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  1. The loon is an adult Red-throated. I agree with the accipiter being a Cooper's.
  2. Juvenile Willet.
  3. Old NFC checklist by Michael O'Brien: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S31886140 Biggest. NFC List. Ever.
  4. It's a Horned with the strong contrast in the head pattern and heavy bill.
  5. Looks like a Blackbird. Which one, I couldn't tell you.
  6. The end bird doesn't strike me as a female Purple Finch. The proportions are wrong and in the first photo there are what appear hairs perturbing from it's head.
  7. My first impression was a a definite Swan. There isn't a pair of long legs on the trailing end of the bird, and it has a neck too long for a goose.
  8. Yup. 2 nestlings and an adult.
  9. Where was this taken?
  10. Confirmed. Nice shots!
  11. Confirmed. Beautiful shot!
  12. The swallows are definitely swallows. Probably Tree, but I can't really see anything else that would point to Tree except the white belly on one.
  13. They look fine for Great Blue Herons. I saw a flock just like that over my house 3 days ago. Hawk watches across the northeast are getting 100's of them passing north.
  14. The first is a 1st-cycle Herring, while the other is an adult Herring.