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  1. Duck help

    I agree
  2. Warbler?

    Me too!
  3. Bonaventure Island Quebec Seabird

    @Backroader post the link to the photos.
  4. help with gullsshore birds

    Agreed. LAGU is Laughing Gull
  5. Merlin? Young Sharpie/Coop?

    Looks like a Cooper's Hawk
  6. Hybrid Mallard?

  7. Melierax's Hawk 2

    Melierax told me to post this for her. She's wondering if it's an Eastern or Western
  8. Can this be identified?

    If you zoom in close enough, you can see the white on it's neck and breast. It's a Common Loon.
  9. Ruddy Turnstones? And duck

    Ruddy Turnstones and Hooded Merganser
  10. help with gullsshore birds

    1: pass 2-5: mix of RBGU and LAGU
  11. Bonaventure Island Quebec Seabird

    @Backroader can you repost the photo?
  12. Bonaventure Island Quebec Seabird

    Well, I'm on mobile. Is that the problem maybe?
  13. Another Greater Scaup?

    Looks better for greater scaup