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  1. Mike_56

    Too Cute...Babies!

    Baby,muscovy duck by Mike, on Flickr
  2. Dinner time by Mike, on Flickr Dinner time by Mike, on Flickr
  3. Picture taken in Wokodahatcee wetlands(Florida) may 5 ,before visiting this place i dont see this birds https://imgur.com/a/ioTMVLE Thanks .
  4. By say -"it is" i admit my mistake and greatly appreciated help Thanks again .
  5. Thanks, it is Purple Martin female . http://identify.whatbird.com/obj/230/overview/Purple_Martin.aspx
  6. Mike_56

    Bad hair day

    Bad hair day... by Mike, on Flickr
  7. With Florida rain .....the best we can for now White ibis by Mike, on Flickr
  8. I think top and bottom picture same -only top enlarged and look more distorted .
  9. I can recommend D7500 with new Sony processor(before they have Toshiba ) ,my iso settings set to 3200 ,this is shot taken with iso 3200 Yellow-crowned Night-Heron by Mike, on Flickr
  10. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron by Mike, on Flickr
  11. Mike_56

    Eye contact............

    Purple Gallinule by Mike, on Flickr
  12. Nobody answer you question -i will try . Lens 200-500 is compatible with D5100 (https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/camera-lenses/af-s-nikkor-200-500mm-f%2f5.6e-ed-vr.html) -you using camera with other lenses . Lens 200-500 rental lens -possible electronic contacts dirty(solutions alcohol ) ,or lens broken (possible dropped).
  13. Mike_56

    Can you feed orioles orange juice?

    Maybe its wrong Orioles ? according to internet they love oranges
  14. I will agree -but its only opinion .
  15. Mike_56

    Can you feed orioles orange juice?

  16. Northern Mockingbird by Mike, on Flickr
  17. Muscovy duck,portrait by Mike, on Flickr
  18. Red-bellied Woodpecker by Mike, on Flickr
  19. Mike_56

    Too Cute...Babies!

    Two more baby from my last visit to Wokodahatchee Baby wood stork by Mike, on Flickr Cattle Egret,baby by Mike, on Flickr
  20. Forum not running correctly ,right now i try add text(edit my previous post) to my picture and i can't do it . My picture is from series of my last visit to wakodahatchee wetlands ,many pictures and a lot of wildlife .
  21. Do i now you? by Mike, on Flickr
  22. Mike_56

    Too Cute...Babies!

    Tricolored heron,,babys by Mike, on Flickr
  23. If suddenly someone had the idea that I exhibit my photos on the forum for the sake of likes please contact the administration so they can transferred my likes to you, you have my consent. Thanks .
  24. Mike_56


    Its not ,grackle,bird grabbed the tongue of the lizard, she then carried it somewhere.
  25. @GracesWarbler This his second one ,Please check crab eyes .... His Dinner... by Mike, on Flickr