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  1. Any Lifers?

    Lifer bonapartes gull today
  2. Lunch

    Savannah with worm lunch
  3. Bonus owl and young Double bonus sailfish molly love
  4. Ah, I got ya. Thanks for the info.
  5. Seen today along the Mississippi Gulf coast. When I took the pictures I figured it was a horned grebe but now I'm not sure with that dirty cheek.
  6. Seen today on the Mississippi Gulf coast. Bonapartes gull?
  7. What type of Hawk (Goshawk)

    Looks like a red shouldered hawk
  8. Fall Migration

    A few more mealworm eaters
  9. Fall Migration

    I feed dried. I throw a handful on top of the black oil sunflower seeds on the platform feeder and they don't last too long. I've never had them go bad on the platform feeder, but I have had them get moldy in a wire mesh mealworm feeder. They definitely bring in some different birds.
  10. Fall Migration

    Another new feeder bird
  11. Fall Migration

    New feeder bird, definitely been a good year so far.
  12. Brown pelican and reddish egret