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  1. cerulean warbler

    Thanks for your thoughtful assessment! It was definitely poor light, and really hard to take good pictures in the ever swaying willow tree. I will have to invite him(her) back for a better photo haha. I studied the back as you observed, and I agree it is greenish, very similar to the color of the leaves. Thanks
  2. Juvie Red-tailed Hawk?

    yes, and nice photo!
  3. cerulean warbler

    Well, I thought it was the same bird! Human error is possible :). I see what you mean about the tail.All I can offer now is that I took all the photos seconds apart, and my notes say bluish bird which I remember being excited about. Perhaps this will remain a mystery. Thanks Again
  4. cerulean warbler

    Hi, I realize that i should have said specifically that these images are all from the same bird! The first three as well as additional, somewhat better front photo that I added. Sorry for the confusion!
  5. cerulean warbler

    Thanks for your input, it was definitely bluish... here is one more image that shows white throat, the bluish on the belly, white supercillium.
  6. cerulean warbler

    Oh, before I shrunk down the image size, the blue was a little more apparent on the wing and a little hint on the belly where the feathers were sortof brushed horizontally,
  7. cerulean warbler

    Hi, If someone could help me with this ID I would be grateful! Seen in Syracuse NY on October 4, 2016 which would be fall migration. I've been looking back at my fall lists and would love to have input here! *Plus it would go on my life list! Thanks in advance.
  8. black scoter or black duck

  9. black scoter or black duck

    great, thanks
  10. Good Morning, I'm hoping for help with this trio of ducks. Seen January 6 on Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, NY. I understand scoters are rare here but they've been seen occasionally for a couple months and I'd like to confirm whether thats what we have here. This photo was taken as the sun set so there is a orangish color cast on the ducks. Thanks for taking the time to help!
  11. ruddy or scoter or what

    Thanks!, and yes, I just discovered and joined Whatbird. Looks like a great resource :).
  12. ruddy or scoter or what

    Thanks! Have a great day.
  13. Hi, It would be lovely if someone could identify this duck for me. I spotted a pair 12-28-16. Syracuse NY. I first thought it was a ruddy but the white doesn't go to the bill!? Thanks very much.