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    I believe Snapshotbirder is agreeing with you that the bird is a Savannah Sparrow.
  2. Scrub Jay?

    The color seems really bright blue with clean white, the breastband isn't very long but it is quite distinct, and the bill looks rather thick...not as thin as a Woodhouse's would look...I think it is a California but I'm usually wrong so wait for more input.
  3. Mystery Bird Call

    I hear these birds a lot in season and have never heard one make a sound like this. To clarify my statement what I meant was that the vocal pattern reminded me of those three birds not the actual sound heard in this recording.
  4. Mystery Bird Call

    I can not find anything that matches this sound either...my ears hurt from listening to so many different bird calls, lol!
  5. Mystery Bird Call

    I feel like I should know this sound too it seems so familiar...three birds came to mind when I heard the recording...Sandhill Crane, Pileated Woodpecker and Northern Flicker. Do you have any other recordings?
  6. An owl??.. Maybe not

    Ack! Sorry, I missed seeing that. Thanks!
  7. An owl??.. Maybe not

    Welcome to Whatbird! Where was this at? It will help to narrow down the possibilities if you give a general location and date.
  8. Hairy Woodpecker?

    Long bill, noticeable shoulder spur, lack of spots on tail and overall body size = a Hairy.
  9. Mystery bird at my feeder

    I looked at the photos again and I do see the tail better in #1 ...thanks for pointing that out.
  10. Mystery bird at my feeder

    Yes, that helped...thank you.
  11. Mystery bird at my feeder

    OK, here I go out on that shaky limb again...but could it be the ''black bill'' is actually a sunflower seed that the bird is holding? So if the bird feeder is 7.5'' wide this bird is too small then for a cowbird, right?
  12. Help identify this bird

    Welcome! Awesome capture...thanks for sharing.
  13. Old Bird Book

    That is how this book is. I have several different field guides and have never seen one like this. I would call it more of an encyclopedia...it has some really cool features like ~ an egg chart, drawing of different types of tails, bills and feet, a color key to water birds, land birds and warblers, a glossary plus all of the pictures and drawings. One of the things I like is that the pictures are a nice size and states the ''scale'' ~ like ½ natural size ~ which is very helpful and easier for me to actually visualize a bird's size for some reason. So when the Western Scrub Jay was split into two different birds and named California and Woodhouse's I thought those were new names but according to this book that was their former names...there is so much fascinating info in this awesome book.
  14. Black Mystery Birds

  15. Black Mystery Birds

    Thanks! OK, got it now. I have a crt monitor and the color is really lousy , you know, the ones that were made shortly after the beginning of time that are unsightly and weigh a ton .