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Found 243 results

  1. JBerger44

    What kind of sparrow?

    We have about 4 of these sparrows in the backyard kicking up the ground and eating. Does anyone know what type of sparrow is this? Thank you for your help!
  2. kerry roper

    ALBINO Sparrow?

    Hi Everyone Is there such thing as an albino sparrow. I was driving home this afternoon and saw a few sparrows on a construction fence. One was on the ground but he was mostly white with light greyish in the tail and wing areas, same shape, size and beak and everything as the sparrows he was hanging out with. I shot some pics with my phone but it was a far distance, I was in the car in traffic. Thanks for any help Kerry
  3. Two pictures of the Unidentified sparrow Pic1. Unidentified_0510crop by Craig1850, on Flickr Unidentified sparrow Pic2. Unidentified_0513crop by Craig1850, on Flickr House Sparrow: HouseSparrow_0515crop by Craig1850, on Flickr Thank you!
  4. SF_Photog

    Song Sparrow???

    Taken on April 15, 2013 at Crissy Field, San Francisco, with Golden Gate Bridge in the background ... At first I thought perhaps a white-crowned, but the beak and breast colors are different, correct? Thanks for your help! Chris
  5. Located both of these today in E. Iowa and believe a hermit thrush and fox sparrow??? thoughts? Thanks, Adam
  6. ifihadastick

    Need help with Sparrow ID

    Gotta find him first . I think I know, but dont want to say. Sparrow always burn be ;-)
  7. Photographed In Marin County, California in May, 2012, but very common throughout Northern California.
  8. Taken 1 April, 2013 in Eugene, OR. Only had time to take one photo, so I couldn't adjust my settings for the first bird, so you'll definitely have to enlarge. Didn't look like anything I have seen around here before, especially by its posture. The second is a sparrow, but forgive me I can never pick which one. Thanks as usual!
  9. Steve Droter

    White-throated sparrow?

    My first post of what I'm sure will be many... This photo was taken in mid-February at Gloucester Point, Va. in a small swath of coastal forest next to a pond. Yellow-throated sparrow is my wild guess. Thanks!
  10. Hello all, Can anyone help me ID the following bird? It was taken on Monday (25 March) morning in the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary in Delta, BC (Canada), just south of the City of Vancouver. I do not have a picture of the front of the bird, alas!
  11. All seen today around Louisville, KY today and lifers if I've got them right. 1. Merlin? 2. Ruddy ducks? 3. Savannah Sparrow? I'm ready for the song sparrow ID, but I'm seeing some yellow above the eyes and keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks!
  12. Another ask for help in ID'ing a sparrow for me. Using the search functions I didn't come up with House Sparrow but I figure I am probably wrong. Thanks!
  13. Officially a newbie at this hobby/obsession. I've long enjoyed photographing birds (more than other wildlife) and decided to get into it this year. Having a lot of fun but I find id'ing sparrows to be difficult. Any help with this one would be terrific. Thanks.
  14. Revup67

    Sparrow ID needed

    Stumped on this one perhaps without the wings it is more difficult - thanks to anyone that can help Sparrow by Revup67, on Flickr
  15. MarkBird


    Let's see how these sparrows go. North Central Florida, La Chua Trail 1/11/13 Thanks. All should be different individuals. More pictures are available, too. #1 Song I hadn't noticed the relatively bright orange legs before. https://picasaweb.go...373190507806146 #2 Song https://picasaweb.go...373185795724354 #3 Song https://picasaweb.go...373168319972002 #4 Vesper https://picasaweb.go...373593430982002 #5 Vesper https://picasaweb.go...373758842167442 #6 Vesper https://picasaweb.go...373754431863314 #7 Chipping https://picasaweb.go...373904213691426
  16. VRVan

    Desert sparrow

    Taken in September at Malheur NWR in central Oregon. Here's another one where I have done a better job of deciding what it isn't than what it is. I don't know if this is as good enough view to identify. I would have liked to have gotten a bit more profile but I have found birds to be rather willful subjects. Thanks for the help.
  17. Thanx for your comments. I have my belief but dont want to poison the well
  18. schopier

    Sparrow ID x2

    These two photos of two different birds were taken at the beginning of November, 2012, in Central Oregon. They seem to be the same species to me, and I'm making the uneducated guess that they're both sparrows of some sort. Please and thank you for any information, this is a learning process for me.
  19. Hello All! I'm brand new here and would love some help in identifiying this bird. I live in St. Louis , MO and have never seen a bird this white before that seems to be a member of either the sparrow or bunting family. I'm guessing it's either some kind of sparrow mutation (albino?) or perhaps a snow bunting. The guide says that a snow bunting's beak is black in summer, but yellow-orange in winter. But there doesn't seem to be enough black up the top of the back to be a snow bunting? I'm just not sure. If anyone knows, please speak up! Thanks!
  20. I took a picture of this sparrow (or finch, I'm not sure) in Southwestern Louisiana. It looks to be a female or immature. I also took a less clear picture of the bird it was flying and talking with, most likely a male. Any help with IDing would be greatly appreciated.
  21. MarkBird

    Road Trip sparrows

    Here are some sparrows from somewhere between Florida and Idaho. I don't get near enough practice to feel comfortable with sparrows, so thanks for some ID help. More pictures are available, if needed. 1) From field notes only: East of Billings, MT 11/6/12 Back and head view only, Sparrow - rufous cheek patch, white outer tail feathers, yellowish strip above eye Thinking maybe an immature American Tree sparrow? I understand that's not much to go on. 2) East of Billings, MT 11/7/12 https://picasaweb.go...409415521914434 3) Pratt, KS 10/27/12 https://picasaweb.go...409449406668626 4) House? Grand Teton NP 11/2/12 https://picasaweb.go...409445479772658 5) Wind Cave NP 11/8/12 https://picasaweb.go...409468202924994
  22. Picture was taken in Ontario,Canada, June 6th 2012, I think it might be a savannah or fox sparrow, but it doesn't look right Head looks too big and under tail is white instead of red or brown Any suggestion would be appreciated Thank-you kim
  23. Hello again! I'm not entirely sure what this bird is. It was hopping around on the ground at the Back Bay Fens in Boston, MA, though I couldn't tell what it was after. It looks like it could be some kind of a finch or a really heavily streaked Pine Siskin, but I'm totally unsure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! http://www.flickr.com/photos/31355397@N05/7900736404/in/photostream
  24. I've got another Massachusetts bird I'm having problems with. This one is also from Peddocks Island in Boston Harbor, and I have no earthly idea what it might be. Thanks for any help/direction on where to go with this!