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  1. Another pound of Ducks

    Alabama yesterday
  2. Pie-billed grebes Scaup Lastly
  3. Ducks a dancing

    I think the two in the back ring are gadwalls. I think there are Ringed-necks, and Scaups but I'm not sure what kind of scaups.
  4. Handful of Sparrows

    I heard the third one and I thought Vesper Sparrow?
  5. Handful of Sparrows

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. today in Alabama
  6. Wired Birds

    1. European starling 2. Chipping Sparrow?? 3. Not sure https://www.flickr.com/photos/147304011@N07/shares/F2b4H6 4. Bluebird
  7. Bama Birds Today

    I thought field sparrow but wasn't sure. I can see that.
  8. Bama Birds Today

    Yes! I see it's a flicker now.
  9. Bama Birds Today

    1) Some kind of thrush? 2) Coopers Hawk? https://www.flickr.com/photos/147304011@N07/shares/R8r44f 3) sparrow?
  10. Ducks

    Today Shelby Alabama sketchy duck? dabbling ducks?
  11. The day before yesterday Atmore Alabama 1. White Ibis 2. Tricolor heron?, snowy egret? and two white ibises 3. Snowy egret, double crested cormorant and? 3. Solitary Sandpiper ( all pics of same bird) 4. Least?? (All the same bird) 5. Sandpiper? (All the same bird)
  12. Captain and blue winged teal

  13. Yesterday Atmore, Alabama 1. Blue-winged teal? 2. Killdeer, white ibis, and ? 3. Killdeer? 4. Solitary sand piper 5.?