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  1. Purple Finch?

    I believe House, but wait for more input.
  2. Three word game

    , of urban legend,
  3. Bird in Philadelphia

    They do sit like that a lot and if it is cold they will be fluffed up.
  4. Bird in Philadelphia

    This is a Mourning Dove. The spotting on the wings is a good mark. Edit: Welcome to Whatbird!
  5. Yellowlegs

  6. Let the fun begin!

    My daughter looked at it and her first thought was a duck heading to the right, a weird sort of duck.
  7. Let the fun begin!

    Raven, Grackle? I'm still assuming the left is the front.
  8. Raptor

    Looks like Red-shouldered to me, too. Big gun there. Probably wouldn't work for concealed carry.
  9. Let the fun begin!

    Ibis, Dowitcher, Yellowlegs?
  10. Let the fun begin!

    Was this taken in Roswell, New Mexico??? I'm drawing a blank...American Crow? Kingfisher? Rock Pigeon? Did you crop the bill on propose? I have to sign off for tonight.
  11. Female Yellow Rumped Warbler?

    Thanks, psweet!
  12. Let the fun begin!

    @The Bird Nuts, I love the new logo! Nicely done!
  13. Female Yellow Rumped Warbler?

    With the Yellow on its throat this would be an Audubon's subspecies. And I believe you are correct on female, but don't quote me on that.