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  1. Anyone know who this little fella is? Seen yesterday in Southern Idaho. Thanks!
  2. Need Help with Two Birds

  3. Hoping to get some help with these two (both see in Southern Idaho): Thanks!
  4. Which Raptor

    Thanks much!
  5. I saw this little guy on a river in Washington state. Anyone know what it is? Thanks!
  6. Which Raptor

    Please help ID this hawk. Thanks!
  7. Summer Tanager?

    Thanks! This was the first and last time I've ever seen this bird. Sure was pretty!
  8. Birds from Mexico

    Captured these photos a few years back in Mazatlán, Mexico. Please help ID. Thanks!
  9. Any idea which woodpecker this is? Sorry for the horrible photo. Thanks!
  10. Summer Tanager?

    I saw this guy in Arizona and I'm assuming it's a Summer Tanager... does that sound right? Thanks!
  11. Again, going through old photos and found these. Please help ID. Thanks!
  12. Going through some old photos and found these... no idea what this bird is. Any ideas? Thanks! (Photos were taken in Idaho)
  13. I snapped this pic last weekend in Eastern Oregon. Please help ID this bird. Thanks!
  14. Little Grey Bird

  15. Little Grey Bird

    I saw this little near a river this morning in Southern Idaho. Please help ID. Thanks!