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  1. I believe this is a Purple Martin, but wait for further input.
  2. HamRHead

    Help with a few

    I think: Left: Eastern Phoebe Right: Chipping Sparrow Down: Summer Tanager Orchard Oriole Bottom: ?
  3. HamRHead

    A Little Warbler?

    Magnolia Warbler.
  4. HamRHead

    Gray Bird by wetlands Allendale New Jersey

    Definitely a Meow Bird!
  5. HamRHead

    Partial Birds

    1. Wild guess but maybe a Bell's Vireo (Unless that is actually a rusty hue on the back). 2. I was leaning toward female Painted Bunting. At least to me it looks more green than brown.
  6. 1. Scarlet Tanager 2. Northern Parula 3. Pass 4. Agree with Vesper 5. Pass
  7. HamRHead

    What Warbler?

    Agree with BigOly. It might be an adult female but I can't say for sure.
  8. HamRHead

    Confirm Winter Wren?

    I'm thinking this is a House Wren, but, wait for additional input.
  9. HamRHead

    Brown Bird

    ...on the very brown head, and it wasn't even grazing. And due to the current glitch on the forum I'm not completely sure what emoji I just used!?!
  10. HamRHead

    Bird identification