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Found 37 results

  1. Hi ! Need an ID for a bird I have taken a picture of in a backyard in California yesterday, near San Francisco. I have a field guide to birds of western north america and have been looking at every bird in it over and over again but can't find what bird it is ! Thanks
  2. Can someone please help me identify this bird?
  3. Okay, this might be a tough one. My boyfriend spotted a very colourful bird on a calendar (January) and came home hoping I could identify it. Here is the description he gave me: Black wings, blue at the shoulder. White crown. Possibly black head/face. Body tan (like the colour of a deer). Some speckles on the white and blue areas. Also, all the colours didn't appear to blend into each other, but instead there was a distinct start and stop to each (which makes me think it might be a tropical bird). I have no photo sadly. Hoping someone can give me a few options so I can show him a bird line up! Thank you in advance!
  4. Greetings! This is my first post on this site. I've been paying close attention to our feathered friends for about 2 years. In the last week I've seen this beautiful white bird 3 times. I've done some research and didn't come up with much. It's obviously not albino because of the black in the feathers, also has black eyes and normal looking beak and legs. This picture was taken in Tujunga, Ca. on 12/28/17. I wish I could provide a better picture, but I didn't want to get too close. Any ideas of what it is?
  5. Hey, I happened to find this little fellow outside my window this morning, could someone help me identify him, I've not been able to find his name anywhere. Seen in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India this morning at around 730am on Saturday, June 24th 2017
  6. help with WoodPecker id

    Hi, can some one please help me identify this bird. This has a red-head. But it looks different from the images of 'Red-Headed Wood Pecker' I saw online because of the white spots on its plumage. Thanks !!
  7. Good Morning, I'm hoping for help with this trio of ducks. Seen January 6 on Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, NY. I understand scoters are rare here but they've been seen occasionally for a couple months and I'd like to confirm whether thats what we have here. This photo was taken as the sun set so there is a orangish color cast on the ducks. Thanks for taking the time to help!
  8. Mostly scoters

    Some non-ideal duck photos from the Cape May-Lewes Ferry 11/20/16 1) Surf Scoter (left) with...female Surf (right)? 2) Surf Scoters (left) with...Black Scoter flight (right)? 3) Black Scoters? 4) Bufflehead female (left)? leading the flight with...scoter spuhs? Thanks!
  9. Southern California 1/2 mile from coast. I've only seen this bird from underneath while flying but are hearing them a lot. It is almost all white with black trim on the outer wing edges when seen from underneath. Maybe some other black trimmings. It makes a low hoarse screech sound. Also the tail is medium short with fanned feathers. I've seen some photos of owls but the coloring is not the same and the body didn't appear to be quite as thick as an owl.
  10. Greetings all, Anyone have any idea what bird this is? Apologies for blurred shot, in which the mystery bird (black lower, yellow upper, split tail) is seen perched on a thistle sock. It was taken on 6/11/16 in Hammonton, New Jersey, USA. It looks a bit like a yellow headed blackbird, but their range in the US is out west, no? Thanks in advance for any feedback. -bopes
  11. New Bird for the day

    Today's new Bird around this house is these two little ones. Bright Orange with Black a very pretty bird . The photos are of the same bird just two photos has two birds of them in it. I might have to invest in a Bird Book lol Thanks everyone
  12. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me identify what this bird is in our back yard yesterday. They come and fill our trees and then take off and finally got a picture. We are located in Ontario, Canada. Thanks,
  13. First let me say THIS post was asked on another site,but I am trying to do my good will thing and find the identiy with the help of all of you . Thanks I have seen this bird twice both times near streams and fields. Black bird with white bar across the fan of its tail feathers. About 8 inches. V like an odinary black bird in behaviour.
  14. I think I posted this a while ago but nobody reached any sound conclusion, I don't think. Sadly I found this bird when it was no longer. May he (she?) rest in peace up in bird heaven! This is in Maine, USA, in August. My guesses are: black phoebe, eastern kingbird (but the beak shape isn't right..), or a very strange dark eyed junco? I say strange because i've never seen a junco that looked like that before, especially with the chest feathers and the black beak. I have searched and searched through the internet and can't find a picture of a junco that has a dark beak, they are all pink. What do you think?
  15. Is this a Goldfinch?

    These birds are wintering in my backyard in Richmond CA. Are they Goldfinch? Thanks, ATMarshall
  16. These photos were taken in Carrollton,Texas in the last week of September 2014.
  17. Hi guys, I'm new here and I'm a photographer; recently I was hiking in a national park in the island I live (Puerto Rico - in the Carribbean) and I took a picture of a bird. I'd love to know more about it and what kind it is, but I have looked all over the internet and have yet to find a bird that looks exactly like the one I took the picture of; some are similar but then the beak looks diferent or some of the colors dont look the same. I'll post the photo here and hopefully one of you, smarter people than me, can figure it out and tell me what kind of a bird is this lol Oh and in advance... Thank you all very much
  18. Found what I presume a crow in Missouri City, Texas. Not sure the exact species though. Sorry for the blurry picture.
  19. Hi Forum. Can you please help me ID this bird? It is dark blue and black with white and brown markings - it also has a split/fork tail. I saw it behind the bushes on Saturday May 10, 2014 in North East Wisconsin; there is a lake and some woods/marsh close by. I think it might be a barn swallow but I'm not sure since I couldn't see the bird's belly. Here is a link to a video I took of it: Thanks!
  20. Hi. I captured a few pics of this sweet thing before he flew off, but I can't figure out what he is. It's the black one with the white stripe on his wing. I am in North Texas, in the DFW area. Thanks!
  21. Check out the photos. I photographed this small perching bird in May up in the Cascade mountains in Washington, USA. Blue crown and back, bright yellow chin and outer breast area, black chest spot, darker blue back spot, white wing stripes and underparts. Gorgeous bird; wish I had better pictures! The best I can match it up with this wizard is a Cerulean Warbler, but it doesn't quite match up and is the wrong location. What do you think?
  22. Anyone know what type of bird this is?
  23. I need help identifying a bird. I am playing a picture app and this bird is on a select level wich i cant pass so i dont know from where the bird is, But i can tell you that the bird appears too have a blue stomach, black back and red beak. Please help me
  24. Burlington, Ontario. That's approx 40 minute south-west from Toronto. This guy was one of three fishing around the pier, zipped around quick and swam far distances when he went under. The three looked identical, none had any markings to distinguish from the others. Much smaller than the Canadian geese they were swimming next to, just over half the size. The guy closest to me (the paparazzi) finished fishing and started striking poses on the rocks (drying off?) Very short tail, seabird hooked beak, orange. Any idea? Is this a bird normally around Ontario? Thanks for your time
  25. Saw this bird in a state park that was between some development and a marsh. I'm guessing it's a juvenile of some sort... but honestly I don't have a clue on this one. It was the size of a small Robin. Any thoughts? I appreciate the help!