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  1. DassagonnabeaLEASTSANDPIPER
  2. Lol cute video
  3. Common, Forster's, and Roseate Terns are the only expected species, and that's the farthest I plan to look into this.
  4. Even better than Green Heron! What you've got there is a Least Bittern. Great bird! Happy Freedom Day,
  5. Reminds me of when we used to think that Triceratops existed, when in truth, they were just skeletons of immature Torosaurus skeletons.
  6. Uh oh...
  7. I love ABA rarities sooooo...... Ross's Gull, Lesser Sand-plover, and Marsh Sandpiper
  8. but because of
  9. I know the guy personally. He's as close as it comes to being an actual god of the birding world.
  11. No, your posts have been incredibly entertaining. Don't leave. I read your bio btw; are you Ben Marn or Ben Van Doreen? Or yet another YB Ben that I don't know about yet?
  12. 1.) Prothonotary Warbler 2.) Red-eyed Vireo
  13. Northern Shoveler, perhaps?
  14. If we go off of the fact that it was too big for Green Heron or Least Bittern in flight, we are left with American Bittern or Black-crowned Night-Heron. I just did a bit of research, and based on the shape and bill, I think it's an American Bittern.
  15. I think 3 is a Greater. As I see it, the only definite Lesser in these photos is the left bird in the seconds photo.