. Everyone believes you, but after nearly three months, so the Kelp Gull is already gone and nobody can see it I wish I could get a crate of 5,697 cakes airlifted to my house
  2. Two words: Luna Moth
  3. Welcome back!!! You missed an absolute war about Donald Trump, oil pipelines, the EPA and, of course, birds
  4. Bird themed pottery
  5. FaceTimed his mom
  6. Kentucky
  7. Unfortunately, the local Cooper's hawk was mad with this lack of food, so he started bothering you and he's protected so you can't get rid of him like you did with the starlings
  8. Here I wish Trump deported starlings and HOSPs back to Europe
  9. Your taco was made from cows raised in the amazon on pastures that were once rainforest. You contributed to deforestation I wish I had a honey badger as a bodyguard
  10. This is the solution to all our problems Unfortunately, the cats are an invasive species, so they resort to canniballism and eat other cats, leaving nobody to eat the invasives
  11. purple microwave-oven
  12. Wow!! Awesome snow goose shot!
  13. Yep, American Pipit was my first thought too
  14. Looks a lot like a House Finch to me