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  1. This is the drabber Western Palm Warbler.
  2. Northern Waterthrush?

    This looks fine for Northern. The streaking isn't right for Louisiana, and I do see a hint of streaking on the throat. Plus, its very late for Louisianas anywhere in the US right now.
  3. Willow Flycatcher...Or?

    If the picture isn't messing around with the wingbar color, then this bird looks fine for a juvenile.
  4. The broad, black leading edge to the underwing, as well as generally small sized bills makes me think BWTE.
  5. Did I find a Thrush??

    My first impression was also Hermit Thrush.
  6. Which flycatcher?

    The call note is diagnostic for Acadian.
  7. Yellow-rumped or Cape May?

    Cape May.
  8. Dowitchers (YAY!)

    The first two photos show juvenile Short-billed Dowitchers, but the last three show molting adults I can't identify.
  9. dowitcher

    This looks like a juvenile Long-billed Dowitcher.
  10. Hurricane Harvey

    1. Least Tern. 2. Baltimore Oriole female. 3. I can't really tell.
  11. Vireos ? - Western Mass

    The first bird look fine for AMRE.
  12. The second bird is an American Redstart. I can see the rather long, blunt shaped tail with a black tip. I can also see a yellow shoulder patch.
  13. Help with Warblers Set 2

    Both of these are female-type Cape May Warblers.

    Why can't everyone see that this is obviously a Little Tern?!
  15. a few shorebirds

    Was this taken recently?