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  1. 1st Winter White-Throated Sparrow?

    Looks good for WTSP
  2. Sparrow help ID please

    Swamp Sparrow confirmed
  3. Dark Eyed Junco, but no dark eyes?

    I agree with SPTO Agreed
  4. Need help on ID- LI NY

    Oh, then Gadwalls thirded
  5. Need help on ID- LI NY

  6. Alcid in Maine

    They look like Dovekies
  7. Is it a Violet-green Swallow?

    I agree with VGSW
  8. Neotropic or Double-Crested Cormorant

    All Double-crested Cormorants
  9. Falcon?

    American Kestrel
  10. Finch ID British Columba

    Yep! I got my lifer BHVI last year from a photo that was 3 years old lol
  11. They do look like Cormorants, likely Double-crested.
  12. Finch ID British Columba

    Purple Finch
  13. That's one BIG Starling