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  1. ID Help Please

    Oops! Sorry for the mis-ID...I don't see Purple Finches in my area so have no experience with them in the field. ☺
  2. ID Help Please

    Looks like a Grosbeak...I would guess Rose-breasted for this time of year.
  3. ID this colorado bird?

    I agree...I looked at this photo last night and thought the same thing...but I got a phone call and then forgot to get back to it. It is easy to see that the bird is facing away from the camera as the wings are bent in wrong direction to be facing forward.
  4. Type of Bird?

    Townsend Warbler.
  5. It's Brown-ish and That's As Far As I Got

    Looks good for a female Red-winged Blackbird.
  6. Woodpecker & Accip

    I always look at the bill first...I try to force my eyes not to focus on anything but the bill since I think it is the key in telling Hairy and Downy woodpeckers apart. Then I look for barring on the outer tail and shoulder spurs. Lastly, I look at the size which sometimes is not a really reliable or helpful marker in my opinion.
  7. Woodpecker & Accip

    I agree.
  8. Woodpecker & Accip

    To my eyes the woodpecker looks like a Hairy...1st photo ~ there are not any barring/spots on the outer tail, overall body length and size looks too big for a Downy, beak looks long and thick and appears to be about as long as the head, shoulder spurs seems very prominent. Just my opinion tho.
  9. Oregon or Pink-sided Junco?

    It looks like an Oregon to me...Pink-side would not have as dark of a head...but I'm not an expert so wait for more input.
  10. American Goldfinch?

    Where and when was the photo taken? Thanks.
  11. Please Confirm Hawk ~ Thank you!

    I appreciate your help...thank you.
  12. Another ??? Hawk photo

    Thanks again...probably the same bird...he has been making a fly-by a few times a week. I haven't seen him grab any smaller birds yet. I was actually hoping he would eliminate the Gray Digger that is wreaking havoc with my bird feeders.
  13. Please Confirm Hawk ~ Thank you!

    Thank you.
  14. Another ??? Hawk photo

    Taken 20 SEP 2017 ~ South Central Washington ~ Klickitat Co Cooper or Sharp-shinned?? Thank you.
  15. Please Confirm Hawk ~ Thank you!

    Thank you...no screen, just a window.