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  1. Loggerhead shrike or a Northern Shrike?

    Thanks everyone. This is the first time I've seen a shrike! Really pretty birds.
  2. Saw this little guy near Boise, Idaho today... I've never seen one before and I'm not sure if it's a Loggerhead shrike or a Northern Shrike. Please let me know if you know! Thanks!
  3. Burrowing Owls in Idaho

    Thanks for the tips!
  4. What type of Hawk?

    I was kinda thinking Swainson's but I wasn't sure. I see them near my house in the summer but this one looked a little different.
  5. Not sure if anyone here knows but I thought I'd ask... I'm hoping to find some burrowing owls in Idaho to take photos. I know they're here but I don't know where. Anyone know?
  6. What type of Hawk?

    Also, this was taken in Idaho in the summer (I think).
  7. What type of Hawk?

    I just ran across this old photo I took a few years ago. Thought this was a Red-tailed Hawk but now I'm not sure. Please help ID. Thanks!
  8. (Another) Cooper's or Sharpie Hawk?

    Good to know! Thanks. This time of year a get a lot of these birds in my yard. They are one of my favorite birds to watch and photograph!
  9. Night birds?

    Cool photos!
  10. (Another) Cooper's or Sharpie Hawk?

    Anyone know why some have yellow eyes and some have red eyes?
  11. finch??

    Agreed. They lose a lot of their bright yellow color in the fall and winter.
  12. (Another) Cooper's or Sharpie Hawk?

    Here's another edited photo:
  13. (Another) Cooper's or Sharpie Hawk?

    Thanks! Shooting on a Nikon D500 with a 70-200mm lens.
  14. (Another) Cooper's or Sharpie Hawk?

    Thanks for the feedback. I always get these guys confused. Here's the final edit:
  15. Hawk

    I would say this is a Northern Harrier.