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Found 234 results

  1. I took this a while ago and forgot about it. Can someone help me identify the sparrow? thank you
  2. Ontario sparrow

    From Hamilton, Ontario - 2015-03-02. Taken in poor light after work last night. And through heavy thicket. Image has been adjusted in GIMP to try and add some light. Probably can't be identified, but I figured it is worth a shot. I have something in mind, which has been reported from this location, but will reserve my thoughts until more knowledgeable folks chime in. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ontario summer sparrow

    From Burlington, ON 2014-06-07 There were Savannah Sparrows around, but the amount of white at the throat of this one is more extensive than I am used to in my limited experience with them. Still another Savannah, or is it something else ? Both photos are the same bird: Thanks
  4. Looking for help identifying sparrow in photo. Photo is not that great but hopefully good enough to confirm id. Thanks.
  5. Taken today in Burlington, ON (45 minutes west of Toronto on Lake Ontario shoreline) I'm pretty sure I know what this is, but just 100% confirming. Not a regular visitor to these parts to say the least. And probably not what you were expecting when opening the topic Harris's sparrow ? It's a reported bird, so pretty comfortable in the ID, but just checking. Thanks in advance.
  6. Sparrow

    This sparrow has me well-confused. It was associating with a mixed bag of Lark Bunting, White-crowned, and others. Maybe the branches are in all the right places, but it didn't jump out to me as an immature White-crowned. Carlsbad Caverns NP January 2015 1a) 1b) 1c) 1d) Thanks.
  7. This little sparrow I saw has some slate coloring on its chest and throat, there were a lot of song sparrows around but the stripping on the chest is muted. This is in southern California. https://www.flickr.com/photos/129829714@N02/16443647145/
  8. I've got about a dozen bird photos from last year hat I have not been able to identify. That doesn't make them unusual birds, or rarities - I just don't know much about bird ID. and when I don't know things, I ask those who do!! Thanks in advance for your help all from Southern MD, first 2 from March 2014, last one from MAy 2014
  9. This little bird in my Florida lawn seems to be a sparrow, but which one? I don't find any sparrows with yellow underneath.
  10. American Tree Sparrow ?

    I am 99.9% sure that this is an American Tree Sparrow. Don't let that .01% come up and bite me... Confirmed? Thanks and Happy Holidays!
  11. Hi there bird friends. :~) Would you help me identify this sparrow? I have included a picture with a Tree Sparrow for comparison. Thank you!
  12. A few confirmations

    I missed posting on this forum #1 #2 #3
  13. Sparrow help

    One more from today, Oakville.ONT (2014-12-06). Both photos of the same bird. Confused about 4 of us watching it. Everyone agreed it was not a song sparrow, it had no central breast spot. What did we all miss ? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello! This is my first post. I've been taking photos of birds for several years and have accumulated some birds I can't quite identify. All of the following photos were taken in central-ish Maine. 1. taken in october 2. very tiny beak! also october 3. october 4. My guess for this one: a young/female black-throated green warbler or young/female blackburnian warbler. Thoughts? this was taken in july 5. Couldn't get a very good picture of this one. My guess was an eastern towhee. june 6. My guess for this little one: eastern phoebe or gray jay? october 7. This poor darling ran into a window pane and didn't survive. : ( Regardless, he's beautiful. I can't figure out what he is. july Thank you very much for any help or comments!!! And happy birding.
  15. This one is a bit tougher for me—sorry, no other photos (same bird in both photos). Very slight yellow around eye; breast streaking at least seems clear and refined from angle that I can make out; bill pinkish on shot with side profile of head; tail may be a little shorter; streaking seems less gray overall, and a bit more brown. Leaning as a Savannah at this point—but not fully convinced either. Any help would be appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving!
  16. 1st post - new birdwatcher. Not sure if this is a fox sparrow, house sparrow, song sparrow - they all look so similar in my guidebook… Thanks for the help!
  17. Juvenile Sparrow?

    Do you know what kind of sparrow this is? It was taken this morning in my backyard in SE Michigan. We get a lot of house sparrows, but I don't recognize this one because of its streaking. I assume it's a juvenile??? Unknown Sparrow-3 by .Kristal., on Flickr Unknown Sparrow-2 by .Kristal., on Flickr Unknown Sparrow-1 by .Kristal., on Flickr
  18. Sparrow?

    Could you help me to ID this sparrow? I think It's Chipping Sparrow... I took this in California. Thank you. Jan.30.2014 @CA1/Near Monterey/CA/USA
  19. Need help with this little chap, He posed for a few pictures spent a few seconds on my hand, then decided he'd had enough and was gone
  20. Hello, I could use some help identifying a few birds that I photographed this weekend near Patricksburg, Indiana, about an hour southwest of Indianapolis. One of the warblers may be a Tennessee—not certain on that. The sparrow could very well be a juvenile Chipping Sparrow, but the front streaking was quite irregular. There were several other adult Chipping Sparrows in the area. Any help and explanation would be helpful! Thanks!
  21. Hi, I would appreciate some help with these birds ID. These (terrible) photos were taken in Sierra Valley, Sierra County, California on August 23rd. The habitat was grass/scrub, a flat valley area. 1090: dark Savannah's? 1070, 1112: I am guessing they are Vesper's or Brewer's sparrows? , 1125: I would like confirmation of a yellow-headed blackbird juvenile. Thanks!
  22. Sparrow ID please.

    Southwest WA, 8/8/14 Please and Thank you. sparrow1 by RaptorGurl, on Flickr sparrow by RaptorGurl, on Flickr
  23. Hi all you wonderful folks out there in computer land. I've got a bit of headache... seems this sparrow has gotten the best of me. I thought it was a female House sparrow at first, then progressed through a few others, only to finally land on( pardon the pun) Lark sparrow. Problem is... there's no white on the tail and no spot on the breast. I thought this was a female that rousts a male off the fence. But now that I look at it, I'm getting more unsure. Are they male, female, mixed or the same? I think I've been looking at this too closely for too long and now. I bet you can tell sparrows are a weak spot in my birding experiances. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a link to the album. I've cropped the originals in closer to help id. We were approx. 100 yards away and took them with a 300mm lense. <iframe class="imgur-album" width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0" src="http://imgur.com/a/TSuS2/embed"></iframe> Peace and Blessings
  24. Type of sparrow?

    I have such a hard time with sparrows... I saw this over the weekend in some scrubby desert area south of Albuquerque, NM. Any thoughts?
  25. Flycatcher and Sparrow

    Taken in SE South Dakota today, 5/13/14. Least Flycatcher? Song or Lincoln's Sparrow?