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  1. It certainly is a Willow type empid.
  2. Wow, these old photos intrigue me. I know this photo is very old, but I just can't pass this up for more comments. I've been "training" myself with 1st-cycle gulls and this bird looks good for a 1st-cycle/winter Lesser Black-backed. The tertials are dark enough, the primaries seem to extend well past the tail, the bill is completely black (where in a Herring there is usually a has a pale base in late March), and the lesser, median, and greater coverts seem dark enough. I think I also see some second general scapulars or mantle feathers. The belly also isn't THAT dark, but it isn't completely out of range for an aberrant 1st-cycle Herring. Sorry to bring this this topic up, it just intrigued me so much.
  3. Probably nothing much. From my opinion, the Internet including XenoCanto beats almost any guide (almost).
  4. One of my favorite Mexican and Central American birds! Nice shot!
  5. 1. I definitely hear a Wood Thrush singing. Someone can probably make out a TUTI but I can't. I also hear a Yellow Warbler. 2. Song Sparrow. 3. Do you mean the Red-bellied Woodpecker call? Or is it something else? I hear clicking in the background (not sure what it is, though). I also hear a close Cardinal. 4. Your bird definitely is a Northern Parula! It's giving the "Stephenson/Whittle Type B1" song, one of the more common alternate songs of NOPA. I also hear a descending warbling contact call note that sounds reminiscent of a Redstart, but this might not even be a bird.
  6. 1. Not too sure what the Flycatcher is besides the fact it's an empid. 2. Yellow Warbler probable female.
  7. That super broad, round tail and tapered wings makes this a Cooper's Hawk 100%.
  8. Looks good for Semipalmated from my screen. It doesn't look dark enough along the mantle and the bill looks a bit too straight for a typical Least, in my opinion. Also, beautiful White-rumped! Nice shots!
  9. I agree with California. The distinctly dark, but not too dark mantle, ringed bill and the dark eye are good field marks.
  10. I think it's a female Tree Swallow.
  11. All your birds are either Sanderlings in partial or complete breeding plumage, or Dunlin.
  12. Looks more like a Ruddy Duck to me. It's got its head almost completely up, which confused me.
  13. Another for Eastern Wood Pewee.
  14. Another for Western Wood Pewee. Duskys have a more defined eye-ring, rounder head (or shorter, less obvious crest), and mostly black bill.
  15. I agree.