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Found 234 results

  1. sparrow

    Is this an american tree sparrow? I originally thought it was a female house sparrow, but then i noticed the upper beak seems black and the lower yellow. (southern ontario)
  2. Hello, I would like help confirming (or correcting) my identification for the two attached birds. I believe the first image is a savannah sparrow, and the second image possibly a chipping sparrow. Thank you, Brian
  3. I recently went to the Otis Farm Bird Sanctuary in Michigan and I saw a ton of birds there but I am unsure on the identification of two of them. This one I'm pretty sure is a song sparrow but they did say lincoln's sparrows were a possibility so I'm just making sure This one I'm having a lot of trouble with Thanks for the help!
  4. Hey guys, Is this sparrow identifiable from these photos? I took them before I was well-acquainted with North American sparrows, and looking back at the pictures now I'm a bit stuck. Taken in early September of 2012, inside the crater rim of Crater Lake (at high elevation) in Oregon. In case it helps, here are the eBird bar charts for Crater Lake National Park, showing which birds are known to be present there. Thanks in advance!
  5. I spotted this juvenile bird in my neighbor's backyard in Vancouver, BC and took a few pictures before it took off. The yellow color of his beak prompts me to think he is still a juvenile bird of which gave me a very hard time identifying for his lack of prominent features. That being said, I think he might be a juvenile vesper sparrow. Any thoughts?
  6. Is this a juvenile female house sparrow? That's my guess, but then why does it have yellow around its beak? That's what's throwing me off. Southern Ontario.
  7. sparrow??

    I'm at a loss for this one. I'm assuming it's a juvenile and still has the baby grey feathers, but I can't seem to find that head pattern in my book. It's some sort of sparrow isnt it? Southern Ontario.
  8. Song sparrow?

    I'm in southern ontario. Looks the most like a song sparrow to me, I guess they come in various colours and patterns
  9. Sparrow ? Toronto, May

    Hi, any idea what kind of sparrow that is?
  10. lousy pictures

    Hi everybody. I have a few bird I need IDing, I can't quite figure out what they are. Unfortunately the birds I wasn't sure of didn't get very good pictures. 1. Regular song sparrow or a different kind of sparrow? this one looks slightly different to me, but I can't quite pinpoint why. 2. Yellow bird(s?) high up in tree. This one looks different then the others posssibly thanks! Edit: forgot to say location. I'm in central maine
  11. Sparrow confirmation - Ontario

    Today, Burlington, Ontario. All photos same individual. Confirm Clay-Coloured? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello all Yesterday I went for a walk around Clay Pit Pond in Belmont MA (USA) and saw some nifty birds. As usual, they didn't cooperate with my camera. This first one I think I have ID'd, is it a Savannah Sparrow? This one I have NO clue about:
  13. Ontario - sparrow & oriole

    From today in Toronto Thanks in advance. Confirm female & male Orchard Oriole. They are not super common here. The male in particular looks too deep red for a Baltimore: Sparrow - I never got a 100% clear shot of him (all shots I believe are of same individual, but there may have been 2), as he was way deep under cover. I think I know what it is,but would appreciate a confirm. Shares name with, but is not named after a President ?
  14. Sparrow Confusion

    May 2, 2015... Been trying to clarify what bird this is for a long time. In one bird book pictures identifies it as a Fox Sparrow. And for years I thought that is what it is. It occasionally is seen at bird feeders at various places i have lived.. The type of sparrow that has a distinct brown delta (or guitar pick) shaped brown cap. Sitting on the head almost like a baseball cap. Now on this website pictures identifies it as either a Tree Sparrow or a Swamp Sparrow. (Not a Fox Sparrow as I always believed) But for my area in the Catskills Region of upstate New York this time of year it should be a Swamp Sparrow. I do live almost a stones throw from the Hudson River. So that might explain it being a Swamp Sparrow. Could it be a Tree Sparrow on its migration stopping at the feeder?
  15. Sparrow confirmation - Ontario

