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  1. Vireo problem....

    @psweet we need you
  2. Vireo problem....

    Everyone says Vireo..... which kind is the question
  3. Vireo problem....

    Well Gis......... We have so far on the discord suggestions of BEVI, BHVI, WEVI, YBFL, a type of empid........... idk about other boards
  4. Vireo problem....

    Hey this is a photo of a bird seen in PA recently that has caused a big debate on Discord. No one seems to know what it is. There have been 900+ messages about it since last night. Does anyone here know? (not my photos)
  5. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Welcome to whatbird!! How'd you know about that?
  6. Vireo and Pectoral/Baird's Sandpipers

    it looks better for Cassin's to me
  7. Gray Flycatcher

    the first 2 look like good candidates for Gray, but I'm just guessing
  8. 4 unknown birds?

    4 looks like a western wood-pewee, 2 looks like an American Pipit, and I'll pass on the Sparrow and 1st Flycatcher
  9. Sports server

    I created a sports discord server for all sports fans! If you are interested in joining, PM me and I will give you the invite link.
  10. Tough Warbler ID

    Palm Warbler is correct
  11. What Bird

    I agree
  12. Is this a Yellow Warbler?

    Yes Yellow Warbler
  13. Let the fun begin!

    I've seen and photographed both