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  2. Posting Problems?, Please Report them here.

    Hi, a message pops up that says my attached photo can ply be .1MB? Is that normal? The smallest I can make my pics is .3MB? Thanks.
  3. Review of itinerary for Costa Rica trip

    Been to CR birding seven times. Every trip an exciting new region. A few ideas: 1) Quetzals near Mt Chirripo. 2) Rancho Naturalista in mountains east of San Jose is a fantastic birding destination (snowcap hummingbird is a featured species) 3) Peace Lodge north of San Jose is a quirky, touristy, cheesy, lodge, but has the best hummingbird watching in all of Costa Rica. I picked up 13 species in one day. Good luck.
  4. File Size

    Can anyone give me advice. The forum message says I am limited to .1MB for the attached photo. Does that mean I have used my alloted file size for a period of time? I cannot attach the photo with that limited file size. Thanks!!
  5. Help ID please

    I agree. Evening grosbeak.
  6. Fox sparrow or song sparrow??

    Great. Thanks.
  7. Fox sparrow or song sparrow??

    Charlotte, NC, January. This sparrow was not noticeably larger than the other sparrows, finches and juncos at the feeder. I thought it was a fox, but the size makes me think it might be a song? Appreciate any help.
  8. Need help identifying these ducks

    Need help identifying these ducks. Seen in northern British Columbia in August.
  9. Hummingbird

    Thanks. Thats what I thought as well. Was not sure if it might be an Anna's, with the red throat in shadow.
  10. Heron?

    Limkin. Nice pic.
  11. Hummingbird

    Can you please help me ID this hummingbird. Seen July in Salt Lake City.
  12. Unknown Hummingbird

    Thank you. I thought black chinned as well but was not sure if it might be an Anna's with the red throat looking dark due to the angle.
  13. Unknown Hummingbird

    Saw this hummingbird in Salt lake City last July. Not sure what kind? Shadow makes it hard top determine throat color.
  14. Need help with ID

    Pipit. Yes. Thank you.
  15. Need help with ID

    Was not sure if some type of lark? Rocky Mtn National park (Colorado) last October.