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Found 23 results

  1. SunnyLemon

    Car Alarm Bird?

    I hear a bird call often in the afternoon and I can’t seem to identify it. It is two notes and sounds amazingly like an electronic alarm but I can tell it is some sort of bird making the noise. It is always two sudden, short sounds, the bird seems to only call once; it is not a long song or warbling. It always sounds like “Woo-wee Woo-wee”. With a rise in pitch at the end of each “wee”. It is quite loud and echoes through my court. It reminds me of a Cardinal’s “voice” but I have never heard a Cardinal make such a noise. I thought it could possibly be a Mockingbird mimicking the sound of an alarm? It has baffled me so far. It’s almost impossible for me to record it as the bird only does its quick call and then is silent and I usually only hear it once or twice in a day. I started hearing it in April, never heard it in the winter so it’s possible it does not live in this area during the winter months. I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.
  2. I posted about this bird not too long ago, but wasn’t able to provide any audio. Well, I finally caught some audio on my phone. It’s somewhat faint, but you can hear it around 0:08 and 0:16 seconds in. Media should be attached below. It always seems to be at the same time another owl is calling. This is in Commerce, TX 0ABB61E2-17C7-4803-B723-72B4D3C19735.MOV EDIT: In case the video won’t play, here it is on YouTube.
  3. LeopARTnik

    Who is this chirping?

    Unknown Bird.mp3 This is recorded in Washington state, end of August. I am unable to see th bird. It is sitting on tall tree very high. Please help me identify this bird. Thank you! https://soundcloud.com/leopartnik/unknown-bird
  4. In Central Indiana I've tried every call listed in my Chirp! app but this one is not there. Date of hearing: May 24 This is a loud, repetitive 3-note call. This unknown bird high up in the (sparse) forest next to the lake is loudly whistling a short phrase, "pa-deee-deep, pa-deee-deep" then pausing and repeating. They're almost the same tone, just short-long-short. Of course he stops the second I move to the door/window. Please help keep me from going nuts!
  5. Please help me identify this strange call! This is a recording of a bird heard on the Elliot Coues Nature Trail at Fort Macon State Park. We were hiking through a maritime forested portion of the trail. The bird was calling from a Live Oak tree, though we never caught site of it. The call is about 7.5 seconds in. Thanks! Bird Call.m4a
  6. Hey all! I am hoping someone will be able to listen to the song of this bird that sings to me daily at my house in Elbert Colorado. I have only caught a glimpse of the bird once and it wasn't a very good one and I can't be 100% sure it was even that bird for certain singing the song. The bird I think who makes this song has a yellow throat or chest area that's all I could really say for sure. Again, I live in on the plains of Elbert, Colorado, which South of Elizabeth, Colorado. If anyone has any idea what bird makes this call I would truly appreciate it! It is my favorite noise I hear daily when I walk outside. Thanks in advance for any responses!!! Bird Song.m4a
  7. Greetings! This is my first call for help on this forum, so please forgive me if this is a simple identification. I spotted this bird at Lytle Ranch, in the southwest corner of Utah, on 3/6/17. I saw it from below, so could not get a good read on the markings. A photo is attached and a recording. It had a distinct song. My ballpark guess is some type of wren, but have not been able to find a suitable match for the song. Thank you in advance for your help! bird-call.m4a
  8. Black&WhiteBlueJay

    Unknown Bird Call

    Attached is the bird call. The bird is very loud. It can be heard in Southern Ontario north of Toronto I would really appreciate it if anyone can identify it or narrow it down. Thanks mysterybird2.wav
  9. I've been trying to identify a bird call heard every day in the woods next next to our home in Elmira, NY. The call seems to come from tall trees in the vacant wooded lot next door. While I can hear the call regularly, I am never able to actually pick-out or identify the bird -- even with binoculars. We do have a number large and small Pileated Woodpeckers in the lot, but so far I can't link this call to them. Seems like it would be a largish sort of bird to have this characteristic call. The call is heard regularly from early morning into the evening. The bird(s) do not seem to move too much or too far. I recorded this call using my iPhone, and have edited and isolated 2 examples of this mysterious call. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. ---Jared Harrison Bird_call_2.mp3
  10. I need help with this ID. I was near the Mississippi River in Minnesota in USA and I heard this bird calling.. I cant figure out what bird it is. Anyone have any clue? There was a second bird calling back to it in a different tone right at the beginning of the recording.. but otherwise it was just the main call you can hear repeating on the recording. Thanks! Birds!.m4a
  11. I'm going mad from this call. Piercing, one note. Maybe CHEEP? So sharp to my ear it almost hurts. We feed and water birds in our urban San Diego backyard near bay and beach. When I hear this call (which happens all day long) it sounds close, but I can't see the bird. Our usual crew is towhees, phoebes, kingbirds, hummingbirds, finches, sparrows, hawks. Please help. I've tried to record but of course, he/she hasn't cooperated.
  12. Hi, I was recording some sounds for the Sounds of the Shore crowd source project and managed to record this bird. After a bit of investigating I have come up empty handed and hoped someone here could identify it. https://soundcloud.com/audiojacked/identify-this-bird-call It was a small robin sized bird, with light tan/brown feathers. Spotted on the cliffs in Westward Ho!, Devon. Thanks
  13. So happy to find this forum! For the last several weeks, we've been hearing this call coming from a big alder tree by the creek. Can't see the bird and it doesn't seem to go anywhere. Just calls, seems like five different ones. We thought kingfisher since one call sounds like that guy and we have them, but some of the sounds don't jive. We have stellar jays and gray jays, but doesn't seem to be one of them either. Any ideas? Thank you! I've attached an mp3 file, if you'd like something else, just let me know. Happy weekend! BirdSound.mp3
  14. Hi, all-- I am not a birder by any means, but lately I've been hearing a very unusual and loud call outside my apartment that I just HAVE TO identify. I've listened to as many (Georgia-native) bird songs online that I can find, and I'm to the point of thinking someone let their parrot go free. The closest sound I can find is a baby fox cry, but it's too infrequent and the pitch changes. This bird (if it IS a bird) seems to panic a lot, and it seems to be alone. It's most vocal in the middle of the day. I believe it's been about three weeks since it started, so end of March/beginning of April. Here's a recording I made with my cell phone: Bird Copy.m4a There is some traffic noise, but you can hear 4 squawks. Thanks for reading!!
  15. Sorry I wasn't able to record this, but a small bird in my neighbor's yard just had a nice clear repeated call, which I'd describe as sounding like: >> "Win - ter -- chwee, chwee, chwee, chwee." << Musically speaking, the rhythm was: "Win" & "ter" as quarter notes and the "chwees" as eighth notes. The pitches were, relatively: High - low, then medium for the "chwees." I caught a glimpse of the bird's silhouette, and it looked to be wren-sized. We have Bewick's wrens in the area, but it flew before I could go inside and return with my binoculars to confirm. So I thought I'd post this observation and see if folks more expert than me say this description is consistent with a Bewick's wren ... or it seems to be some other small bird. Many thanks for your responses and tips. -- Mike in San Jose, Calif.
  16. Was looking up the Canada Warbler and found this link to its call. During the video, from 4 to 8 seconds there is another bird call in the back ground. Can anyone tell me what bird it is? You might have to cut and paste the link. http://ibc.lynxeds.com/video/canada-warbler-wilsonia-canadensis/male-canada-warbler-singing-territory-maine-boreal-forest-%C2%A9 Thanks!
  17. saxomophooone

