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  1. BirdNoob

    sparrow - wheeling Illinois

    Looks like a female House Sparrow to me but I'm no pro at Sparrows...
  2. BirdNoob

    What Sparrows?? (New Yard List Birds)

    Yeah, my field guide book doesn't show them on the Idaho map! He was hanging out in the yard all day. Happy to see him!
  3. We had three sparrows this weekend that I haven't seen in the yard before! I wanted to double check with you all before I added them to my yard list. All seen near Boise today and yesterday. Please let me know if you can identify these birds. Thanks!
  4. BirdNoob

    Which Egret or Heron?

    I was thinking that or the Reddish Egret. First time seeing these birds so I wasn't sure. Thanks!
  5. I saw this bird in Texas a few months ago... not sure which egret or heron it is. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. BirdNoob

    Please Help ID this Hawaiian Bird

    Thanks! I would have never guessed that. I thought I discovered a new bird species. Haha!
  7. Doing a little birding in Hawaii and need help with this one... spotted on Kauai yesterday. Thanks!
  8. BirdNoob

    What Hawk is This?

    I was wondering about that... thanks for the tip.
  9. BirdNoob

    What Hawk is This?

    Great! That's a first for me! Thanks.
  10. BirdNoob

    What Hawk is This?

    Saw these two hawks today near Boise, Idaho. Not sure what they are... the first three photos are one and the last is the other (I think). Please let me know if you know what these are. Thanks!
  11. BirdNoob

    My guess is Barred Owl.

    Barred for sure! Cool shot.
  12. BirdNoob

    Goldfinch?? in Hardee County FL 3 Mar

    The wings look like a female American Goldfinch but the beak looks a little small for a finch... looking forward to seeing other comments. Not 100%.
  13. BirdNoob

    Great Horned Owl with Crazy Eye!

    Very interesting @JacksonBounds and @Cavan Wood! Thanks for the info!
  14. BirdNoob

    Great Horned Owl with Crazy Eye!

    Wanted to bump this post to see if anyone has seen something like this before. Let me know if you know what's wrong with this owl's eye. Thanks!
  15. I have four more images that I'm not 100% sure about from the Houston area taken one week ago. Sorry for the poor quality but let me know if you can help me ID these birds! Thank!