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Found 22 results

  1. I'm on a mission to get some new binoculars as I'm getting back into enjoying nature & stopping to smell the roses. Recommendations on best magnification for a set of binoculars? I'm considering either Bushnell, Athlon Optics OR Nikon. I've been reading reviews but hesitant without some guidance. Any help would be appreciated! Until then, I'll continue my homework! Lol! - Sarah
  2. I have been to quite a few great birding places like Sanibel Island, Florida; Indiana Dunes National Park; Wyoming (A LONGGGGG time ago); and Pennsylvania, but I would like to know some great places to go birding, maybe somewhere around Indiana but it doesn't have to be. Maybe a possible island like Oahu (on Hawaii.) I'm just wondering so I could plan a trip. That would be great! Thanks!!!
  3. Hey Birders! Edit: Do you have an online guide for exotic birds too and birds outside America? (birds in the south (Cuba, haiti, the dominicain republic) or all around the world (asia, europe, australia etc)) For exemple, I couldn't find any Macaws, parrots nor toucan on the "All about birds" site. I've only started Birding last week, and currently stand with 11 species identified. What are your best online guides to identify birds? Also, what are the best books for birding? Thanks, have a great day!
  4. Share your top three favourite rarity photo heres!! They could be from Eurasian widgeons to even a first like the Marsh sandpiper! Here are mine (It wasn't easy to choose believe me. Obviously this is number one. Black-headed gull!! by Katya Kondratyuk, on Flickr There has been only like eleven records of YBSA in Vancouver...so it's number two. Yellow-bellied sapsucker!! by Katya Kondratyuk, on Flickr This one was probably my second favourite bird to twitch this year. Black necked stilt! by Katya Kondratyuk, on Flickr
  5. Interchangeable binocular harness system

    I got tried of always wearing the double harness with my bins, especially birding during lunches, so I build an interchangeable binocular harness system. There are 4 stages. 1. The first is the binoculars without a strap at all. 2. The second is the binoculars and the standard single strap. 3. The third is the binoculars and the double harness. 4. The 4th is the binoculars attached to a day/overnight pack. Here are the details and pictures. http://hotspotbirding.com/blogpostdetail?name=the-worlds-first-interchangeable-binocular-harness-system As far as you know is there anything standardize out there for something like this? Am I the only one where this is a need?
  6. Hello

    Hello Everyone, I'm Kamran, I'm a new member, I am very interested and glad to know more about birding stuff.. Looking forward with your tips, advises, hobby and etc. Thanks!
  7. I was really blown away by the difference between these 2 cameras..while of course the price was a huge difference, the specs listed online didn't do the 7200 justice. I wrote a blog post with sample images detailing the differences, here: http://hotspotbirding.com/blogpostdetail?name=birding-photography-on-the-nikon-d750-compared-to-d5200 3 things I didn't think I could live without until I had them would be 1) Grouped focus points - I used single point forever, but having the grouped option for birds in flight make it so much easier to get a crisp shot. 2) Wifi - being able to share photos while on the good is awesome. I can sync photos with my phone, upload rare birds right to Facebook..love. 3) back button autofocus - I am now under the firm belief that when you press the shutter the only thing that should happen is the camera takes the picture. Back button continuous focus is even better allowing you to stay in focus and take pictures at the same time while the bird is moving. Anyone else shoot the 7200?
  8. Online Birding Quizzes

    Hello all, Hope this is an approtate post, but I wanted to share that HotspotBirding just relased 4 new online biding quizzes. If you are looking for online bird quizzes to keep you busy during the week, check out these new online quizzes; you can quiz yourself on birds of a country, state/county, or Hotspot or even a family of bird. Love to hear some feedback and hopefully some new ideas! http://hotspotbirding.com/bird-identification-quiz Happy Birds
  9. Hey all, I was wondering, is anyone here from the Kansas City area? And if so, do you know places in the area where I might find a Pileated woodpecker? It's the last of the native woodpeckers I have to check off my list. I don't mind driving a little bit! Any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks! -Keaton
  10. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has thought about exploring Canada. We have lots of excellent bird locations up here, from breeding birds in Churchill to wonderful bald eagles in northern Ontario and more.
  11. Discuss anything and everything about the Florida 2015 Big Year right here! Share your good finds, fun experiences, and anything else you want. Spreadsheet will come soon!
  12. Birding Moments

