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  1. How the heck is everyone calling the first bird a Summer Tanager? It's a Scarlet Tanager. Like, really, what are you guys seeing that makes you think this is a Summer?
  2. I dunno. I know Least Flycatchers are known for their prominent eye-rings, and this bird seems to fit the picture. That said, I really don't know much about eastern empids, and am posting this more to ask future people to give field marks when they ID this bird, just so I know what to look for in years to come.
  3. I vote Great-crested. Only ever seen one of those once, but I've seen hundreds of Ash-throateds, and the bill and head shape on this bird are all wrong for one.
  4. Looking at the back pattern, I'm having a hard time seeing this bird as any spizella sparrow. Rather, I think the shape and pattern of the bird look good for a zonotrichia. My vote goes for White-throated Sparrow. Definitely not a Chipping.
  5. Yep, molting cardinal. This can happen when mites get in the bird's head feathers. The bird can't preen those areas, so instead it simply loses and regrows it's head feathers to kill the parasites.
  6. Was looking back through the posts, and I think I've pinned down the problem. It's not so much, in fact, that there are long and sprawling topics that pollute the thread and deter from birding conversation. It's just that people talk on here in the same manner that I talk on some of my group chats. We need to keep in mind that one post takes up quite a bit of space. Even getting down here, I had to scroll past a bunch of one-word answers and people laying out strings of emojis to let everyone know their exact reactions to the posts they quoted. The topics themselves aren't out of hand, but I think the thread would be more organized if we treated it more as an actual thread, and not just a group chat. I think there's actually a place on discord for all of that. -JJA
  7. Jack, you and I have had our differences, but you're very right that while simply trying to see what birds people have been seeing, I scroll through a lot of nonsense. People use this thread too often as a group chat rather than a birding thread. Also, I've seen a ton of people posting random updates about their lives. This isn't twitter. Rant about that somewhere else. I don't mean to be a **** about it, but it's really gotten quite annoying by now. Maybe some of y'all should trade phone numbers and just text about the irrelevant crap no one else cares about.
  8. Just tried to PM JimBob, said he couldn't receive messages. Dude, you gotta step up ya game.
  9. Laughing Gull
  10. Laughing Gull
  11. Does TALON still run? I honestly forget, but if it does, I've always wanted to bird the southeast...
  12. Yup, looks good to me for common. Red bill, defined line between cap and face, and black on the primaries indicate such.
  13. Oh dear. You don´t have to go to NY to see a Song Sparrow. They´re even in parts of FL. Just make a day trip of it.
  14. Glad you had a good time. The owls are fledgling right now, and will probably soon leave, but the parents have nested there every year for ages.
  15. Why would it have any more birders??? I guess I just don't see the point.