    Today - Burlington Ontario - photos of same bird. I feel pretty confident that I know, but my Sparrow ID mojo seems to be in poor shape lately. I know it is one of 2 things, and that the lack of white in the supercilium should be my diagnostic here, along with the unstreaked or spotted grey chest and rufous cap with dark eyeline working back from the eye. But just want to confirm, as it would be my first time successfully ID'ing the species I think it is in the field, and would be a lifer. Thanks in advance.
  16. Spotted this little bird on Sunday April 26 eating pussy willows in a swampy area of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada on the shores of Lake Superior. There were 3 of them.
  17. Taken yesterday in central Maine. Sparrows are tricky, but I think some of these are obvious... 1. Chipping? or Tree? 2. Same? Not sure... Seems like more white on throat and side of head? 3. 4. 5.American Tree sparrow? Do they not all have the dark spot on their breast? 6. 7. Is this a fox sparrow? 8. 9. Not a sparrow I don't think. Pine siskin perhaps? Not sure. This is a lot of sparrows! Thanks for any help
  18. If you don't mind helping with any of these birds, Im not extremely familiar with them. Finches, sparrows, warbler?, bunting? .. not sure. Please comment on any you know. We are a family of bird lovers but still learning!! Thank you! https://www.flickr.com/photos/sudsymugsy/sets/72157652024049685/with/16558386143/
  19. I'm Stumped!

    Fort Stockton, Texas....April 2015. I have two birds that are giving me difficulty. The first one is some sort of sparrow? The Second one should be a House Finch but I've never seen one so red before. thanks, Steve
  20. I have a new bird after living here for 9 years that we have never seen before. There are three of them as far as we can tell and they are determined to take over the BIG Purple Martin house. We live in Waldron, AR. in a rural setting and have plenty of pines, oaks, gums, elm, cedars, and more, for birds to live in. One of our unused bluebird houses is what it seems that they are going to be satisfied with. I thought they may be Harris's Sparrow, but couldn't get them to exactly identify with the characteristics. Then I settled on the Eurasian Tree Sparrow, but have since decided they aren't that, either. Picture of the Eurasian Tree Sparrow has a black spot on his cheek, ours does not. PLEASE help, lol. I need to KNOW what I am feeding. They do land on the small seed feeder off and on. Flight pattern is more or less steady, no bounding, no soaring that I've seen yet. The beak is black and so big, I tend towards FINCH of some kind. No white on the tail that I can discern. Just brown speckled on the wings with a white bar and a white neck ring. Black streak comes down under his beak onto the chest, but does not spread out, just stays the streak. No speckles on the breast that I can find in any of the pictures. The tail is forked when perching and I believe it is a fan when he's flying. The pictures I am posting are from a movie that I made of them and may not be the best quality. I do apologize for that, but I think he/she can be seen well enough to give me an idea what I have. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help,
  21. Sparrow confirm - Ontario

    Today, just outside Hamilton, ON Think I know but would like confirm, since I believe it would be a lifer. Thanks in advance.
  22. Which Sparrow?

    This Bird was found hopping among a bunch of sticks in the reeds at the wetland's bank. This was taken in Central Kansas. It hopped quickly and hid in some lower piles of sticks and weeds at my presence. It was darkly and boldly streaked on both flanks and breast, it's belly the only place without streaks. Its brown cap faded at the end of its nape, and had a grey line through the middle of the brown cap. Its beak appeared to be bi-coloured, it looks like there is a greyish patch on the upper-beak. I was thinking it was likely a type of Sparrow, but I can't seem to figure out which kind, I thought maybe a Lincoln's, Swamp or Song Sparrow, though it could be another kind. It was a cloudy day, about 8:00 in the morning, and very foggy at the time. The fog unfortunately made the pictures a bit blurred.
  23. Sparrow ID Help

    Observed this sparrow on a scrubby hillside in Julia Pfeiffer State Park near Big Sur, California on March 17, 2015. It appeared to be part of a small flock that hunkered down into the brush, but this one stayed up for a few photos. I am thrown off by the apparent supraloral yellow. Any ideas? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lmwwfcz665awnqb/AACn9asdWaQcElNznTFdmlrVa?dl=0 Thanks!
  24. Unknown sparrow

    Saw this little guy near the San Diego River in March - not sure which type of Sparrow it is - any thoughts? Thanks!