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  1. confirm Iceland Gull

    More of the light one
  2. I think your purple gallinule might be a gray headed swamphen. I might have to check that spot out at the end of the this month. I would love to see one.
  3. South Louisiana pouldeau = coot dos gris = scaup gros bec = night heron or ibis
  4. confirm Iceland Gull

    What about this bird? Same location, same time as the other. Both together
  5. Yeah I definitely didn't eat that shroom. Another from today Stinkhorn sp definitely had an interesting aroma
  6. Killdeer

    The double breast band separates the Killdeer from the other plovers found around here.
  7. Bonus interesting shroom
  8. Killdeer

    Yep you got it
  9. Reflection pictures

    Haha I thought I was losing my mind when I didn't see it posted it best, so I reposted it. Turns out I lost my mind earlier in the day and accidentally posted it here. I blame the cough syrup
  10. Bald eagle confirmation

    Looks like a bald eagle to me
  11. Best Birding Apps

    It's much easier to navigate. You don't have to worry about the hyphens. The hyphen thing drives me crazy with sibleys. I think ibird pro is laid out more intuitively. I find it much easier to just swipe the screen to navigate to the audio, picture, and similar species sections. It's a little clunky clicking for the sections in sibleys. But if it's a difficult bird with a bunch of different plumages sibleys is much more in depth.
  12. Best Birding Apps

    Chose one? Ridiculous But seriously, I would probably go with ibird pro for ease of everyday use.
  13. Lunch

    Iceland gull with white shrimp head