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Found 234 results

  1. Sparrow

    Learning some new sparrows this week. Which one is this? (Vancouver Island)
  2. Odd Sparrow

    Have this odd sparrow can't quite seem to nail an ID on. Doesn't look right for either a Lincoln or Savanna. Images are cropped RAW files with no color adjustments.
  3. Song Sparrow?

    Hi , I saw this one in Toronto last week. Is it a Song Sparrow? thx
  4. Hi all, Had some good looks at this sparrow while hiking around Swiftcurrent Lake. Was in group of about 6-8 birds in open area near lake's edge. I thought that they might be Brewer's Sparrows. Photo of a juvenile? And thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks, Duke
  5. savannah sparrow?

    Trying to learn my LBBs. Saw this bird at Margaret Peak Nature Preserve in Ohio, in a soybean field. I'm guessing it's a Savannah Sparrow?
  6. Can anyone ID this sparrow-like LBJ, seen at dusk at the end of March on an antenna just outside the wall in Oltrarno Florence? The kestrel-like mustache and light band around the nape don't appear in my Birds of Europe.
  7. This picture was taken in Washington state. Need help identifying. Thanks sparrow by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr
  8. Grasshopper Sparrow?

    Does this one look like a Grasshopper Sparrow? Taken today (7/3) in Burlington, VT. Check out two g_sparrow pics... https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7BzRGqv4KWSN1pWbklTak5EWVk
  9. What Junco Subspecies?

    Without giving the location, what subspecies would you call this particular Dark-eyed Junco? On 3/28/2017.
  10. These are all Rufous-winged Sparrows? 5/20/17 1) Adjacent to Tucson airport 2) Saguaro NP, bird #1 3) Saguaro NP, bird #2
  11. Sparrow

    I'm thinking Savannah Sparrow??? seen in Toronto last week. thx
  12. white-throated sparrow?

    Hi, I saw this bird in Toronto last week. Is it a white-throated sparrow? Why does it have streaks on the chest?
  13. Chipping Sparrow?

    Hi, I saw this bird this weekend in Toronto. is it a Chipping sparrow?
  14. Took this shot near Great Swamp today. Light was not great so any help would be great on identifying the sparrow(?). Many thanks!
  15. I saw this sparrow, I thought maybe song sparrow but not sure. this is in southern california. _MG_3607-Edit by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr
  16. What Sparrow?

    4/17/17 in Southeast Michigan
  17. Recently I saw a sparrow like bird with prominent yellow stripe on face along with a bunch of white crowned sparrows in maricopa county. Unfortunately I didn't get a good photo but have a very bad photo from back. I can see the yellow stripe. Is it consistent with golden crowned sparrow? Thanq very much.
  18. Photographed this sparrow here in Winnipeg on a willow bush--singing away--though not in this picture. Sparrow- by peter spencer, on Flickr
  19. Sparrow- by peter spencer, on Flickr Photographed this sparrow here in Winnipeg on a willow bush singing away-- though not in this picture.
  20. Sparrow ID

    going through my old pictures can't seem to ID this early Spring AZ sparrow. http://
  21. Another LBB

    Haven't mastered the sparrow ID'ing yet. This kinda looks like a golden crowned sparrow but without the gold crown. Tricky little birds...
  22. LBB

    These little guys are still hard for me to differentiate. Is it a song sparrow?
  23. What Sparrow

    I saw this picture of what I assume to be some sort of young sparrow posted on a website and identified as a song sparrow. This seemed wrong to me, and I was considering chipping sparrow or a relative, although its coloration reminded me a little of a savannah... Could anyone help me out with id? I would also like to know the approximate age, if that is possible... Thanks!
  24. Song Sparrow?

    Seen in Orange County, CA. This sparrow looked much different than other Song Sparrows in the same area with a much more sluggish behavior, but the ID still seems to fall on Song Sparrow to me. Can they be variable even in the same area at the same time? Thanks
  25. Trying to identify the bigger brown duck amongst the buffleheads: Also, is this an American Tree Sparrow?