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  1. This is kind of something you think about before you actually make it...
  2. How can you not understand? This man has traveled back in time from a future in which ospreys are extinct to get a rare photo of a rare bird
  3. The field sparrow is really a Chipping Sparrow
  4. Not in all of the east
  5. I never liked grass, this just reinforces the hatred Although, I'll admit the two blades with dew on them add a nice touch to the photo. It's just the blurry vertical green blade that bothers me
  6. You sure about that oriole there buddy? I have to say, sweet pics though
  7. White Eyed Vireo ir Yellow Breasted Chat for sure
  8. Hey man! I'm a 13 year old birder from Virginia, right across the river from D.C. Not really much here in terms of both birds and drugs, with the exception of whatever stuff the orange guy in that White House across the river is taking. I'll have you know that I classify as a sea lion, not a seal, but it's okay, common misconception.
  9. You live in Warren? Cool, my cousins live there too! Did you get that Rock Wren back in winter?
  10. I also got two lifers yesterday !! What makes it better is that they were both huge nemeses! I saw both Louisiana Waterthrush and Wood Thrush at Great Falls, a breeding spot for LOWA, which was my main target. Now I'm going to have to change my signature since I got that wood thrush
  11. Hey guys, welcome to the forum! I'm a 13 year old Young Birder with a lifelist of somewhere around 280. I live in Virginia right by Washington D.C. Hope you all have a good time here
  12. Thank you, will do!
  13. Well, I decided to check up on some of my local nesters today on the walk home from school. The Canada Goose family still has four chicks, no casualties yet, and they are much older now, probably considered teenagers by this point. The Green Heron eggs still have not hatched. What's interesting is that they are turquoise, never thought a heron would lay blue eggs. And, maybe best of all, after having one chick die in the nest a few weeks ago the mother MODO is back on the nest with a second brood! Hopefully this attempt will end up better than the last.
  14. This reminds me of the time I woke up on the extreme edge of my bed, literally dangling off the side. Before I knew what was going on, I fell off and landed on my side on this big lego thing I built the night before and kept on the side of my bed. I'm sure you've heard how much stepping on a lego hurts, now imagine that pain all over your body. This was three years ago, It still haunts me
  15. Yup, pointy head = Eastern Wood Peewee