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  1. Thanks both! douginBC, looks like it took a Mallard corpse which Turkey Vultures were previously feeding on
  2. Seen at a city river in CA, obviously not habitat for other eagles but strays do occur. An adult bald was seen here also. This ones sheer size caught my eye Thanks!
  3. BeeDog

    Socal Shorebird

    Thanks psweet and Colorado Owl!
  4. BeeDog

    Socal Shorebird

    Seen a few days ago at orange county, CA. Second photo shows one flying with a black-necked stilt.
  5. BeeDog

    Flycatcher or vireo

    It was taken yesterday, it does look like some of the gray flycatchers i see on google and you're right about it not being pacific-slope, I could tell right away it looked too different.
  6. BeeDog

    Northern Pintail?

    Thanks Sean!
  7. Hi, saw this in orange county, CA. I believe it bobbed its tail and made no sounds.
  8. Hi, these two females seen in Orange county, CA.
  9. BeeDog

    Cackling Goose?

    Thanks all, it would seem its a small Canadian goose. I wonder if it could be a small subspecies? This was in Orange county, CA.
  10. BeeDog

    Cackling Goose?

    I thought this guy looked a little smaller and stubbier than the canadas but also didn't seem as small as other cacklers i've seen, also no neck ring or other very distinguishing features
  11. BeeDog

    California Sparrow

    Thanks bird nuts, I don't know why i'm having issues embedding a link to it when I had no problems on my last post. Chipping Sparrow is right, I guess an immature.
  12. Seen in San Diego County in mixed woodland and grassland, I can't find a species with such a pure unmarked white breast, while it doesn't have a brown enough cap to be chipping https://www.flickr.com/photos/63280420@N06/37904157816/in/dateposted-public/ Edited to put proper link
  13. BeeDog

    Dead rail

    Thanks, Virginia Rail looks right. It looks like this bird was reported at the wetlands 2 days before I found this dead one and hasn't been seen there since. oddly no windows here, was next to a parking structure, I suppose it could have hit a car window or the wall, strange since its a very well lit area at night.
  14. BeeDog

    Dead rail

    I found this bird dead at my job, It's a couple miles from a wetland so I imagine this bird came from there, not sure what happened to it though... In Orange County, CA Poor quality phone photo taken at night
  15. Originally thought this bird was a leucistic Eurasian Collared-Dove but then I found out the African Collared exists. Sorry about imgur links for some reason site won't let me direct link now. Third link shows it with a group of Eurasian for comparison. Bird hung out at feeder station for a few days then wasn't seen again, San DIego, CA. http://imgur.com/a/H6wG1 http://imgur.com/a/IeEuE http://imgur.com/a/cFRfh