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Found 234 results

  1. Help needed on ducks and sparrows

    Please ignore this thread. Somehow I posted the same thing in two places. Sorry.
  2. Please help. Seen on 30 May 2015, Arlington National Cemetery.
  3. sparrow by peter spencer, on Flickr This sparrow was on my crabapple tree in -10 degree C Winnipeg weather--with all puffed-up feathers. I looked into Kaufman guide and can't ID it. Thanks Peter
  4. Sparrow ?

    Seen in tree by feeder, Warrenton, VA 2:30PM 1/22/16
  5. Hello, Forum! I was taking photographs in Central Park last week and shot this White-Throated Sparrow. When I went home to upload and examine the photos I noticed that it had what appears to be exposed skin and possible bone or inner-beak on one side of its face. I've posted photos here. Does anyone know what may have caused this? -Peter White-Throated Sparrow by degibox, on Flickr White Throated Sparrow with possible beak disease? by degibox, on Flickr
  6. Hey everyone! This is probably a softball for all you experts but I need help with this little guy I found at my feeder the other day. I live in Seattle, WA if it's any help. Thanks and Happy New Year!
  7. Type of sparrow?

    Seen near the Gila River in Yuma, AZ in December - any thoughts on the type of sparrow? Thanks!
  8. Sparrow

    This is a HY Swamp Sparrow, thus the streaking? St. Petersburg, FL 11/11/15 Thank you.
  9. Song Sparrow?

    Northern NJ.
  10. Photo from 10-24-15 at Point Lookout - LI, NY - need help identifying this sparrow type bird.
  11. Saw all these today in Charlotte, NC. I believe #1 is a Chipping Sparrow, #2 a Song Sparrow and not sure about the other two. https://www.flickr.com/photos/cmmontreuil/22254828349/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/cmmontreuil/22428369772/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/cmmontreuil/21820480323/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/cmmontreuil/22254826529/in/dateposted-public/ Thanks, Chris
  12. What Sparrow ?

    Sorry for the sub-optimal photo. It was captured at a distance and heavily cropped. My first inclination is to say song sparrow, but something looks different about this bird. It has a rufous crown and what appears to be be grayish blue upper parts. It was feeding with a small flock along the ground and in entanglements. Could it possibly be a fox sparrow? You make the call! Image taken today in Southern NJ. Thanks.
  13. Is this an adult (left) and a juvenile (right) Chipping Sparrow (they we interacting)? from September 4 in south central Pennsylvania.
  14. This was a fairly large sparrow in grassland/mesquite country, about 4,500', at Ruby AZ. Ideas please? My best guess was Rufous-winged, which occurs there but I think of it as being more clearly marked. All the photos show the same individual.
  15. These photos were taken three days ago in Durango, CO. These small, flocking birds were dropping from low trees into weedy seed heads then quickly returning to the trees. They were in constant motion. My best guess is House Sparrow or Clay-colored Sparrow.
  16. July Sparrow

    Hi! This sparrow was near Batavia, Illinois in July. Can you help me with which kind? Thanks very much!
  17. Juvenile...goldfinch? Sparrow?

    i can't decide... Juvenile Goldfinch or just a sparrow by degibox, on Flickr
  18. Confirmations

    Saw these birds in Muskegon, Michigan. I think i know what they are, just looking for confirmations
  19. Birding at 10am today at Steigerwald Nature Reserve on the Washington State side of the Columbia River. This reserve has large expanse of meadow grass land, some ponds, cotton wood stands and sits adjacent to the Columbia River so it catches many species of birds. Today I had already seen many Savannah sparrow, a 1 white crowned sparrow, plus many song sparrows and juveniles. This particular bird caught my attention with the distinct facial markings but no yellow lores. See my flickr link for 5 photos of different angles I was able to capture before it ducked behind into the grass. This sparrow has a white streak center crown and alternating black stripes with white throat. The chest was very clear cream with distinct black markings to clean cream/white belly. It hid behind a leaf to watch me but when stretching neck up to see over the leaf the crown feathers crested up and I did not see any yellow. There are more photos but these were the most clear. Sparrow2 by T Norris, on Flickr
  20. Saw this on a visit to Piute Ponds (Edwards Air Force Base) in the desert north of Lancaster, California yesterday. Appreciate help on ID!! Chipping Sparrow?? @ Piute Ponds by Mike Coulson, on Flickr
  21. Is this a House Sparrow?

    Hello! I live in New York City and I see house sparrows by the dozens everywhere I go every day. Today, however, I spotted this bird in a tree along a trail in Central Park and only had my crummy phone camera. Snapped these crude, blurry photos. This bird appeared to me to be slightly larger than a house sparrow and, well, it wasn't hopping around like crazy with two dozen other house sparrows! It was solitary. Plus, it was so quiet! Did I just happen to observe a large house sparrow behaving in a way I hadn't seen before? Please know I'm new to birding. It's my first year! Thanks! -Peter WhatSparrowAmI by degibox, on Flickr
  22. Here are several sparrows (or sparrow-like birds) that I have taken pictures of over the past month or so, all in Maine. If you could help with identifying them, I would be very thankful! 1. The very dark beak is throwing me off. Not just lighting, 2. 3. Obviously very young. Tiny tiny. Was near number 2. 4. 5. This one is stumping me.. Young? Field sparrow? Very bright salmon-colored beak. 6. Vesper Sparrow? Not song sparrow I thought, because it doesn't have the mark on its breast. 7. Female house sparrow? Thanks for any help!
  23. Hmm? A type of sparrow perhaps?

    Hello, all! Check this little specimen out. Looks like it's got a tasty little morsel in it's mouth. I own a field guide, but darned if I can figure out which brown and white spotted little bird this! Thank you all for your help! -Peter
  24. 4 birds ID help

    I need help to identify 4 separate birds. All 4 were seen in Northern Utah within the past week. The first is an Ibis. Almost all of our Ibis's here are White-faced, but we are supposed to get the occasional (rare) Glossy Ibis. This Ibis was a slightly different color than the others, and had less white around it's face, so I'm wondering if it could be a Glossy. The second bird is a Flycatcher that I saw in the foothills near the mountains (fairly dry habitat). The third bird is a Sparrow that I found in the same area as the Flycatcher, and the fourth is a group of shorebirds that were hanging out with the Ibises. (I included a Black-necked stilt in that picture to show scale, but the shorebirds I'm wondering about are the smaller (sandpipers?) in the foreground.)