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  1. Yes.
  2. Yes... Swanson's. Edit: Swanson's on the last too.
  3. Verrrry smooth. If anyone can pull it off it will be the mirror image of OES, or something like that. Now about that code...If it exists I'll see that it goes to the PM in the AM
  4. Good call, ant_anks. I agree with Northern Parula. You can see the yellow on its upper back. Edit: The field guides don't show wet birds.
  5. Psst ...I don't know for sure but I'm starting to suspect that if you change your profile photo, you'll get a new, full magazine of likes. Just maybe TBNs are crazy like a Fox Sparrow!
  6. Ha, tried to like that! As you can see, no likes left.
  7. I think I have some likes but I'm scared to try. I've seen the 15 likes limit notice so many times now I'm getting paranoid. And the Karner Blue is gorgeous! I didn't know what it was but I knew it was pretty. Super-dyna-whoppin'-mega-congratulations!!!
  8. Hooded warbler?
  9. Wilson's warbler?
  10. Connecticut warbler?
  11. Louisiana waterthrush?
  12. Northern Waterhrush?
  13. I can't listen right now...sitting in the doctor's office.
  14. Perfect. In the meantime I'll guess Painted Bunting.