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  1. shore bird

    I don't think so. It does look more like a Semi.
  2. Flycatcher

    Traill's Flycatcher, maybe.
  3. Flock in flight...Gadwall? Bufflehead? Goldeneye?

    This time of the year, all of the ducks are molted into eclipse, so bright, diagnostic spring plumage turns into, drab, female-like plumage, which can be very hard to ID. Northern Shovelers this time of the year won't look like spring shovelers, so the brown chest, green head, and white bellies disappear. Even though the quality isn't very good, the bill's are showing about the length of the head, if not longer, and that is very distinct to me of a Shoveler.
  4. Tern with black bill in South Florida.

    Looks good for a Royal to me.
  5. Empid

    Another for Least.
  6. ID help Pretty Please AUg 2017 Sandy hook NJ

    I'm pretty sure Ivory is right. The front view does look Whimbrel-ish.
  7. more from alaska

    Correct. Ignore my silly statement.
  8. more from alaska

    The duck looks like a young Hooded Merganser to me.
  9. fall warbler (may be bay breasted)

    Darn... I spent months thinking it was the other way around. :/ At least I know now xD
  10. Was Congratulated on my Lark Sparrow ... But I Dunno

    Lark Sparrow.... Lark Bunting.... Same difference either way!
  11. sparrows

    Correct indeedy!
  12. Warbler in Maine pt. 2

    Orange-crowned would never show the black eye line AND would be very drab, with little to no contrast anywhere on the body except for a slight white undertail covert spot. I don't believe Orange-crowned get that yellow either.
  13. Flock in flight...Gadwall? Bufflehead? Goldeneye?

    I'm honestly not picking up any Blue-winged Teal. There are a few ducks in there that look to have smaller bills with big blue patches, but I wouldn't positively ID those as BWTE. However, a mass majority of these ducks appear to be Northern Shovelers, due to the massive bill and huge blue wing patches. I see no other ducks besides possible teal species and Northern Shovelers. Still good ducks though!
  14. 2 waterbird IDs needed

    Yes, the first bird looks like a Semipalmated Sandpiper. As for the Yellowlegs, I can't be sure without a look at the bill. Those nearby tiny ducks are Green-winged Teals, which are quite small for a duck, and both Yellowlegs are larger than those I'd think, so I'd leave it as a Lesser/Greater Yellowlegs.