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  1. I agree with Lesser for both Scaup. The image on flickr is very good and the male has a small nail (black tip on bill), which points to Lesser.
  2. and Big Bird
  3. ran afoul of
  4. I think Ruddy Duck is correct. Sometimes the tail lays flat. I agree with Yellow-rumped Warbler for the second bird. Not sure about the last bird.
  5. Alta, I see what you mean about eyes halfway down the right bird. Especially in the second photo. I can't decide what I am seeing there. I love the last shot with the sun coming in low.
  6. Fortunately, from Mount Mitchell they could see the ocean and were able to glide back without flapping.
  7. It is a Chipping Sparrow.
  8. solution of plain
  9. hypodermic needle filled
  10. and crooked teeth
  11. practicing quackery without
  12. Northern Parula with worm...
  13. therefore wanted by
  14. Fortunately, the stench attracted pelagic birds as far inland as the Appalachians.