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  1. Share your Lepidoptera lifers

    Mournful sphinx
  2. Red and black mason wasp? Seen today and Lafitte Louisiana
  3. Blue-green Wasp or Bee

    I don't know what it is, but I see them all the time at work. Definitely cool. I can't ever get a pic that does them justice either.
  4. Recent bug sightings

    Large green stinkbug I had no idea that mole crickets could fly until this one came in to my lights and landed on my shirt.
  5. South Louisiana beetles

    Yeah you called it on the frassing. I definitely like a more laid back attitude since my pics are usually one handed cellphone shots while I'm jerking a net into the boat or wrestling with a fish. I'll have to check out Inaturalist.
  6. South Louisiana beetles

    I never really know what's considered neat by people that know their bugs, but I do spend at least 4 days a week in the field so I take lots of pictures of stuff I consider interesting. I just made an account on bug guide and uploaded these guys. Thanks for the help.
  7. From this week around Lafitte Louisiana 1. Coleomegilla maybe? Looked a little off to me 2.?
  8. Interesting fish (and other sea life) pictures

    Unfortunately they were dead by the time we got the net back in the boat and the sample worked up. We were able to release the other sharks we caught before they died though.
  9. Thanks. I went a couple of years looking for one of these and now that I saw one a couple of weeks ago now I'm seeing them all over.
  10. Thanks for the info. I'm trained in fish and marine inverts, but I'm slowly learning these guys. Any recommendations for a good all around butterfly id book?
  11. 3. Pannaria Wave Moth? Maybe
  12. Your current nemesis bird...

    Finally got my nemesis Wilson's warbler in city park today.