    Share those very memorable birding moments here! We all have them, where we saw something really unusual and exciting, or saw large numbers of birds. If there's already a topic like this, then just discard this one. But if not...well now there is.
  13. I have been a back-yard birder for many years, and have never joined a birder group. Now that I am retired, and living in SW Georgia, I am interested in either joining a birding group or starting one. I have counted 19 birds seen in my current yard. I spotted some Martins in a campground outside of town, and a pair of Eastern Bluebirds in an open field. I have heard three birds in my yard, the most recent being this morning, when I heard a Mississippi Kite Hawk! I couldn't find him in the tall pines in my backyard, but will be looking for him again tomorrow! Anyone located in or near Bainbridge that is interested in birding in and around the area?
  14. A new movie about Birding, Has anybody else seen this move preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeBmXXYC670&feature=youtu.be
  15. Woodpecker ID Help

    I run a camera-trapping/wildlife blog that focuses on wildlife in northern Virginia, U.S.A. Is this bird a hairy woodpecker or a downy woodpecker? http://www.acaseofwildlifefever.blogspot.com/2013/11/woodpecker-identification.html What field marks are visible to you that make it either a hairy or a downy?
  16. I am still in Kalispell Montana but tomorrow I fly home to Virginia. It will take me a while to compile but I'll do a trip report.
  17. Which binoculars are best?

    Which binoculars are the best for birding? Not necessarily the brand, but the magnification. I have been doing some research, and have learned that 8x42 is usually a good choice for birding. When they are higher in magnification, they are more challenging to hold steady resulting in shaking. I would be interested in hearing your opinions, recommendations, etc. I am presently using Bushnell 7x35 which are OK and do a decent job, but I eventually want something better. Thanks!
  18. Trip to Pennsylvania

    I'm traveling to Pennsylvania for a wedding in Philadelphia on June 28th, but I'm flying in 2 days early to go birding (from AZ) so Im interested in some great places to go, I would prefer to stay within 2 hours of Philadelphia but if there is a must see place further I still might be interested just let me know if it is. Thanks for the ideas in advance!
  19. I have been spending part of the year in Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico and have become fairly familiar with birding in that part of Mexico. Anyone who is interested can check out a website with some of the birds I have photographed over the past few years. The address is http://www.birdsofhuatulco.com I am new to birding but from what I gather from experienced birders it is a great spot! I also have a friend who is a local guide and native to the area. He is highly qualified. http://www.coug.net/cornelio
  20. Can anyone help me to id this beautiful creature? Taken last February in NJ
  21. Hi WhatBird! I'm writing an essay about bird identification, and I thought it would be interesting if I got some feedback from this community, as a form of research. Maybe it will make for a good discussion too. To that end, I came up with a few questions: 1. What is your experience with birding? How did you get started? 2. Is there a process that you use to identify birds, and if so, how does it work? 3. Anything else that anyone would like to share? Thanks!
  22. Good Afternoon! I'm excited to report that our 4th Grade Bird project for the 2012 - 2013 school year began today! For the last 3 years my 4th graders have learned to observe / identify birds at the feeders hung outside our classroom windows. They also draw the birds, complete range maps and information sheets for each visitor, complete a scrapbook, and put together a powerpoint presentation.(I posted about last year's project in the spring.) We have hung a suet feeder, a hanging feeder, and a platform feeder (one on each window), and have spread seed on the wall just outside our classroom. The seed was put out yesterday, and usually we wait a couple of days for the seed to be noticed. Not this year! Our first visitor arrived this morning -- the Carolina Chickadee. The class was so excited. He was soon followed by both male / female house sparrows, the tufted titmouse, the downy woodpecker (female), the song sparrow, and the male cardinal. I will be putting our birdcam outside tomorrow to see if we can catch our visitors in action. It is so exciting to see my students excited about learning! I just love this project, and the excitement the students have for it. The Whatbird community has been invaluable in the past as we go through the year, and I know I can count on you all again this year! I'll keep you posted throughout the year! Happy Birdwatching, Mori