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  1. I'm not positive, but that kingbird looks like it could be a gray. It's head looks light and I don't see any white on the tip of the tail.
  2. what blackbird?

    Seems like bronzed cowbird with that red eye.
  3. I saw both last week in New Orleans. They are definitely heading up.
  4. "Rare Birds Near me" Explore Map

    You used to be able to do something similar in the audubon app, but the last update killed it. It was definitely the best feature in that app. It really a shame they killed it.
  5. Seen today in south Louisiana. Mottled?
  6. Plovers south Louisiana

    Thanks. I figured they were. When I saw the flock I was hoping for some american golden plover, maybe next time.
  7. Seen today in a field near the Mississippi River. They look like black bellied plover, but I'm not used to seeing them in a big group in a field like these.
  8. Nice. The solitary is a surprise lifer. Thanks
  9. 3 different birds seen today in Venice Louisiana. Last one looks different to me, perhaps a solitary sandpiper. 1. 2. 3.
  10. A couple from yesterday