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  1. Help identifying

  2. Swallow

  3. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Hi all, haven't been on in a while (I apologize). quick update: Yearlist now at 79 (NRWS today) My new patch list started last month is now 50 (12 of them in the lat 4 days!!! ) Lifelist still 186, but I found lifer PESA in my old photos! (Yes, I still need SOSP.... )
  4. Southeastern PA

  5. Unknown Shorebird

    Seen August 21, 2015 at the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive. Any suggestions on what it could be? There was a flock of about 60 of these. Thanks.
  6. Unknown Shorebird

    I was thinking maybe WRSA. Is that possible?
  7. Unknown Shorebird

  8. Unknown Shorebird

    Yes (I already got another lifer today from old photos - PESA)
  9. Major dips in 2018

    Isabel (the traveler) did one for 2017, so here's the 2018 one
  10. Major dips in 2018

    Dipped on Scrub-jay a few days ago....
  11. List of Birds Question

    Look at Ebird too (hit explore regions and click on the United States)
  12. Not-Birds

  13. Not-Birds

    Pine cones on trees and everything @MerMaeve said on page two
  14. Not-Birds

    OMG yes
  15. Not a clue what this bird is

  16. What's this small Orange/Black Bird? First Timer

    Looks like a Swallow
  17. white wing grackle?

  18. Warbler?

  19. Duck help

    I agree
  20. Warbler?

    Me too!
  21. Bonaventure Island Quebec Seabird

    @Backroader post the link to the photos.