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Found 110 results

  1. Taken today. The bird sleeping in the background I think is semipalmated. Foreground bird is least sandpiper for comparison. Thanq for your help.
  2. Taken today in suburbia with cell phone. It was having lot of fun with our winds.
  3. I have only butt shot of this bird. I saw it flashing yellow in flight. Initially thought american goldfinch but now I am thinking of pinesiskin. Any help is appreciated. It was very windy day and I couldn’t get out of car as it is on reservation. Thanq very much.
  4. Taken today at Santa Rita Lodge. Both blue throated and Rivoli are there currently. Please ID this one.
  5. Hello! I have a mystery I need help solving. There is a bird-call that I hear and never see the culprit. I live in the Phoenix, Arizona region (West Valley). The call is VERY high pitched, lasts about 3ish seconds, and is a clear, piercing downward whistle. It slowly sinks down through a couple notes very similar to how a slide whistle would navigate through its pitch. To me its not mechanical or grating sounding like some birds. The thing is, it only does this downward whistle 2-4 times and then presumably flies off. I might hear it once again over the next 2 days. So it's hard for me to anticipate when i'll hear it, or to be able to get something to record it on time. I heard it again in my backyard, through the window this morning at around 7am and its Feb, so maybe its something passing through? Has anyone heard this bird? "EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee......." x 4, hehe
  6. This was taken today near riparian area in maricopa county. I only had this one view of the bird before it took off. Is it Lincoln's or rufous crowned?
  7. taken today in maricopa county, Arizona. Thanq very much.
  8. Sorry for the distant photo but my good camera is in shop. Back up camera is unhelpful with zoom. Looking at this photo, it could be sage thrasher but beak is too small.
  9. Taken today. At first I thought cassin's but I am not sure after looking at the photo.
  10. Taken today. Very small in size...smaller than a kestrel.
  11. This Canada goose was by itself and is smaller than domestic goose and same size as the mallards. Is this crackling goose?
  12. Please help ! Trying to understand the differences between greater and lesser scaups. Of these 5 ducks, any are greater scaups ?
  13. Meadowlark?

    Taken today in maricopa county. Is this eastern meadowlark?
  14. Please listen to this sound; it's from my backyard tonight, December 12, 2017 in Scottsdale Arizona. We cannot figure out what it is....doesn't sound like the bard or screech owls that are normally in our yard. IMG_2355.MOV
  15. Taken today. Very gray on top. I think it is zone tailed but want to rule out dark morph broad winged.
  16. This was taken in April of this year during spring migration. At that time we thought it is scrub jay. But the colors are off. This bird also has white wing patch. I am not sure what the ID is. Any help is appreciated.
  17. Is top left a female greater scaup?
  18. I saw this today. It has white spot above eye unlike others. Not sure if it is indicative of sub sps or not.
  19. I saw this Flycatcher while camping at Catalina State Park in the Tucson, AZ area on November 8, 2017. Can someone assist in ID? Thank You!
  20. Hi, is this western grebe carrying a chick in upper photo? Is the leg in bottom photo belongs to parent?
  21. Is this cackling goose? I watched it for 15 minutes and neck size didn't get bigger.
  22. This was taken in January 2017. Is the bird on left of photo an Eurasian?
  23. This was seen in a lake last week. Sorry for the distant photos but it always stayed under water.