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Found 228 results

  1. IMG_9842 by louisekopena, on Flickr IMG_9844 by louisekopena, on Flickr IMG_9845 by louisekopena, on Flickr Took this photo two years ago but have never been able to decide what it is. Sorry about the photos, these were the best shots I could get. I saw it in May in the reeds of Kimble Beach, on the Delaware Bay the New Jersey side when looking for red knots . I love sparrows but I'm not very good at telling them apart yet, please help.
  2. Hi, New to the forum. I am going through some old photos, and noticed a bird I'm having trouble identifying. It's from Aug 2010, in Warren Co, PA. The bill is pinkish and quite large, which is giving me some troubles, matching it with a white throat. None of the sparrows look quite right. Any help would be much appreciated. Best, Ashley
  3. Sparrow Help Needed

    Photos taken in Ft. Bragg, CA last month
  4. Sparrow Help

    Taken in central Indiana 5-6-16
  5. Colorado Mystery

    This photo was taken in Campo,Colorado on 5-9-16. Need ID help?
  6. Song Sparrow ?

    I do not see a chest patch, and is the reason I am questioning this species of sparrow. Song sparrow?
  7. I was at Chatfield State Park in Colorado this morning, and saw these two sparrows in the grass near the beach. They were perhaps loosely associated, or maybe just happened to be close together. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi all, I encountered this sparrow on the rocky hillside leading down into Bumpass Hell in Lassen Volcanic National Park. I originally identified it as a Pacific variant of the Rufous-crowned sparrow, but recent conversations have made me wonder if it was a Chipping Sparrow instead. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you in advance!
  9. Yesterday we saw a small flock of these in grassland near Sonoita AZ. They were like fairly large very streaky sparrows. They all looked similar but were hard to see clearly. I think I know what they are but would like an independent opinion. Thanks in advance!
  10. SE TX LBB ID

    As the title states, I need help identifying a little brown bird in southeast Texas (just northwest of Houston) on April 1st. It's in a feeder with black oil sunflower seeds, in an open lawn under the shade of several large trees (neighboring areas are moderately wooded, with houses). Apologies for the quality of these photos. Also, please confirm ID: chipping, Savannah, or tan-striped white-throated sparrow? Same location; February 5th. I know there were other chipping sparrows there that day, but that doesn't necessarily mean this one is, too.
  11. Vesper Sparrow?

    Is this a Vesper Sparrow? I'm not familiar with it, and wasn't able to see if it had white in the tail. In Sonoran Desert creosote scrub near Tucson today. Thanks!
  12. Confirm Vesper Sparrow

    Took this today, white edging to the tail feathers, eyering, and large bill make me think Vesper? I have more photos if needed. Sparrow for ID? by railwatcher1, on Flickr
  13. Hello, I was just recently in Big Bend National Park and I am having a heck of a time deciding if this is a Savannah or a Vesper Sparrow. I spotted it along the river, hopping on the ground with a Lark Sparrow in some grass. The official BB bird checklist states that Vesper is a common species in that habitat this time of year, and Savannah is "uncommon" (1 out of 4 outings in proper season/habitat). Having said that, I don't know how "pronounced" I perceive this eye ring to be. At the same time, I don't really see any evidence of yellow wash in the supraloral area (but I also know that varies widely among Savannah sparrows). Anyway, either would be a lifer for me, I am just trying to nail down which it is with a bit more certainty. Thanks for any help, and I would love to know why anyone reaches the conclusion they do!
  14. Song sparrow?

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to US birding and still coming to grips with all the sparrows found here. Could someone help me confirm this sighting was a song sparrow before I report it? Thanks Andy
  15. Sparrow ID

    Can I get an opinion of what Sparrow this is? It is the same bird, though I'm not really sure if it's a Song sparrow or Tree Sparrow, or not even that. Thanks,
  16. Need help on ID

    I'm having trouble identifying a ground-feeder under my backyard feeders (Amityville, NY). (I got a message that my photo files were too big to upload - any suggestions?!) It is the same size as a Fox Sparrow with similar markings, but no rust color. It also has a striped chest and a central blotch on the chest. The stripes are dark brown. It looks like a Song Sparrow but chunkier. Here's more info: Throat - white, malar -WIDE dark brown, eyering - white, eye stripe - brown, superciliary - white, eyebrow - brown, crown - grey, belly - white, bill -short & pointed. Thanks for any help!
  17. American Tree Sparrow?

    I'm identifying sparrows in my yard on the Niagara Peninsula, ON, Canada. I'm not 100% sure, so I thought I'd ask; Is this an American Tree sparrow?
  18. Birds in my yard I think the single bird is a sparrow, but what kind? I thought a chipping sparrow I think the picture of 2 birds has a goldfinch in the winter, but what is the bird in front The picture with 6 birds is more of the same....please help
  19. Help needed on ducks and sparrows

    Hey, Forum, These are little tough. Not a lot of detail to go on, but I thought perhaps an expert eye may be able to hep me out. Thanks DSC_0376 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_0377 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_0377 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_0378 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_0379 by degibox, on Flickr
  20. Help needed on ducks and sparrows

    Please ignore this thread. Somehow I posted the same thing in two places. Sorry.
  21. Please help. Seen on 30 May 2015, Arlington National Cemetery.
  22. sparrow by peter spencer, on Flickr This sparrow was on my crabapple tree in -10 degree C Winnipeg weather--with all puffed-up feathers. I looked into Kaufman guide and can't ID it. Thanks Peter
  23. Sparrow ?

    Seen in tree by feeder, Warrenton, VA 2:30PM 1/22/16
  24. Hello, Forum! I was taking photographs in Central Park last week and shot this White-Throated Sparrow. When I went home to upload and examine the photos I noticed that it had what appears to be exposed skin and possible bone or inner-beak on one side of its face. I've posted photos here. Does anyone know what may have caused this? -Peter White-Throated Sparrow by degibox, on Flickr White Throated Sparrow with possible beak disease? by degibox, on Flickr
  25. Hey everyone! This is probably a softball for all you experts but I need help with this little guy I found at my feeder the other day. I live in Seattle, WA if it's any help. Thanks and Happy New Year!