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  1. Streaky Gray Sparrow?

    I think you're right, but I haven't seen one either. Wait for further confirmation.
  2. Thanks everyone. I believe it's probably a Rusty. I didn't mean the propose false choices at the outset. Having just seen a Brewer's a little south of this location it was fresh on my mind.
  3. Unless it's a Rusty Blackbird. Rusty would be a more logical find at this location--Phinizy Swamp. Most of the few Rusty Blackbirds I've seen have been rusty looking, but I believe the male can be all dark.
  4. Thanks. I have added two more photos.
  5. Today Augusta, GA. There were Common Grackles present but I'm leaning Brewer's because the tail seems a bit short for a Grackle. What do you think? This is the best view I have from the side.
  6. Heron in Orlando FL

    I agree with Tricolored Heron.
  7. Azolla? Looks like Lucky Charms! Either that or Meow Mix!
  8. Thoughts on type of Scaup - SW MI 3/18

    I always wait twelve hours before commenting on scaups . If no one else has commented, then nobody else knows and I'm less likely to get blown out of the water . The ones with a side profile look good for Greater. Heads look bulky and rounded. I have also been wondering how consistently useful the nail is. I've seen some Greaters confirmed recently that had a very small nail. I would welcome any comments. (And feel to disagree with me on these birds.)
  9. You got it! Welcome to Whatbird!