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  1. ...Pretty cooperative snipe ya got there...
  2. Did you get any pics of the WEVI?
  3. Those is gonna be dem White Ibises, ja.
  4. My votes: Ruddy Ducks, Yellow-rumped Warbler, and Eastern Phoebe.
  5. So you decided it was Pomarine? What marks did you use?
  6. Ok, so, I know this is slightly off topic, but I was browsing your eBird profile from that checklist, and I found a checklist mistake. Can anyone guess what it is?
  7. Agree with GRSC
  8. I noticed you added EMGO to the bottom of the list. I removed it, as it's already included further up. If this wasn't as accident, let me know.
  9. Extremely hard to say without a side view of the head. Do you have any other photos?
  10. Red-tailed Hawk
  11. My vote: Front: Mallard x Black-duck Hybrid Back: Pure Mallard
  12. That extremely deep red bill and the black on the primaries have me leaning towards Common Tern. I know everyone else is saying FOTE but...
  13. More defined breastband that contrasts with a white throat has me thinking Alder.
  14. ThIs DoEsN't MaKe SeNsE