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  1. Thanks!
  2. Sorry for the horrible photo... these birds were pretty far away. Any idea what these guys are? Seen today on the Oregon coast. Thanks!
  3. Hey there, I saw a ton of these little birds eating and flying together on the Oregon coast. Please help me ID them. Thanks!
  4. I'm thinking plastic decoy... you can see a seem on the neck similar to this image:
  5. Agreed. Looks like a young American Robin. Saw a few of these in my yard yesterday.
  6. Thanks for helping out everyone!
  7. Perfect! Thanks for helping out.
  8. Near Idaho City. I think we saw two different types (not sure). Check my other post for the different looking Crossbill. Thanks!
  9. Here are some more birds I saw this morning. Please help ID them. Thanks! All seen in Idaho this morning.
  10. I went out this morning and saw a ton of birds I've never seen before and I wanted to make sure I'm IDing them correctly. Please let me know what these birds are. Thanks! All seen in Idaho this morning.
  11. I'm thinking this is a Barred Owl but wanted to double check. Let me know if you concur. Thanks! (Seen in Northern Idaho)
  12. Awesome! Thanks for the info.
  13. I swear I've never seen one! I need to get out more! Haha.
  14. Not sure who this guy is... any ideas? Spotted in Northern Idaho. Thanks!