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  1. What type of gull

  2. Hummingbird, Anaheim CA

    There is not enough information to tell whether it's one or the other. However, Rufous Hummingbirds are exceedingly rare in fall in Orange County, and our knowledge of their local status and distribution tells us that those that do occur here in fall migration are more likely to move through the Santa Ana Mountains than in the lowland parts of the county. They are significantly more common during spring migration, including throughout the lowlands. If you use eBird, please submit it as Rufous/Allen's.
  3. Costa's Hummer???

    Apparently I should come here more often. Here's a response 3 weeks too late: this is an Anna's Hummingbird. IMO the wingtips are obviously shorter than the tail, and combined with the gorget pattern Costa's can be ruled out.
  4. Flycatcher or vireo

    Just logging in for the first time in like 6 months...any chance the photos could be uploaded again? If it is a Gray I'm wondering if it's one of the ones that we know about (Irvine Regional Park and Mile Square Regional Park) or if it's a different one. Anyway, I'd like to see the photos if they can be put up again...thanks.
  5. Anaheim Gulls / Part 5

  6. Anaheim Gulls / Part 4

    Yes, first four are California, everything else is Western.
  7. Cassin's or Western Kingbird

    I would call this a Cassin's.
  8. Anaheim Gulls / Group 3

    Yes, they are all Western.
  9. Anaheim Gulls / Group 1

    Yes, the top is a Heermann's and the bottom is a California.
  10. I Need Help With This One

    Yep, juvenile European Starling.
  11. Two birds in LA

    The second bird is a California Scrub-Jay.
  12. So California Hummingbird ID

    Correct, we won't be expecting Rufous Hummingbirds for another few weeks. This is an Allen's by default.
  13. Common Tern?

    The photo was taken yesterday, and adults don't even begin their pre-basic molt until late July. At this date, the black cap across the back of the head, black bill, strong carpal-bar, and lack of gray wash on undersides would indicate an SY (first summer) bird.