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  1. Broad-winged Hawk? (From Eastern MA)

    Looks perfect for a Broad-winged
  2. Plover species?

    1. Black-bellied 2. Semipalmated
  3. Broad-winged Hawk?

    Looks good for a juvenile Broad-winged Hawk to me.
  4. Spotted sandpiper?

    Spotted Sandpiper is correct
  5. Empidonax Flycatcher

    I'm not one to give definite IDs on Empids through photo but I can offer my impression. I immediately noted a drab short tailed short billed Empid with a bold eyering and buffy wingbars. In your area Dusky is the most likely option but personally I got a young Hammond's feel.
  6. Shore Bird ID

    Black tips to the outer tail feathers, broken eyering, moderate sized dark bill and dusky underwing say immature Laughing Gull to me.
  7. Confirm Oyster Catchers

  8. Brewer's Sparrow or Chipping Sparrow?

    The lack of contrasting lower border to the cheeks, darker eyeline, and prominent dark lores say juvenile Chipping Sparrow
  9. Yellow House Finch?

    The heavy curved upper mandible and lack of yellow edging to the primaries confirms House Finch. To me the yellow appears to be reflected light caught by the camera, but as you noted House Finches can be yellow depending on their diet during molt, but the color is still limited generally to the head, breast and rump, and is often less vibrant then their red counterparts.
  10. Song Sparrow

    Correct, juvenile Song Sparrow
  11. Henslow's Sparrow?

    Yes it is
  12. Swallows

    The pale rufous colored cheeks, white streaks on the mantle, and uniniform rump rule out Barn and steer towards Cave Swallows or some early migrant Cliff Swallows to me.
  13. Ibises

    The specks of white in the crown and throat strongly suggest that these birds are to young to seperate White-faced from Glossy although range strongly favors White-faced
  14. Is this a Sooty Grouse?

    Duller color, shorter tail, and habitat look good for Sooty Grouse to me
  15. Unknown bird

    I can see the base of the white outer tail feathers, that and the rufous mantle with black hood and body shape really rule out anything but a male "Oregon" Dark-eyed Junco. Chestnut-backed Chickadee or Spotted Towhee would really be the only other two, but shape and missing marks can rule those out.