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  1. A bit grainy but here's my best romantic shot--Laughing Kookaburras
  2. The day is still young, but best photo so far--Red-shouldered Hawk from front porch.
  3. Thank you all for your help, and for indulging my experimentation. Photo Only, and HTML inserted the photo immediately while I was composing the message. With BBCode the photo appeared after I submitted my reply. Not sure if there is any benefit to the three options. Thanks again!!!
  4. In SmugMug I generate a link for Photo Only, HTML, and BBCode. I donlt know what the difference is but will enter all three below in that order. Photo Only: HTML: BBCode:
  5. Well!!! On second thought the photo appeared when I submitted reply. Nothing wrong with that.
  6. Photo upload experiment: Frog from SmugMug Below is the BBCode link pasted into the text field, but the "Insert other media" popup window does not seem to work.
  7. Photo upload experiment: Frog from my gallery If I paste the URL from my gallery in the text field, it opens up a large thumbnail image
  8. Photo upload experiment: Frog from my gallery If I click "Insert other media" and enter the URL from the gallery, nothing seems to happen. The Insert field just sits there.
  9. The link opens on my Android phone but not on Windows PC. I think the issue must be with my PC. For the moment I will try a different service for posting photos.
  10. Very nice photo!
  11. Second- Eastern Yellow subspecies.
  12. Concur with Palm.
  13. Thanks to both of you. I'll definitely give it a try. I think the forum flows better if the photos are on board. And by the way the forum has been very helpful and educational for me...Love it!