    Unfamiliar Bird Song

    Hello everyone, I heard this bird song today and didn't recognize it. This was recorded in rural New Brunswick, Canada, inland from the coast. I have listened to some recordings of bird calls from the same area and none of them sound like this. Does anybody recognize this bird song? I posted an MP3 of it on Sound Cloud at https://soundcloud.com/saxomophooone/bird-call-unknown . Thanks so much!
  18. Every spring at my central Pennsylvania house I get this bird that I have never been able to find but I always hear its unmistakable call. It sounds like its saying "eerie" with a few "skree" thrown in every once in a while. I live in a partially wooded area. Please help me identify this bird This has been bothering me for a long time and I just love its call, so to be able to identify the bird would be very special for me. Thanks!
  19. Hi there, I'm not much of a bird-er, to be honest (and apologies if that's not a good way to call bird enthusiasts), but I don't really know where else to go. For years now, I've though the sound I grew up hearing while camping in the woods of California was a whippoorwill...but upon investigating, it turns out I was wrong. I have no idea what bird this is, have crawled through forums looking for answers, but no one had specific enough criteria for me to know if it was the same bird. I haven't heard any examples yet that sound totally correct. If you can help me, I will finally be able to get this question off my mind and focus on work again (seriously). If you go here: http://www.bgfl.org/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks2/music/piano/ Play D1, C#1, and B in descending order, just under a second for each note. It's a typical whistling sound, and a bit lower than what I've so far heard made by sparrows and other small birds. Thanks so much if you can help me out here! - Brian
  20. Hi Everyone, I'm so happy to have found this site, as I'm a bird lover. I'm in NW New Jersey and need help identifying a bird from an early morning bird call. Normally the bird calls just once then is gone. This is between 5am and 6:30am. I've never seen it since it seems to be gone by the time I get out of bed and get to the window near the sound. This morning the bird called about 4 times and I've searched everywhere for bird calls and haven't found this one. It is beautiful. It is not irregular or raspy or gurgly. It is a triple repeat of 3 notes, each going up in tone. Then it ends on the first bottom tone. So: 1-2-3 1-2-3 1-2-3 1. 1 is the lowest note, 3 is the highest. There is no short chirp, just solid clear notes. The closest I found to the kind of note sound is a Grossbeak, but the pattern is not there at all. I live in a mixed rural area of fields and woods all close to the house, and a pond and brook a few hundred feet away. The bird is either perched in my magnolia tree or a forsythia which are near the house. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Denise T.
  21. ONHerper

    Unknown Bird Call

    I was in St. Catharines, ON the other day, right by lake Ontario. I heard a bird call that I couldn't identify, so I recorded myself whistling it. The coolest part was that there were 2 ascending tones, followed by quicker descending tones, varying in number. I tried "communicating" with it, and I noticed that if I did three descending tones, the bird would as well, change it to five and it followed, just thought that the intelligence was quite interesting. bird call.mp3
  22. Location, pine forest near Pacific Coast, Washington State. Repeated series of 3-4 ascending musical notes. Cannot even get close enough to see the bird itself, just can hear the song at a distance. I have iBird and have listened to dozens of calls on it, it sounds close to some sparrows, but have not found it yet. Thanks for any help. Attached .wav file, recorded 06/03/12, 2100 hours. Bird call.wav
  23. Hello, I'm a complete amateur. I've been trying to identify a bird I heard/saw a few weeks ago, and have been unsuccessful so far. I heard multiple birds make calls while flying in a circle around the Trinity University library (29.464700,-98.481260) a few weeks ago (05-02-2012) in the early evening. I have uploaded audio of the calls to http://snd.sc/J4pq5P The calls I'm referring to occur around the four second mark, and sound almost like dolphins laughing. Later, I believe I got a closer look at the birds; they appeared to have white bands on their wings and yellow breasts. Thank you for your help!