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  1. Well, thanks!
  2. Domestic Muscovy Duck
  3. I saw these 3 Dragonflies today in Polk County. Sorry for the poor photos, but can they be Identified? Thanks
  4. Looks like a Ring-billed Gull
  5. Yes, the 2nd one also looks like a LBBG
  6. It looks like a Lesser Black-backed Gull, but that would be a big rarity for your area
  7. Looks like a Yellow-legged Gull
  8. Maybe Curve-billed for the Thrasher?
  9. ok...... revenge
  10. 1: Cactus Wren 2: Looks like a Purple Finch 3-4: Black Phoebe?
  11. I agree, ECDO and CASJ
  12. Agreed lol, definitely agree!