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  1. Ibis ?

  2. Couple of IDs

    I'll defer to The Bird Nuts on the hawk. I agree on Little Blue Heron--blue wings, purple neck, and 5000 feet away are all good field makes.
  3. Young Duck - Western Mass

    I agree.
  4. Solitary Sandpiper?

    I think it is a Spotted Sandpiper.
  5. Solitary or Juvie Spotted in VT?

    I agree with Solitary.
  6. Immature Night Heron species?

    One more for YC.
  7. I need help with this one

    I think Eastern Wood-Pewee
  8. little blue heron juvies??

    Very rare. Was this taken in the wild?
  9. little blue heron juvies??

    It looks like a Red-footed Booby.
  10. Please, help me to identify this bird.

    Welcome to Whatbird! From what I can make out I think it is a Solitary Sandpiper.
  11. Red-winged Blackbird?

    The throat was part of what I wondered about, but also the solid back color, no wing-bars, and limited eyebrow.
  12. Let the fun begin!

    Woo-hoo! And what a cutie!
  13. Let the fun begin!

    American Redstart?
  14. Red-winged Blackbird?

    Hmmm...not impossible but pretty rare.