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  1. Goldeneye?

    Nevermind. It’s a goldeneye. Just found another pic of the same duck from a slightly different angle, and you can see a faint patch on the cheek
  2. Goldeneye?

    Today near Denver. I don’t see the white face patch, but it doesn’t look like a female.
  3. Any guesses on this hawk (crow?)

    Thanks everyone! That's a lifer for me, so I'm excited!!
  4. Seen today near Denver. I know they're terrible pics. But I'll take any guess you have.
  5. Which falcon?

    Today near Denver. I thought this was a merlin. But now I'm not sure.
  6. Never mind. I figured it out.
  7. This morning, I saw a Canada goose with a green neck collar/band that says "AOU5." This is my first time seeing a banded bird. What should I do? How/where do I report that?
  8. I always struggle with this distinction. Today near Denver. https://imgur.com/a/RuTlN
  9. Which duck?

    Ah yes! It's totally a hooded merganser. I see it now. And I think Denver is out of ranger for scoters.
  10. Which duck?

    Today near Denver Common goldeneye? I think I see a patch on face https://imgur.com/a/SvHWg
  11. Rough-legged hawk?

    Today near Denver
  12. House sparrow?

    Haha! I was hoping for something less familiar.
  13. House sparrow?

    Today near Denver
  14. Starling?

    Today near Denver